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So I sort of stopped buying Lego stuff about 3 and a half years ago, but recently decided to try to get (reasonably) caught up on the OT stuff that I'm missing... of course, the longer you get from when something stops being on store shelves, the more expensive it seems to get.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting reasonable deals on older sets?  Maybe a forum with a buy/sell/trade for Star Wars lego (or lego in general)...  I know there's eBay... I've been checking Amazon and have found some pretty good deals there.  And I know you can generally do better buying open sets rather than sealed ones.

Just wondering if there was any other places worth looking I guess.

I don't really go too much but this is a good place from what I hear.  Pretty active community..

Also there's some nice deals on craigslist from time to time if you're okay with those kinda things...

I ended up ordering the Death Star for my son direct from Lego.  They have 10% off and free shipping over $150, and included an exclusive holiday skating and horse carriage set as well.  I got 400the points for future purchases and Discover had 5%to off online purchases, so a pretty good deal overall.

Thanks.  I'll look into that forum.

Justin, the last thing I ordered direct from Lego was the Sandcrawler - so it's been awhile, but that's another good idea, especially if they have 10% off.  I waltzed over to the Lego store today just to get my head wrapped around which items I skipped are in stores now and what is already long gone.  I thought that Death Star used to be $299, now it's $399? 

I was shocked at some of the prices these sets are going for nowadays - especially in the box.  It's got me thinking that if I ever plan on getting caught up, it's best not to wait any longer.

I ordered the UCS Imperial Shuttle and B-Wing today from Amazon for $229 and $149 respectively.  With no tax and free shipping, it seemed like as good a deal as I could find.

Rob - are you a Lego VIP member?  If you're planning to buy online or at Legoland, that's a great way to save some money.  Everything you buy direct gets you points, which are redemable for cash off future sets.  They have periodic specials like double points as well. 

If you're looking for current sets, I would hold out for some of the TRU sales.  They often have buy one get one 50% off.  Even if the set is priced a little higher than other stores, that usually nets some nice savings if you're buying two big sets.  Good luck - hope you can find some good deals!


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