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Middle Earth / Re: LOTR LEGO
« on: January 9, 2014, 12:59 AM »
Orc Forge is gonna be a bear for you I think, and Uruk Hai Army would be tough too since that set is really the army builder of its year more or less.

Yeah - those two are gonna be the worst I think too - but since I have been able to pick up all of the other sets so far at or less than MSRP and since I'm jumping into a line that started two years ago, paying mark-up on two of the sets isn't that bad. I have thought about calling around to the two Lego stores in town and seeing if either of them have the set still in stock - while it's a long shot, anything is possible.

There seem to be plenty of eBay vendors selling Gandalf Arrives at or just a few dollars more than MSRP - so that one shouldn't be bad at all - mini-fig-wise though, both of the figures in the set were in other sets so that one is probably lowest on my priority list.

Middle Earth / Re: The Hobbit -LEGO
« on: January 9, 2014, 12:33 AM »
Well - the printing on the Poly-bagged Elrond looks (to me at least) to be representative of him during the final battle of the 2nd Age when Sauron was defeated...

And then the Elrond that comes with the Council set, is like how he's dressed in Fellowship of the Ring...

So they are technically different.

It's interesting that you mention the Mirkwood Elf set - I was looking at all of the sets for the Hobbit and LOTR on and apparently there was a poly-bagged Legolas that was planned but not released. It doesn't look like the minifig was going to be anything other than a re-release of the Mirkwood Spiders set Legolas, but the accessories he came with were kinda neat - like a target practice thing. Anyway, in the instructions for that set, there is a typical Lego picture that shows what you can make if you combine two sets. In this case, it's combining two of set 79012 to make a larger Mirkwood set.

It's not something that I plan to do right away, but I am very tempted to get at least TWO of the Mirkwood Elves set just so I can make a larger "fort" with a tower at each end.

In case you're curious about the cancelled Polybag Legolas the instructions can be found here:

Middle Earth / Re: The Hobbit -LEGO
« on: January 8, 2014, 09:46 PM »
I've missed the Laketown Guard all together...  When did that even come out?  Never saw a mention here of it.

Apparently it started having availability in Toys R Us stores in December. I never saw it myself, I see it on eBay - it is the exact same mini fig as the one that comes with the Lake-town Chase set (according to - here's details on the set - - seems like a neat way to add to the Lake-town Guardsmen.

My guess is that once Toys R Us finishes their annual inventory - we'll start to see it show up a bit more at the stores.

When I ordered the Barrel Escape set I saw that it was in-stock and the website indicated also in-stock at the store I was going to pick up the other set from so I threw it into my shopping cart - shortly after the order, I got notified that they actually DIDN'T have it in stock and it was removed from my order. So my thinking is that in the TRU computer system a box of these is scheduled for delivery to that store and the only thing holding is back is annual inventory.

Middle Earth / Re: The Hobbit -LEGO
« on: January 8, 2014, 05:01 PM »
There are more than 3 polybag sets.  There are Frodo, Gandalf, UrukHai, Mirkwood Elf, Elrond, and I believe that is it but I might be forgetting one.  I wouldn't pay much for any of them as all the figures are in other sets at this point.  Neat to have but not pay an arm and a leg for.

Yes, sorry - I should have been specific - there are three Hobbit Poly Bag sets:
Gandalf at Dol Guldor
Mirkwood Elf
Laketown Guard

For the Lord of the Rings line there are three others:
Frodo w/Cooking Corner
Uruk-Hai w/Ballista
Elrond (from Prologue)

I was referring specifically to those three Hobbit Polybag sets - I saw an auction for all three for less than $30, not sure if that's a good price or not though.

Middle Earth / Re: The Hobbit -LEGO
« on: January 8, 2014, 10:12 AM »
Over the past couple of days, I've picked up these three sets:

Riddles for the Ring
Attack of the Wargs
Barrel Escape

The Barrel Escape set is currently on sale at for $27.99 so I ordered that with store pick-up. I found Riddles for the Ring at a Kmart for $7.99 and I got Attack of the Wargs at a TRU who has it priced at $59.99 but with the current deal of $15 off any Lego purchase of $60, even though I was short the $0.01 they still gave me the $15 off...

Since the other 2012 Hobbit Sets (Mirkwood Spiders & Unexpected Gathering) don't appear to be going anywhere / retiring anytime soon, I'm probably gonna take a break from Hobbit sets and focus purely on getting the rest of the 2012 LOTR sets.

If I do get anything, I might pull the trigger on an auction for all of the three released Polybag Mini-figs if I see a reasonable deal.

The Attack of the Wargs set is great and even if you limit yourself to collecting only Star Wars Lego sets, pick up the Warg set simply for the tree - they did a great job with it's design and it would make a great companion piece to anyone's Ewok Village should they want to add more greenery to their display. I'm sure you could always sell of the mini-figs & Wargs w/o any problem and probably bring the overall cost of the tree down to almost nothing.

Middle Earth / Re: LOTR LEGO
« on: January 8, 2014, 09:57 AM »
I picked up the Battle at Helms Deep set from the Toys R Us near where I work. Through the 11th of January they are running a special where you get $15 off any Lego purchase of $60 or more - the shelf tag for the set was $139.99 which if you take $15 off takes it down to $125.99 - which isn't great, but it's $4 off the original MSRP price of $129.99 - and certainly much better than paying eBay/Amazon Vendor mark-up for it.

The great part was when I went to check out, the register rang it up for $149.99 and I went and grabbed the shelf tag and made them give it to me for the $139.99 price, so thanks to the shelf tag error, I was able to get it for $25 off of TRU's over-inflated price....

