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--- Quote from: Pete_Fett on July 24, 2012, 12:35 PM ---I'm currently looking at an auction for the Vehicle Maintenance Energizer - and the stickers on it are unapplied AND the eight tools are still on the plastic mold tree (they haven't been clipped off).

So my questions are:

1) Should I use the un-applied stickers from the 80s or should I scan them in and print them on a hi-res printer on a white label sheet and essentially "make my own" and leave the original sticker sheet un-used?

2) Should I leave the tools on the mold-tree and just try to acquire the loose tools from eBay? I have a couple tools from the one I had as a kid, so I don't think I'd have to buy all eight, but even if I did, I see those tools come up for auction a lot so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Any help/advice you guys could give would be much appreciated.

--- End quote ---

I would DEFINITELY advise against trying to use the un-applied stickers from the 80's. Just leave them on the sticker sheet. I made this mistake when I bought my Endor Forest Ranger and have regretted it ever since. The stickers just don't adhere like back in the day. Pretty much ALL of mine just fell off within a day or two. They went on fine, but did not last. For some reason if you actually applied the stickers back in the day, they hold much better then if you tried to do it now. Go figure.

I'm not sure I understand your second question but I'm sure someone else here will. Good luck on the vintage hunting, it's a fun way to distract yourself from all the hasbro fail! :)

Thanks McMetal - I think that I'll definitely go with using the unapplied sticker sheet to create a hi-res scan and print a replacement set on a white sticker sheet page.

For the eight tools - when the Vehicle Maintenance Energizer originally shipped, the tools were all attached to a plastic frame, like a model kit and you had to cut them off the plastic frame.

The auction I'm looking at has the tools still on that frame. So I'm wondering if I should leave the tools on that frame and just acquire the tools separately loose from eBay.

Ah, I get it now. Tough call, seems like more of a personal choice on pulling them off the frame. They do self contain pretty nicely within the unit itself, so loss isn't too much of a risk. Then again, it seems like an untouched piece would be rarer and potentially more valuable. If the price isn't prohibitive I might suggest trying to pick them up loose just for that reason.

I really need to go back and start picking up some missing weapons and accessories myself. I still have a few gaps here and there...

Jesse James:
I'd go with scanning/printing your own stickers, and acquiring a set of tools elsewhere.  VME's were cheap...  are cheap still I think, for the most part.  Getting the tools should be relatively cheap too.  Find a beat up one with the parts for the most part, and you're set to go IMO.  The stickers on the sheet and the parts on the spru tree are more valuable to me personally than the effort to track down a second one to have the best of both worlds.

I have a few NIB mini's, I just leave them in the box next to my sealed ones. Since we don't play with the "new" ones I just get used ones and display those.


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