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Newbies / Hello all!!!
« on: May 4, 2005, 08:33 AM »
Hello all, nice to see another friendly SW site out here.  I've read through the boards over here from time to time but hadn't registered until the past month or so.

FWIW, I tend to enjoy the smaller SW fan sites because they have a more friendly, down home kind of feel to them.  I've recognized a number of names here from over at RS and a couple from the place where I mod at.

I'm a Han collector, vintage and modern.  I also build custom ships, but only when I'm not swamped with having to grade papers, or do the ongoing teacher responsibilities.  I've taked a bit of a hiatus lately because my wife and I are working on the down payment for a I can contain my overgrown collection of little plastic men.

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