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I'm glad you guys like him. It's good to have another one done. Now I've got to get my Snoova, terrorist and custom of me on track.

Wait a minute! When did Justin cut his hair. Now he looks like that kid that played Boba Fett in ep2. :o

I wish the bottles were a little smaller but it gives the effect I wanted.

My bottles came today. Now my ROTS Pepsi R2-D2 cooler is complete.

Here we have Wedge and Biggs enjoying a soda before their big mission to destroy the Death Star.


You know I have this exact custom in mind when I bought the jedi vs sith pack. I was planning on using a #41 clone. I would then cut the front of the cape and remove the molded belt. I could then glue the front pieces back on. 

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Covert Ops Clone Trooper
« on: August 30, 2005, 12:21 AM »
I think this is the one that will go down in history as being when Hasbro "jumped the shark" with the Star Wars line. It's like they are starting to turn clones into batman.

I will have none of it.

The best would probably be a figure of you in a costume and a picture of you wearing the same thing.

Of course don't use the body.  Just the head.  :-[

Here he is. Use a cast of the head. cut off the top hair not and repaint the face.

Gregorbian, you kind of remind me of an old GI Joe sumo wrestler figure I use to have. I can't remember his name. I'll have to look thru for a picture.

The bottom of the destroyer droid you used chewie could be used for a B'omarr Monk if you replace the ball with a brain boll.

Thanks guys. The figure is basically just a R3 droid with his brains sucked out. The shape is suppost to match the one on the cooler. Basically a quarter on each side of the done was cut out. It will look better with the bottles sticking out.

This is my work in progress Pepsi R2-D2 cooler. I'm waiting on the pepsi bottles to put in the head. Otherwise, he is pretty much done. If you look really closely at the real thing, it says Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith right below the head. Both that and the Pepsi logo are scanned in from the original Pepsi cooler.

If you go with the helmet, the Jade head will never fit. Maybe if you could make it swap heads it will work. Another figure you could use is the gi joe bombstrike.

So are you going to do the blaster wond version of yourself? :D

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