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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
« on: May 13, 2015, 11:54 AM »
That movie just doesn't look very good. I hate the CG Thing. It was much better as a costume. The whole thing looks like it was made for the Disney Channel. What's with a black Johnny Storm but Sue is white? I guess Sue was adopted. Doom looks just silly.

According to what I read Dr. Franklin Storm marries Sue's mom and she already had Sue (who is a baby/toddler) and then Dr. Storm and Sue's mom have a child together, which is Johnny. Dr. Storm also adopted Sue which is how she gets his last name.

I see ZERO problem with this, I know there has been a lot of fanboy venom out there about "black Johnny Storm" (TOTALLY not lumping you in that Paul). But with the way things are in the US today where there are countless "blended" families out there, it would be great to see one that functions well as a strong family unit. One of the lines I like most from the trailer is when Dr. Storm says "WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN?" (children being plural)

For myself being the patriarch of a family that is blended, this change resonates with me.

It's a shame many other aspects of this film just don't look "good". I will still be going to see this when it comes out, hopefully my expectations are SO low that there will be aspects of the movie that aren't that bad.

Not at all what I wanted to hear.   :-\

Me either.

So basically this Wave 2 set is just a temporary selection until Wave 3 droids come out? After sitting on Wave 1 for three years, Wave 2 is going to be here and gone in a matter of months?!?

If that's the case, I may have to reconsider even trying to be a completist on these things.

Hopefully she was/is mistaken...  :-\

LEGO / Re: Recent Acquisitions
« on: May 3, 2015, 09:46 AM »
Picked up the UCS TIE Fighter and got the Admiral Yularen figure at my local Lego Store yesterday.

I also ordered the UCS X-Wing from the Lego Shop@Home site, hadn't picked that set up yet...

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Super Hero / Comic Book TV Development
« on: April 27, 2015, 08:24 AM »
I also think that Agents of SHIELD could also benefit greatly if it occasionally brought in Fury, Romanov or Barton.  Not in a gratuitous way.  But in some organic way that moves the series forward while also tying things into the cinematic universe.  Because even though they like using this tag line "It's all connected", sometimes it feels like it isn't, and the movies are VERY separate from the television series.

Agreed - I personally feel that just mentioning characters & events is going to wear really thin, really fast. It's NOT "all connected" if you can't open up the purse strings of the franchise that is making you billions just so you don't have to pay one or two of the movie actors to make an appearance.

I thought for sure last year (before Winter Soldier) with How I Met Your Mother ending, that we'd see Colbie Smulders join the case of Agents of Shield, something like that would have given AoS serious cred - and what did they do? Have it end in Winter Soldier where she goes and works for Stark. What?!?! I'm sorry, but if there was ever an actress who they should have been able to work out joining AoS it was her. If there is truly still a TV vs. Movies mentality in Hollywood, it's pretty hard to get high-and-mighty that you're "not a TV actress" when you just ended a run on a TV show - so clearly the reason it was written that way was because they couldn't work out a $$$ deal with getting her on AoS.

And either Hawkeye should have been in Winter Soldier or he should have made a few appearances on AoS this season - there were plenty of chances for them to show how he fit in with the Fall of SHIELD, they just didn't want to pay Renner his fee.

And don't even get me started about how there was supposedly a Coulson scene shot for Daredevil that ended up on the cutting room floor. The show is on Netflix. There are no commercials, you're not aiming for a 1-hour time slot, your episodes can be as long as you want - and the one thing that connects Daredevil to the rest of the MCU is left on the cutting room floor? That's crap. (Yes, I understand the connections made in the 1st episode about how the office was a cheap rent cause it's where some serious damage took place in the first Avengers, and yes, Fisk's organization was making money hand over fist with lucrative rebuilding contracts from fixing the city - but that doesn't mean I want to see a show called Bob Vila: Fixer of Chitauri Damage - there was damage made to the city of New York when Loki and Chitauri attacked, the first Avengers movie made that obvious, for anyone to say that unscrupulous building development organizations wouldn't have taken advantage of the clean-up process clearly doesn't know anything about the New York/New Jersey area)

I'm hopeful that things will get better when it comes to Captain America: Civil War - if they DON'T work in Quake, Hyde, Mockingbird, Daredevil, Luke Cage & Jessica Jones (all of whom would have been seen by that point in time) to add to the super heroes who pick sides, then I think people are going to start giving up on the TV side of the MCU.

Would someone be kind enough to post the upc or any number from the receipt when they buy one. I am going to see if I can buy one from the disney merchandise call in number. They said as long as it is an assembled product it is purchasable.

Since it's carded and assembled when you buy it, my guess would be "yes" - so hopefully they will still have them in stock when I'm there mid-June - if no one else has posted the UPC, I will when I get back from the trip...

Nice! Thanks for sharing Paul!

Great to see that all nine domes were there for you as well as all the parts.

Would it be too much trouble to ask for you to put together the following combinations and take pictures of them:

White w/Yellow R2 Dome on new Gray body
Blue w/Yellow R2 Dome on the White w/Yellow & Gray R2 Body/Legs
White w/Red & Black R6 Dome on the Red w/Black R2 Body, black middle leg and white/black left/right legs
White w/Gold R7 Dome on the white w/black R7 Body you currently have the new R6 dome on
White w/Blue R8 Dome with the same body you have it on now but with the White w/Blue legs and White middle leg
Silver w/Black R9 Dome on Goldie's body


(Edited post to make it clear that I was't asking Paul to pick up droids for me, just that I wanted to see how those combinations looked)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Game of Thrones (HBO)
« on: April 22, 2015, 12:30 AM »
Good episode...  Didn't delve into Dorn a lot, but was interesting to see where that's headed.  Dr. Bashir seems like a good guy so I won't expect him to survive long.

