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Revenge of the Sith / Re: The Final 12
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:44 PM »
This list is actually pretty good considering the OT **** that has been announced lately. The figures that puzzle me are the holographic versions of Plo Koon and Aayla Secura - if they had said Ki Adi Mundi and Plo Koon, I'd believe it 'cause in the scene where Anakin is made part of the council, both of those Jedi appear in their chairs as holograms.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Target Figure with Cup Sets
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:31 PM »
I love the new cups but where's new cups for TPM and AOTC? As it stands, if these three are from ANH, ESB and ROTJ that means we'll have three cups from Episodes 3 - 6 and only one cup each from episodes 1 and 2. I already know that Hasbro doesn't understand the concept of a "balanced" collection, but if they keep releasing OT cups, the PT will have A LOT of catching up to do.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Millennium Falcon In ROTS Packaging?
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:17 PM »
I know - but a big F-U goes out to GL for even putting such an Easter Egg in ROTS in the first place solely to give Hasbro the ability to re-package the figure. I mean if he wanted the MF in the movie, he should of had it play a more important role - like say instead of using GG's fighter to get of Utapau, Obi-Wan hitches a ride with a smuggler, rides in the hidden compartments and the MF meets up with the Tantive IV.

To be honest, no - will I do what I did for OTC and buy two of EVERY figure released and open up even the POTF2 repacks? Perhaps I'll stop with that and only get one of each figure that is a rehash/repack.

I am certainly disappointed that they are putting in so many repacks - especially when, in cases like Wedge, there is a BETTER version they could have rehashed instead of the one they actually are using. It's like the guy running the show has his head so far up his ass, he can't see the light of day. Not surprising considering that isn't this the same guy that ran the GI Joe line a few years ago when it saw the rebirth of the 3.75" figures? Those black carded two-packs were an endless parade of rehashes - perhaps he's applying the same logic to Star Wars.

Lastly - I really don't see a problem with the line being called "The Saga Collection" - that means it can be abbreviated to TSC or it could be denoted as Saga2 much like we have POTF2 today. Personally, "TSC" is a better choice.

- Peter

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Millennium Falcon In ROTS Packaging?
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:09 PM »
^ To your first point, the Falcon actually was briefly in ROTS, glimpsed in one of the Coruscant spaceport scenes. And we have it from George himself that it's THE Millennium Falcon, not just an ordinary Corellian freighter like the ones in AOTC.

This is from a article on "Easter Eggs" of ROTS.

Do I need a ROTS version of the MF though? NOPE!!!!!

What I need is an AT-TE or Turbo Tank - not the same vehicle that I could go buy RIGHT NOW from my local TRU!

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Wedge!
« on: July 13, 2005, 01:52 PM »
Thanks Jeff - like I said, when it comes to stuff like that, my memory sucks a$$.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting
« on: July 13, 2005, 01:50 PM »
My wife's god-son who lives with us collects the GI Joe 3.75" line and I stay on top of it (like he does with SW) so we can help each other collect the respective lines.

He feels that the Online Store approach for the GI Joe figures is a mixed blessing. He thinks the new packaging is beautiful and is glad they're back to individually carded figures - this way if all they release is a slightly modified repaint of say for example Duke - he doesn't have to buy it like he did with the two-packs 'cause the two-pack would have a completely new figure packed in with the Duke. He hopes that Hasbro makes enough to meet demand, he's worried that they may not initially and people waiting for these things may have their orders cancelled due to lack of production.

Personally, I'm glad they're trying it with GI Joe instead of Star Wars for a couple of reasons:

1) I'm selfish and while I'm glad they're trying this experiment with the GI Joe figures online, I'm glad they're not trying it with Star Wars. SW is the whipping boy action figure line as it is, there doesn't need to be any more fodder for that.

2) If the GI Joe experiment is successful, it means that if and when the SW figures go this route, Hasbro might want to provide a new figure here and there amongst the sea of re-packs that will most likely be available. Anything that encourages them to make new figures even after WalMart kills the line is a good thing IMHO.

3) The failure of the Sigma Six line along with mediocre Force Battler sales may indicate to Hasbro changing the scale of the SW line may not be such a good idea. So let's pray that Sigma Six flops.


Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Wedge!
« on: July 13, 2005, 01:37 PM »
My memory for this kind of thing stinks but... when they gave us the choice on what figure would be the 36th OTC figure, was the Wedge from the Carrying Case one of those choices?

