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LEGO VIP is an AWESOME deal, as every dollar you spend gains you a point, and for every 100 points you get you get a $5 off coupon you can use whenever. The only negative is that you're limited to buying from LEGO's website or LEGO Stores, and they don't put much on sale like brick and mortar stores do. But the points add up quick. I bought the UCS R2-D2 in May and that was almost $200, and with some Marvel stuff I bought, I have $10 waiting to be used.

As for getting old sets, it's tough, because once a set goes out of production it's pretty much gone forever and if you missed out, prepare to pay a bundle. So you're pretty much SOL on those.

Thanks guys.  I'll look into that too.  I checked Walmart, Target, and TRU this weekend just to get a feel of what's going on and what the prices are like... the TRU I went into was much more expensive than the other stores.  I was surprised by how much variation I found.  Sets that were $12.99 on Amazon were $16.49 at TRU... things like the Skiff that is $19.97 on Amazon, was $24.99 at Target, and $32 at TRU.  I bought the TIE Fighter at Walmart for $34.99 - it's $59.99 on TRU's their website and that's Amazon's price too).

So yeah, I'm surprised by the extreme variation here.  Maybe I stumbled into sales for the big shopping holiday?

Mikey D:
TRU always mark their prices on Lego above MSRP.

TIE Fighter on sale for $34.99 at Target and Wal-Mart this week... of course every store is sold out here. ::)

Target has it in stock online...should still be free shipping and 5% off with your redcard (if you have one)


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