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It's great how flat and gloss work together. ;D

I've finally gotten around to painting up my Cody. Right now he has all the coloring but needs weathering, chipping and his rank badge painted. Lets talk about weathering techniques. What is the best way to simulate scratches and chips? I want to have him look like he's been in a dusty environment. What colors should I use? How much of the body should be washed? Is a dry wash better and than a light wash?

Well, if you don't make one InRem, please post your suggestions and technical ideas and critiques. It's not a hard one to do but should be fun.

I'm going to go the traditional route and use ceremony leias from the princess leia collection for the figure. The glasses less Baroness would be a great head but I only have one with glasses. I've got lots of Padmes laying around that might work. I think the hard part will be making the hair.

Here we are at the beginning of our ninth group project. We've been doing these things since April 2004. You can see past group projects over at the FFURG Casting Calls. This time our subject will be a set of figures that Hasbro will never make not matter how much we beg and plead - the Tonnika Sisters.

Deadline for this project is the end of the year. That will give everybody something to do during Christmas vacation. It also gives you a good excuse to avoid visiting your mother-in-law because you need to get your figures done for us.  ;) I know, like that will fly.

Let's start looking for fodder and reference material for these girls. You're allowed to card them but its not necessary. Vintage or modern versions are OK. The sisters can be in any outfit you desire but they must be recognizable as the Tonnika sisters.

Let's get busy.

Here are some of my favorite customs of the sisters.

That is one green 305th Intelligence Trooper. I like the detailing of the jedi outfit he is wearing. I'd paint the visor a different color. It kind fo blends in with the rest of the helmet too much. What makes him an intelligence trooper? It seems like he needs some equipment. How does making him entirely green help in intelligence gathering?

Exactly. I see the holster as adding playability. As for the leg armor I see it as artistic license. That leg armor just looks cool and much better than the pictures in the comic book. I think its enhansing the figure.

 ;D ;D ;D

You guys crack me up! I am planning on the staff. It just wasn't ready yet.

It is nice how someone would register just to bash little old me. It must be M!.T@&&$r.  ;)

Thanks Chewie. I think he came out better than my last version.  8)

Thanks jokabofe. He fits in better than the POTJ senate guard in height which I thought was kind of short. It seems most of the ROTS figures are exactly the same height. (except the wookiees of couse)

Here is my second version of Carnor Jax. I made one without a helmet a few months ago and sold it on eBay to see how the market would accept it. For now, I've decided not to sell figures on eBay anymore. I made this figure to replace my sold version.

This time, I made the armor shiny while the cloths are flat red. I also noticed the gloves are red but the gauntlets are black. I decided to make the entire helmet shiny because it looked weird with a flat red. This version has a soft goods cape. Enjoy!


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Is it worth anything?
« on: November 19, 2005, 12:05 PM »
Hey kid, I'll give you a dollar for that red shocktrooper. He's pretty worthless anyway. Its a Hasbro mistake. I'm doing you a favor taking it off your hands. Really. You can trust me. <evil grin>

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: darth_ripley's customs
« on: November 19, 2005, 12:00 PM »
Well done indeed! You've done a great job on these guys. The lines are nice and straight and lightly weathered. Just the way I like them.  I can tell Chest-bursted Keri is going to be a fantastic figure. I like how you attached the hair. I think all you need is a night to yourself to finish her. Is the imperial guard helmet going to fit over the head?

Thanks! She was alot of fun to do.  :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by Fritzkrieg Update 11-17-05
« on: November 18, 2005, 09:59 AM »
I guess in the star wars universe, just like in the star trek one, they still hasn't found a cure for male pattern baldness. It's good to see an older imperial. I think Patten's head would work well on any military officer.

Yeah, that's a very suddle change to the character but it really conveys a lot of emotion. Did you photoshop the expression or paint it on?

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