I'm glad they're giving us this figure individually carded, but the Wedge from the 3-pack is a WAY BETTER figure than this one. If they were going to give us a carded Wedge figure, I'd prefer it was the one from the Rebel Pilots cinema scene.

I just ordered my two. *sigh* Lemming Peter reporting for duty!

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Clone Pilot!
« on: July 13, 2005, 12:36 PM »
Personally, I love this variation and wouldn't mind getting a couple of them. In fact if the all black Clone Pilot was the clone pilot figure in the 501st Temple Raid five figure set, I'd be stoked.

Eventually we'll get the V-Wing and this will be its pilot. If you don't like the fact that it doesn't match the Attacktix figure, simply paint the helmet, gloves and boots gray - personally, I prefer all black.

It's sorta like the Evolution of the Clone Pilot - first there was the version in AOTC, then the more practical Clone Pilot uniform in ROTS which eventually turned to all All-black uniform which then later received a new helmet.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: "Evolutions" assortment...
« on: July 13, 2005, 11:33 AM »
Where did you get it Commander Cody?

Revenge of the Sith / Re: "Evolutions" assortment...
« on: July 12, 2005, 04:16 PM »
Totally agree with you there.  A all prequel Obi-Wan Evolutions pack is a no brainer, and one that should be made before any Padme set.  There is already a decent old Ben (VOTC), and spirit of Obi-Wan (OTC), so no moldy oldies.  ;D

Ditto - there is absolutely NO NEED to have an Obi-Wan Evolutions set include an Older Obi-Wan from EPIV. The VOTC figure serves its purpose.

We need Obi-Wan from all three PT movies if for no other reason than to be able to sit them in the AOTC Yellow Speeder, AOTC Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter and ROTS Jedi Starfighter.

As far as I'm concerned the fourth and fifth Evolutions sets should be PT Obi-Wan and Padme. I don't want a Leia in the Padme set either. They can make a Leia Evolutions set that covers all three OT movies (Celebration, Hoth, Endor) if they want.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting
« on: July 12, 2005, 12:37 PM »
WOW, GI Joe is only sold via their site?  How'd I miss that!

What you see in stores now of the 3.75" GI Joe toys is merely stores trying to move the last of the product they have. At some point, whether it be in the fall or for Christmas, Hasbro will be introducing a 6" figure line called "Sigma Six" or something stupid like that. They will essentially "reboot" the line and be able to start off with all new versions of Duke, Snake Eyes, etc...

They announced back at Toy Fair in Feb of this year that the 3.75" and 12" GI Joe lines were effectively cancelled.

After many cries let out by GIJoe collectors, Hasbro decided to change their tune (slightly) and are now going to be offering individually carded 3.75" figures on retro-style cards (the packaging looks A LOT like the packaging from the 80s) and from what I understood they were going to be available only through their toy shop website.

Now I have seen that online retailers like Brians Toys are going to be selling them as well - but I'm not sure if they are just buying from the store applying a mark-up and then reselling them with the intention of being the ONLY game in town after Hasbro's store sells out or if Hasbro is letting some of their smaller customers buy in to the line. The big chains however, will transition to selling the new 6" line instead.

Hope that helps, sorry for being off-topic of SW.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS Recent Purchases
« on: July 12, 2005, 11:57 AM »
No problem jedipurge - thanks for checking.

Found the Unleashed Wave 2 (Vader, Sidious vs. Yoda and Ventress) this morning at the Eatontown, NJ Toys R Us.

Was REALLY shocked to see them there. They also had the value two-packs in stock - the AT-TE Gunner was paired with Bail Organa - if he had been paired with a Jedi like Aayla Secura or Agen Kolar, I might have bought the set, but since I really didn't want another Bail Organa, I passed.

The managers at this store who grab all of the SW stuff when it hits didn't appear to be in, which is why I was able to get new stuff.  ;D

Saga Collection '06 / Re: VOTC and OTC Returns in 2006!
« on: July 11, 2005, 05:21 PM »
I was really hoping for a newly-sculpted Han in Carbonite and Leia in Boushh disguise.

I want to say that these repacks will prove harmful to the line, but after the success of OTC last year, I'm not sure saying that would be true.

Not trying to repeat myself but I'll say it here too...

