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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Commander Cody (Bantha5's kit)
« on: July 6, 2005, 09:58 AM »
Very nice job! Is that clone 6 or 41?  I have that kit also. It will be a clean version when I get around to putting it together.

Oh Baby!  Man if i was 3PO Id tear that a pardon ;D

Now what would u use to get that awesome glow of her finish?  What kinda paint for the body?  way outta my league.

The female protocol droid isn't that hard to paint. Just paint it completely silver then use glass paint over the silver. The glass paint will let the silver shine thru. Then  use the glass paint gloss/sealer to make it really shiny.

Go check my work in progress pictures over at RS.

That is a very nice color pattern! That backpack makes him very fett. I really like the back story too. Maybe you should join up with Chewie on his photonovels.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Vacation!
« on: July 3, 2005, 09:21 PM »
Have fun Chewie. Get a tan for once. Your looking paler than Aayja Ventress!  ;)

Gosh, people are already submitting sith lords. I should probably get busy. That is why I'm trying to get my group project figures together early in the month so I can get that sith lord together.

That is a cool repainted dewback. I wonder of my cats would mistake it for a real lizard?

Thanks Chewie. I'll take a group shot and give her a lightsaber. Where is everybody else's figures?

Hows this for a Sith Lord?  It's not mine even though I will eventually make one just like it.  ;D

The only other ones I have are from KOTOR 1. Mission Veo and Carth.

Hey, thats not a bad idea for a chainsaber. It would basically be a blade that is reflected back at a different position on the handle.

Anyway, my smuggler Mira is finished. Here is the picture.

I left a few details off of her since this thread is more about imagination than accuracy. I just didn't feel like spending more money for those extra pieces.

Ya, I'd probably remove them too for accuracy. Its just me having some fun with decales. Infact, to be accurate, the whole figure should be spraypainted black with no markings on it at all. But where's the fun in that? ;D

Very cool chewie. He is nicely weathered and the Ash head works great! Bruce Campbel makes a great Han Solo. I wonder how he would look as Indiana Jones since Ford is looking really old. What might be cool is to give him a star wars-ish looking chainsaw for a hand.

Mine is finished. I'll post a picture tonight.

Thanks Talon. There isn't a story behind it. It's fan fic. However, the black hole stormtroopers were a short series in the old marvel comics.

Ok. The black hole clone trooper is done. Now I'm working on our smuggler. Anyone know her name from KOTOR II?  I've added Jango's gauntlet in this picture. The arms are smoothed out with sculpty. Now I need to paint her up.

Phruby made a clone?!?!?  ??? :o :o :P ;D

Shhhh...Don't tell anybody. That's why he is only here and at FFURG. ;D

Actually, this one is a commissioned piece so I had no choice to make one. At least its not green/blue/red/orange.  ;)

This is the first time I've made custom decales. I had four red imperial logos but I messed them up and had to replace them with two black logos. I'm trying to conserve paper.

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