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Do they talk about me?  :D

Maybe I don't want to know. :-\

I've debated on moving group projects here. The rs group project shows up on the front page of FFURG. I don't mind seeing these on the front page also. I don't think it will bring alot of post inflaters here. It might however bring "Thomas Kinkade" snooping around to steal ideas to sell on ebay.

I think there could be a photonovel love story between Chewie's sith lord and my sith witch. What do you think?

Wow! You've definately improved this figure over the previous pictures I've seen of it. I really like the helmet and the detail put in to it.

Nice job Phruby!  I think it's the stringy hair that does it for me with that Sith Witch.  Very cool  8)
Is there a technique to adding hair like that or do you just glue it on?

Just glued on stranes of thread one by one tell the top of the head was covered.

Thanks SLC! That is indeed electrical tape. It gave me the effect I was looking for.

This one is pretty cool.

I second that.

Back to ebay customs. Here is one that you don't see everyday. Well maybe you do because the guy made three different versions. War is hell.

Thanks guys. She is very creepy and sexy in a goth-like sense. I was kind of aiming for the little girl in The Ring or the other creepy kid in The Grudge.

Those are Darkstalkers Lilith legs. I didn't have to do a thing with the legs. They come cut at the same angle as Aurra Sing. Those two figures are extreemly compatible. They could be sisters.

Here again is the figure without the paint.

Ask I promissed, here is a picture of my new Sith Witch. She doesn't have a name. Any suggestions?

Here is a work in progress picture. She could enter into the hot chick challange but like all hot chicks, they eventually turn in sith witches. ;)

I wonder who that could be?  ;)

The person you speak of is definately the Thomas Kinkade of the customizing world.

Weren't we also thinking an EU/Comic Leia figure?

For me its a hobby and not art. I think of myself as a model maker and not an artist. Kind of like those guys that worked on the original star wars along time ago but no were as good. To me, it's a way to have a cool figure without waiting for the commerical version. 

It does however make me feel a little uneasy about people that treat this hobby as a business <cough>mrtanner<cough>. That kind of stuff reminds me of the cheap knockoff pictures you see on street corners being sold out of a van. I think it lowers peoples perception of this hobby.

Do you guys get unsolicied offers to buy your figures? I've gotten a few recently. The problem is trying to collect the money. They offer huge amount of money for customs but never seem to have the money 'right away'. Why do people offer and then flake? I mean, if you don't have the money or have to wait until 'pay day' to send a check maybe you shouldn't be buying them.

Besides, its a hard thing to sell one of your customs. It's kind of like selling one of your kids (even though there are days that you would pay someone to take them. ;)) Here are some of the questions I keep asking myself. 

Which one do I sell? How much? Will I miss the figure when its gone? Is it good enough to make a decent amount of money? Will it make any money? Maybe I can make a bettter version? Do I really need the money? Is it worth it?

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