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The Force Awakens / Re: Recents Finds and/or Purchases
« on: September 9, 2015, 10:17 AM »
Hasbrotoyshop has several of the 3.75" (non-SA) and all of the 6" figures (wave 1) up on the site.  At the moment you can get Kylo Ren (both scales), Phasma (3.75), Stormtrooper (both scales), Flametrooper (3.75).  All for decent pricing and no minimum for shipping.

They did limit the figure to 2 a person.  I bought two to share with Chewie.

I talked to a TRU assistant manager (who's gotten to know myself and a friend over the last few years) prior to the event and he said he didn't even know about the "blue trooper" and he was in charge of the event itself. So if not even the in-store personnel knew about a product they were supposed to be selling...

I'm not saying this is the case regarding your friend, but I've encountered several people at TRU or Disney who have no clue about things coming into their store.  You'd think there'd be some staff training leading up to special events, otherwise when a customer asks a question regarding product that's supposed to be in their store s/he gets the deer in headlights look.

Anyway, back to the point, my issue is that if you publicly state "This item will go up for preorder on 9/6" and then it goes up two days early and (pre) sells out, that's, to put it bluntly, bull****.

I'm not sure why it went early, but I kind of wonder if TRU felt shorted with the inadequate stock for Force Friday that they decided to give the disgruntled fans who got nothing something/anything even if it was a pre-order 2 days early.  But then again, you and Justin (and countless others) get to be the disgruntled ones because you weren't looking for this on Friday and got nothing. 

These are supposed to be released end of October (22nd, I believe).  I wonder if the Clone lieutenant (and the snowtrooper) will show up then?  At least that's what I heard from the TRU guy was "next month".

There was a press release stating the Snowtrooper Officer Exclusive would be available for pre-order on 9/6 (today).  Then the figure goes up for pre-order 2 days early and sells out well before 9/6.

True.  I forgot about the 9/6 Pre-order date.  I just hear that they had them up so I just went for it.  But for the casual person who doesn't check fan sites, etc... just figured they'd wait until Sunday, it'd be a disappointment to say the least.

What is a Crimson Stormtrooper?  I'd only want half of what's there, so hopefully these come out on single cards.

I would suspect that these will be in stores in October/November.  Don't hate yet.

Very true, Nick... except for Daisy Ridley for me.  ;)

Although I am wondering if this Vader's right hand will come off to show some exposed wires at the wrist.

I think I read the hand comes off... wouldn't be a proper to the scene if it didn't.... but, yeah, exposed wires is a must.  It's too bad we don't get some Force lightning to encompass the figure.  Have that instead of the lightsaber (not needed since this is a scene specific figure).

Try with your phone.  It had been sold out for a while when I was on my laptop, but for some reason I was able to get 2 through the mobile site.  Not sure if it's a glitch, but I haven't got a reject notice either from TRU.  If I do, then I'm not going to worry.

They're what, 40-ish figures into this line and we've already had 2 Boba Fetts, 2 Biker Scouts, 2 Sandtroopers, 2 Vaders, 4 Stormtroopers...

You forgot about Phase I Clone Trooper.  Already made 3: Grunt, Captain, Sergeant.  To be made: Lieutenant (TRU exclusive) and commander (Clone 4-pack).  And those are pretty much coming out soon, so there's 5!!

At least the blades of the lightsaber are three separate pieces.  Looks good.

I checked on my laptop- sold out.  Tried on my phone and got 2.  We'll see if the order holds.

Kylo Ren is nice, paint apps around the visor seem to vary, but mine is ok. Unfortunately he has a wonky right foot that seems stuck downward. I'm glad in restrospect I got a couple of these so I can swap him out for a better version. The soft goods work well on mine, but he's not one of the more interesting figures to me somehow.

The way the lightsaber blade is done is odd, too.  Different type of plastic use than the others and all three blades look to be one piece of plastic (I have yet to open it).

That's good to know that I don't need to go stalking the aisle for awhile.  Thanks.

It's too bad that there is no lightning effects to go with it.  :-[

Force Lightning Emperor rumors were wrong... it sounds like it is his lightning target, Darth Vader, that is getting the figure.

I was right about that, considering the Hasbro guy was saying Force Choke and the Emperor never did that.  So, were these supposed to hit tonight? 

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