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Jesse James,

Thank you for the reply!

By "chippier", do you mean some people in the customizing community have a chip on their shoulders?

In any case, I hope rogue1 resurfaces.  Would be nice to know how he / she is doing.

I'm a fan of this project of rogue1's.  Even when I was a 7 year old kid playing with my Kenner Millenium Falcon, I knew that the scale was just wrong compared to the action figures.  I dreamed of having a Falcon that was TRUE-scale to the 3 3/4" heroes.

It's been at least 3 year's time since there have been any new photos / updates to this thread.  Does ANYONE know if rogue1 is still working on this project OR if he has since completed it?  I would be very grateful to see even MORE pix of this project & what kind of progress he's (she's?) made since the last posted photos.

Or has there been a new / more up-to-date post string added that continues from this one?

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