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The title's a mouthful, but I wanted to start a thread about the Calender Hasbro sent out to media outlets (including us), and the idea behind it.  Hasbro wanted fans to take a look back, day-by-day, at figures from the line's long history, as they count down the days to September 4th and The Force Awakens toys.  Click the image below and check out the story. :)

Clicky To Check Out!

The calender is pretty neat, and features a different toy on every day.  Vintage included, and lots of different things.  Some I'd not thought about in a long time actually.

It's an interesting little promo item and we took a few pictures to check out if you're interested.  I particularly enjoyed the Ralph McQuarrie birthday page. :)

And yes, of course Jedi Defender's favorite all-time figure made it into the photo shoot.  He just was running by anyway.  ::)

Also, we can use this thread to maybe look back on the line and some of our favorite things.  Figures or whatever that we maybe haven't thought about in a while?

One that came to my mind while trying to snap a few pictures was Pote Snitkin...  Highlighy underrated figure, kind of forgotten in a weird way.  The sculpting on him is really ahead of its time, for a POTF2 figure.  Something about it still just really holds up against the best looking current figures. 

I'm always up for upgrades on figures that aren't as poseable, but really Pote I'm ok with as he is too.  He's just a nice looking figure, and had some pretty cool gear to boot!  Loved that big mace type blade thing he had.

If you hit us up on social media on this topic, feel free to use #ForceFridayCountdown in your post as fans gear up for The Force Awakens toys!
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