Right now Hasbro is in a mode of "bring in as many new buyers to the line as possible"

Give them a year and they will realize that it ain't happening. Now sales of P&OTC could surprise us all and sell like gangbusters even though the figures are all rehashes - but in the end Hasbro will end up pissing off more of the current fan base than gaining new ones.

Like both of the previous posts stated - new versions of Bib Fortuna, Leia as Boushh and Han in Carbonite are ALL needed. To rehash them would just be stupid at this point. The POTF2 Chewie in Chains is a joke compared to the VOTC Chewie - so to go backwards like this would just be plain ridiculous.

Here's to hoping that any figures shown on the back of packaging was for mock-up purposes only and the first wave of P&OTC figures we're getting is an all new ROTJ Jabba's palace wave.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting
« on: July 11, 2005, 05:12 PM »
Ok - first off - completely agree with mosnab. Lines like Jedi Force, Force Battlers, Attacktix, the rumored 2" Unleashed and even though I have an almost complete collection of them - the 12" figure line can all go away as far as I'm concerned.

I'm pretty miffed about the cancellation of the Unleashed line - I display my open ones of these at work and everyone thinks they're pretty neat - one side of my cube is Unleashed and the other is the McFarlane Matrix line. So the fact that I won't be getting any "new" stuff after the Clone/Chewie/Han wave is disappointing. The fact that those three "new" ones are kit-bashes using pieces from previous figures is also a tad disappointing.

I would rather see them focus simply on the 3.75" figure line at a $5 - $6 price point, continue to have deluxe figures at the $10 price point and continue the Evolutions sets as a way of giving us VOTC style versions of both PT and OT core characters.

Multipacks of re-hashes are okay in order to give "new" collectors a chance to get original versions of main characters, but eventually that should stop and Hasbro and all retailers should just resign themselves to the fact that the fan base they have now is as big as it's going to get - they need to focus on KEEPING the current collectors/customers and stop trying to branch out into new **** to bring in new ones.

For the basic and deluxe figures, I would prefer to see a return to the "Themed Assortments" that crosses both lines. The Hoth and Jabba waves from 2003 Saga were great, but could have been tighter like this:

PT Tatooine Waves: (3 waves of basic figures, 2 waves of Deluxe)
Basic Figures
TPM Anakin Skywalker w/Soft goods, sa and pod racing helmet
Qui-Gon Jinn w/soft goods, sa lit and unlit lightsaber - compatible w/Eopie
Wald/Kitser 2-pack
Dud Bolt, Mawhonic or any other new pod racer
AOTC Anakin Skywalker (can just be an individually carded version of the AOTC Evolutions figure, but add ball-jointed shoulders, elbows and hips) - compatible w/Owen's Speeder Bike
Gray C-3PO
Beru Whitesun
Owen Lars
Obi-Wan Kenobi w/soft goods, sa, infant Luke Skywalker - compatible w/Eopie

Deluxe Figures
Eopie (if they can get the Wampa on a card, the Eopie can be carded as well)
R2-D2 pulling Anakin's Pod Racer cockpit
Cliegg Lars w/Hover Chair & two moisture vaporators
Owen Lar's Speeder Bike

If they were to release this stuff, I would be extremely happy.

The same could be done with waves dedicated to PT Coruscant, Geonosis, Clone Wars, Order 66, ANH Cantina, Ewok Village, Bespin, etc...

The reason I would like something like this is because for a little while after something is released, I keep it on my desk at home, what was nice about the 2003 Saga stuff was that I was able to make "mini dioramas" of all of the figures that came from the same piece of the Saga. The Hoth stuff was one of my favorites for this very reason.

Personally I don't see the line making it to 2010 - and that's being generous. I think it would live on AT LEAST one year beyond retail as an exclusive to just like the 3.75" GI Joe figures are - now before you say "not economically feasible" - if Hasbro's choices are kill the line entirely and bring in $0 or sell it exclusively on their own site and make SOMETHING, I would think they'll choose "Make SOMETHING" over "Make NOTHING" since they paid for the license until 2018.

I think the TV shows will give the figure line a boost, but figures will be made in support of the shows and could almost be considered sub-lines from the main movie lines entirely - much like the previous Clone Wars line was. If all they're going to do is Animated Clone Wars repaints and no new sculpts, they should put that line to bed as well. More movie-style sculpted Clone Wars figures would be welcome though.

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