Not just a good guy - a good guy in a wheel chair - might as well say he's dead already...  ;)

There is a part of me that really likes the fact that some of these droids are actual characters. This way, I can limit what I buy to just that character's parts, get one to keep in a clamshell, get a 2nd to open and I'll be done. With how limited the color combinations are anyway, I'll be hard pressed to find use for Goldie's dome or the dome that is blue/purple with yellow highlights that goes on the gray w/yellow body.

I am slightly tempted to bring some of the 2012/Wave 1 domes with me and see if any of those domes look good on 2015 bodies and vice versa. For example, the white w/yellow R6 dome might look good on the new white w/yellow & gray body, so it will be an interesting challenge for me to see what kind of aesthetically pleasing color combinations I can come up with.

The GH report indicates that the gold parts sell out quick so I guess making a Goldie will probably be the biggest challenge.  :-\ Makes sense if you think about it since it is an actual character.

The only thing I can do now is keep my fingers crossed that there are still new parts to be had come mid-June...

Looks like there could be more parts than what was shown in the picture - there is a new white torso with white and black highlights, different than anything that has come before. Looks like it would look good with that new R6 dome, moreso than the new red torso that is pictured. It might even look good with the Silver/Black R9 dome too...

I wonder if they have a "wave 2" poster planned like they released from wave 1 a couple years ago....

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
« on: April 17, 2015, 08:17 PM »
Ok - I just watched it again - they posted a hi-res version on YouTube -

And to answer your question Jeff - no, the lack of clarity/quality of the original version did NOTHING to hurt people's impression of the movie, the trailer itself does a good enough job at it.

Like Qui-Gon Jim said, we get it DC, your universe is "dark" and "brooding" - but guess what, I also want to have a little bit of "fun" when I go see my superhero movies, so you're going to have to do a bit more than just trying to recapture the lightning in the bottle that was The Dark Knight.

And seriously - "Tell me, do you bleed?.... YOU WILL" - just HORRIBLE, is Superman supposed to be scared by that?

Oh and for anyone who was holding out hope that man-child Eisenberg was going to be decent in this film, watch the video again, he's the girly-man voice saying weakly "Devils don't come from Hell beneath us, (whisper) no, they come from the sky" - want some cheese with that wine Lex?

Unless I see something radically different in the trailers we get closer to the movie's release, this is an easy pass for me.

If anyone is going to Star Wars Weekends. Pick me up this puppy.

I am going to be at the final Star Wars Weekends weekend - so I will try to pick up as many as I can and just have WDW ship 'em home for me...

Really?  These R6 and R9 droids that are part of the theme park program are tied in to Rebel pilots from TFA?  WTF?!?!

Well - the R6 dome does look A LOT like one of the domes they showed during the Abrams/Kennedy panel when they brought out the droid builders - so if that's the case, that makes them all the more cooler!

Where did you see this info posted Nick?

Well crap - that just about assures that by mid-June when I'm there, all the "new" parts will be sold out... darn  :-[

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
« on: April 17, 2015, 08:37 AM »
Wow, I agree, the Star Wars trailer was a home run, I am now more excited than ever to see that movie.

But for this movie? I can't help but think about how hard this movie is going to crash and burn and destroy WB/DC's hopes of even being on the same level as Disney/Marvel.

Well, okay then... Interesting...

So there are 3 carded droids - Holographic R2 (hopefully it will still be available at the final SW weekend whe I'm there), R2-D60 at DisneyLand and R2-D23 at their media event in the fall.

Then, based on the picture, there are:
5? New R2/3/4/5/6/9 Bodies:
  • White with Yellow & Grey
  • Red with Black & Silver
  • Black with Gold Highlights
  • Gray with Yellow Highlights
  • White with Blue Highlights (not sure if this is new)

2 New R7/8 Bodies:
  • White with more Black Highlights than the white/black wave 1 piece
  • Blue with less White than the blue/white wave 1 piece

11? New Domes:
Silver with Blue R2 (not sure if this is new in some way)
White with Yellow R2
Gold with Black R2
Purple? with Yellow R2
Totally Clear R3 (no highlight colors? hard to tell)
White with Blue R4 (not sure if this is new either)
Red with Black R5
White with Red and Black R6
Gold and White R7
White and Blue R8
Silver with Black R9

6? New Leg Pairs:
White with Blue (again, not sure if these are new)
White with Yellow (hard to tell if these are new)
Black with Gold
Red with Black
Gray (can't tell if there is a 2nd color on those legs)
Black with White

And one new center leg color - gray

I would be inclined to think that the white with blue "R2-D2" parts are a carry forward from Wave 1 simply because they want to keep the ability to build an R2-D2 in the mix, but that is just a theory on my part, I will really have to scrutinize the pic against the pieces I have to be sure.

I am confused about the R4 dome, looks like another carry-forward piece, but again, I'll have to look over it closely.

I am shocked by the specificity of some of the colors. There really doesn't seem to be the flexibility of mixing and matching that the Wave 1 parts offered. I have to wonder if there are more parts coming and this pic is just a sample. From Wave 1, I have 2 droid designs for each dome, it will be a challenge to come up with multiple designs for some of these domes, especially if the Wave 1 parts are getting phased out, which I think they have to be, otherwise it's going to be chaos with multiple designs of red, black, white/yellow and white/black legs in the bins.

Was there any information on when these would be hitting the parks? It would be awesome if it was for the Star Wars Weekends coming up, although, with me getting to the park in the final weekend, even if they do release them for this summer, I bet many pieces will be sold out by the time I get there.  :'(

It would be fantastic if they threw a curve ball at us and released these parts all in a box set, that is definitely wishful thinking on my part...

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