I also picked up Shelob Attacks.

So from the 2012 sets I still need: Gandalf Arrives, Uruk-Hai Army, Mines of Moria and the Orc Forge. The Mines of Moria set is also at my local TRU - but for $99.99 which is $20 over MSRP. It's also on and for that price - so I might just bite the bullet and get it before the $15 off deal expires at TRU, which again, is better than paying eBay/Amazon mark-up.

The other three sets and the polybag figures are going to be pretty painful I think...

Middle Earth / Re: LOTR LEGO
« on: January 5, 2014, 07:50 PM »
So I decided to take the plunge into the LOTR & Hobbit Lego sets this weekend. From the LOTR line I picked up:

Attack on Weather Top - was shocked to find this actually, it was sitting by itself at my local Kmart - turned out to be marked for clearance and I ended up getting it for only $35 - might have been a return or something...

Battle at the Black Gate - just finished putting this together, love the scene in Return of the King that it's from, the helmet of the Mouth of Sauron is really detailed.

The Wizard Battle - picked this up "just because" - I do plan on getting the Tower at Orthanc at some point, just just like Jesse says, just not anytime soon.

So for the next couple of months, I'm going to focus on scouring stores and online for deals on the 2012 sets. I know the Battle at Helms Deep or Uruk-Hai Army sets are probably going to be the tough ones to track down. I'm pretty sure sets like Gandalf Arrives and Shelob Attacks are both still sitting at the TRU near my work, same with Mines of Moria so I'll probably pick those up next. Should be fun getting caught up with this line....

Middle Earth / Re: The Hobbit -LEGO
« on: January 5, 2014, 07:36 PM »
Decided that I would make the plunge into LOTR - Lego and The Hobbit - Lego this weekend. Seems like a fairly small theme line, should be easy enough to catch up on. For the Hobbit line, I grabbed:

Dol Guldur Ambush
Dol Guldur Battle
The Goblin King Battle

I was able to pick up all three sets on sale at Kmart - the two Dol Guldur sets I picked up online - also taking advantage of a $10 off $75 purchase for Shop Your Way Rewards members. The Goblin King set was marked down to $76 and I had some rewards points that redeemed for the purchase as well.

Gonna focus on picking up the rest of the 2012 sets before I purchase either the Lake Town or Mirkwood Elf Army sets just cause they're new and those 2012 sets are probably on borrowed time in stores.... In fact, I had seen the Riddles for the Ring set all over before the holidays and now it is totally cleared out in the stores by my house, so what I thought would end up being an easy set to grab, may prove to be a challenge.

LEGO / Re: Lego 2013
« on: January 4, 2014, 07:53 PM »
I got the Ewok Village for Christmas - and I finished putting it together today - what an amazing set!

I know it's $250 - but it's well worth it.

It's got some really great features and it was a lot of fun to build.

Definitely gonna have to save up for the Death Star now - would love to have another BIG set....

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends Figures
« on: December 31, 2013, 12:48 AM »
I'd be ecstatic with that honestly, and just custom up the secondary guys.  If they're doing any SA guys though, realistic style please.  If they hold true to their motto on things, that should be how it is.

Agreed - a TBS version of this character - either 3.75" or 6" should be in the realistic style.

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends Figures
« on: December 31, 2013, 12:10 AM »
Interesting design - I'll definitely be getting this line, but I hope that the fact that they denote it as the "Saga Legends" line that there might be a handful of KEY characters from Rebels mixed into the Vintage/Black/Collector Series line.

I just wish that lightsaber wielding characters had elbow articulation - straight arms do NOT lend themselves to dynamically posing them.

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: December 24, 2013, 10:09 PM »
Be careful - I have had mixed success with McFarlane stuff - I grabbed the Dixon brothers 2-pack at Toys R Us and the wrist on the right hand of the Daryl figure was completely disassembled. Luckily since I got it at a brick-and-mortar store, I was able to return it, but you'd have to deal with return shipping from Amazon.

The Vintage Collection / Re: $5 Vintage Collection @ Five Below
« on: December 24, 2013, 10:04 PM »
Picked up a pair of INCs at my local Five Below on Monday - they were well picked over, so those two were the only ones left and the only figures worth getting. Was hoping for a few more INCs, but these two bring my count of opened INCs up to 10 so if I never find any more it's not like it's a big deal.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Everything Rebelscum
« on: December 21, 2013, 10:53 AM »
The only AFA items I have in my collection is the cancelled 2nd wave of Walmart Cantina Figures (the wave that contained Dr. Evazan)

Anyway, nothing was wrong with the figures and the scores were good, but I was horrified to see that on the grading label for Evazan they misspelled the figure name as Evazam.

So I called up AFA and asked if there was anything they would do to fix it and they told me that since I wasn't the person who paid for the grading they wouldn't talk to me and if I had been the one who paid for the grading, I would have had to send it back, authorize for them to break the case (which risks damaging the item) and pay for them to re-grade. So they recommended I send it back to the seller.

I basically told them that they were a joke and that I would never waste my money on their bull**** service.

I still have the piece and it's my representative example of why AFA grading doesn't mean crap.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Television Thread
« on: December 16, 2013, 11:50 PM »
Is anybody a fan of Homeland? Last night's season finale didn't have quite the "bang" of last season, it was still quite a shock - though it had the feel of a series finale more than a season finale.

I agree - I kinda wish it was ending instead of them continuing on.

Maybe they plan on going in a completely different direction with Season 4 - I'll still watch, but it seems to me like the story of the two major characters should be over....

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