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My no emblem on chest Fett


So after much luck I finally have my red card Boba Fett without an emblem on his chest for a steal of a deal and he appears to be the real. Here's the back story.

Here's a ton of Large pics for you to decide. The half a dozen guys at our local JD monthly meeting thought he's real... I think so to. I just wanted to share the story and pics because (to me) half the fun is the hunt.
Large front pic
Large back pic
Fett close up
Top of bubble close up
Left side of bubble close up
Botton of bubble close up
Right side of bubble close up
Date stamp 9603 close up

Nice score, That's the only one I'm missing. Makes me want to start hunting for one.

thanks:) I just got lucky. clicked "newly listed" and there it is was for $10 plus $5 shipping.

Do you have pics or a list of your collection? I'm always looking for (actual) variations that can be verified (rather than the random lists on the web).


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