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Re: Marvel Legends
« Reply #3540 on: July 30, 2016, 04:15 PM »
Found, and bought, the Civil War 3 pack featuring Spider-Man and battle damaged Iron Man and Captain America (with masked and unmasked heads). The paint apps are fantastic! It was pricey at $60 but I recently found an old gift card from Christmas that had about $20 on it, so I got it for a steal.

I just saw that at Target for the first time today.  Not a bad set, but I feel like I already have enough versions of those same characters.  There is another Legends special pack on the shelves - War Machine and Concept Iron Man.  I hadn't heard about that one.  I passed as well - the War Machine is awesome, but again, I already have have a dozen War Machines.  The concept Iron Man was also not anything to write home about.   :-\
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