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There's still over a week left on the "SMUGGLER" one - that might give you time to make one for the June deadline!

As for July, I don't believe we've decided yet, but I'd like to go with any version of a ROTS Padme.


I thought we were doing a sith for July?

Unfortunately, I don't. I was going to use the one with removeable head for the gauntlet.  I'll be careful. I havn't lost any fingers...yet.  :o

I have a design for a sith all ready. Infinities in August.

My Zarana came today. I've put the parts together for my smuggler. She is based off the girl in KOTOR II. I need a pouch belt from some army guy. I also need to cut off her right arm and put on Jangos gauntlet. Then of course paint her up.

Here is where she stands now.

Because this is JediDefender, I have another picture of her with her 'special' friend. ;)

If my stupid Zarrana ever shows up I just might make this deadline. ;)

I'd definately paint the visor red. It looks weird white. It takes away from the helmet pattern.

I got the parts for my smuggler. I hope they go together well.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: New Star Tours Forum and web site open
« on: June 10, 2005, 05:29 PM »
You could always change it to _Ook or Ook!

Or how about Oook

You can do them here if you want. Here are the reference pictures.

Watto's Junk Yard / Disney Star Tours
« on: June 9, 2005, 10:36 AM » has opened its own forum to discuss everything Star Tours and Disney. We've got plenty of room to talk about the toys, the ride, Disney parks or anything else regarding star tours. Come by and sign up! :)

 Star Tours Forum

With respect to Chewie's Customizing Challange, I've decided to start the 7th group project over at RS. This one has two figures to choose from. A Mon Calamari dancer and Female protocol droid. We will have two months to finish one or the other or both. This should give us time to do both Chewie's CC and the RS GP. Over the next two months, I'm doing both the smuggler/sith and the dancer/fembot. Feel free to join us. The Group Project pictures will be archived over at FFURG.

Anyway, the link to the thread is here: Group Project #7

You don't happen to have a spare Black Baroness for trade, do you, Phruby?

I wish. I don't even have one for myself yet.

It all depends on how the ebay gods favor me.

Thanks DD. What parts would you use for her? I was going to stay straight gi joe on this one but what would you suggest?

I'd say you're off yo a good start...the Zarana is perfect for a lot of the body, and the Baroness arms are a good choice. I'd utilize the removable gauntlets from the Deluxe AOTC Jango for her wrist launcher, and check some BBI figures at the TRU for those waist pouches. For the big boots I'd go with a V2 Firefly figure...the purple version. He had boots that would look pretty close, I think.


You mean this firefly v8

Thanks DD. What parts would you use for her? I was going to stay straight gi joe on this one but what would you suggest?

I might be able to use the entire Zarrana body except the arms. The Baroness would work for arms.

Wouldn't it be cool if people posted work in progress pictures of the smuggler here?

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