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TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 3 (Spoilers)
« Last post by Scockery on Today at 06:36 PM »
Visions and (Scary) Voices

Maul returns. Yay. Bendu returns. Yay?

Seeing Dathomir again was mildly interesting. Maul jsut leaves his nostalgia cache for anyone to land on the abandoned planet and find. But who'd want to go there?

Sabine gets the dark saber, which dumb schmuck Ezra was just gonna leave there, because who needs powerful old weapons?

Okay episode, but it told us what we mostly already know, Maul is gonna seek out Kenobi and yes, the Night Sisters are dead...again...whole dead this time giving up the neon ghosts. So, episode still felt a little like stalling.
I'm signed up for Pulse but also just about everything else Hasbro has you sign up for too, for the site, so not sure why some get and some don't on this.  I have gotten past surveys from them but nothing this "collector focused" really.  At least not directly towards basic figures.
Other Toy Lines / Re: NECA Aliens/Prometheus
« Last post by McMetal on Today at 04:13 PM »
In news that may interest only me, NECA has announced they will be releasing the infamous Prometheus "Lost Wave" with Fifield, Vickers, and Shaw in April of 2017, in conjunction with the release of Alien: Covenant.

I have been dying for these ever since they showed off the prototypes at Toy Fair a few years back. Amazing, unexpected and completely awesome news!
TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 3 (Spoilers)
« Last post by Dave on Today at 03:11 PM »
Solid episode last week. 

I like that they've added some intrigue with Thrawn and Kallus.  Are the plans that were stolen legit, or just bait in his larger plan to uncover spies within his own ranks?  Is Kallus really Fulcrum, or part of Trrawn's plan?
Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Spider-Man Joins the Marvel Movie Universe
« Last post by BillCable on Today at 02:28 PM »
Here's a look at the Vulture action figure.  Apologies for the horrible auto-play ads...
We're going in the Fall.  Can't swing this Celebration.
Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Spider-Man Joins the Marvel Movie Universe
« Last post by Pete_Fett on Today at 01:18 PM »
The only odd part is RDJ as Iron Man in a Sony film - I knew he was in it, but figured it was a cameo.  Sure looks like a much bigger role.  I'm a little surprised that Sony gets to use IM, but apparently Marvel negotiated creative control of the film, so it's a lot more like a Marvel Studios movie released under the Sony name.

That's why in the trailer you first see the Sony logo and then you see the Marvel Studios logo. Sony distributes the picture, Marvel Studios gets creative control and makes a Spiderman movie that fits into their larger MCU story, Sony gets a new Spiderman trilogy out of the deal and down the line Marvel gets Spiderman in their other MCU movies.

It was a smart move by Sony. Just look at the "by Studio" indices over at Box Office Mojo and compare the Disney juggernaut verses Sony/Columbia. The top three pictures of Disney made $1.26B (Finding Dory, Civil War & Jungle Book), the top three Sony pictures made $332M - and those three movies are Ghostbusters, Angry Birds and Sausage Party - a poor-to-mediocre reboot that got widely panned and two computer animated movies.

Considering that this is Spiderman and not Doctor Strange or Antman, there is a solid chance that Spiderman: Homecoming will bring in at least $300M which is a win that Sony VERY desperately needs.
AWESOME!  I've been wanting some of these Clone Wars R5 units for a while.

The best part?  We're going to Disney next year, and I can finally pick up some of these in person at last.

You going for Celebration Nick or at a different time?
Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Westworld (HBO)
« Last post by BillCable on Today at 10:51 AM »
By the way I read somewhere that it's not coming back until 2018!!!!!!!!? WTH

Two primary reasons:

1)  Westworld got a late order for season 2.  HBO got burned by renewing Vinyl before the first episode aired.  Going forward they're waiting for full-season ratings before renewing new shows.  That added 3 months to the development cycle.
2)  The showrunners said they have no clue how Game of Thrones can churn out a season in one year.  They expect an 18 month gap between their seasons.  Hopefully, they'll learn some tricks from GoT heading into season 2, so there's not an 18-month break until season 3.  I expect HBO will give them every resource (and encouragement).
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