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I have a few extra figures I'm looking to offload. Some are carded while others are loose. Carded figs have shelfwear and can be shipped loose; loose figures were displayed only. Paypal (normal non-gift preferred) is best for payment. Shipping is extra, but will be exact. I will ship worldwide.

Here's what I have:

loose Amazon Droid Factory figures (prices and quantities listed below)
Sun Fac x16 $4 each (or $55 for all)
TIE Pilot x11 $5 each (one figure is missing small pistol as pictured; the others have both pistols) (or $50 for all)
Battle Droid x15 $6 each (or $85 for all)
FA-4 x12
TC-70 x2 $8 each
212th Clone x1 $8 each

Black Series Carded (can mail loose)
Cmdr. Neyo x4 $8 each
Stormtrooper (bubblegate victim) $8
Mara Jade $12
Vizam $12

carded figures
Commander Gree  Boba Fett, Stormtrooper $7 each
R2-D2 (missing droid part), Jar Jar $4 each

larger items
Ewok Scouts $13
Geonosis BP $5
SDCC Clone $10
opened DTF Vulture Droid Wal-Mart Exclusive (still tied to inner cardboard packing) 5 available, $12 each

Republic Fighter Tank MISB x3 $15 each
Obi-Wan's Jedi Fighter (box opened to check contents, never removed) $15
Amazon Exclusive Vintage Collection TIE Interceptor factory in mailer box (mailer box opened to inspect) $50

Loose Figures (prices and quantities listed below)\
Saga LEgends Commander Cody $7
Saga Legeneds Stormtrooper $7
Mission Series Han Solo $6
Mission Series Chewbacca $6
Black Series Scout Trooper (loose right shoulder) $5
Vintage Collection 3-pk Death Star Droid x2 $4 each
Vintage Collection Prune Face $10
Black Series Clone Sergeant $5
Star Tours Boba Fett x2 $7 each
Star Tours Vader with Hover... thing x3 $7 each

Scanning Crew Pack figures $8 each
Imperial Officer x2
Stormtrooper TK-421 x3
Imperial Tech with top cart piece x4
Imperial Tech with bottom piece x7

Ewok Catapult set x2 $17 each

Loose Figures
Concept Snow Trooper, Evolutions Darth Maul, Evolutions Sidious with two robes $7 each
ROTS Obi-Wan, AOTC Obi-Wan, TPM Obi-Wan, Clegg Holdfast, Super Battle Droid, Battle Droid $3 each

Loose Figures
Ki-Adi Mundi $8
Stormtrooper Commander (has some blue marks on back of helmet) $8
Raxus Starkiller (modified with head from Evolutions set) $40
Shirtless Savage Opress $4
custom ARC Troopers (three are Cpt. Rex with some deco removed, one is 501st with alternate parts and glued rangefinder) $8 each
Armored Savage Opress $15

loose figures
Destroyer Droid x7 $4 each
Mace Windu $3 each
Obi-Wan Kenobi $3 each
Training Super Droid x4 $5 each
SDCC Clone Trooper $8

loose figures
Obi-Wan from MTT $1
Battle Pack Qui-Gon $3
Battle Pack Obi-Wan x2 $3 each
Battle Pack Maul x2 $4 each
Clone Wars Trooper Hevy $6

loose Comic Packs $12 per pair (only Leia/Vader set left)

To the top... Make some offers!

Avatar toys sold.

Joes are gone, and so is the Darth Maul. Make some offers!!!

Lots of clones added.


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