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I have a few extra figures I'm looking to offload. Some are carded while others are loose. Carded figs have shelfwear and can be shipped loose; loose figures were displayed only. Paypal (normal non-gift preferred) is best for payment. Shipping is extra, but will be exact. I will ship worldwide.

Here's what I have:

Clone Wars 2010-2011 (blue packaging) sealed in box vehicles: [I will be donating or opening/keeping for myself all of these early next week, so they won't be available long]
Cloud Car x4 $12 each
V-19 Clone Fighter x5 $12 each
Droid Gunship x5 $25 each
AV-7 Mobile Cannon x4 $20 each
Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter x6 $10 each
AT-AP walker (green highlights) x3 $20 each
Clone Swamp Speeder x3 $20 each
Anakin's JEdi Starfighter x3 $10 each
Republic Fighter Tank (blue) $25

Black Series 6"
Speeder Bike sets with badly beat up boxes. $35 each (or I can break up sets: $30 for the Biker and $15 for speeders)
Clone Trooper (5 available) $21 each
Storm Trooper (3 available) $21 each

Black Series
6" exclusive Boba Fett x3 $25 each
4" figures
Sgt. Doallyn $13
Ree Yees $13 (or $25 for both Jabba's Palace goons)
Snowtrooper Commander (10 available) $11 each
Mara Jade (bent up card) $12
Dagobah Luke (3 available) $8 each
Bastila Shan (4 available) $11 each
Yoda $8
Vader $11
Snowspeeder Wedge (2 available) $11 each

C-3PO Carry Case $15  (used condition; missing one strap and another strap has a broken peg)
-Outrider SOLD-

Sun Fac - Amazon Legacy Super Articulated version
$3 each (7 sold, 8 still available)

Mission Series small-scale vehicles (instructions and stickers not pictured but will be included)
$15 each or all five for $60

Saga Legends/Mission Series
Boba Fett and Rex $8 each, all other figures $5 each

To the top... Make some offers!

Avatar toys sold.

Joes are gone, and so is the Darth Maul. Make some offers!!!

Lots of clones added.


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