Author Topic: All my Kubrick collection  (Read 321 times)

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All my Kubrick collection
« on: March 11, 2013, 10:25 AM »
(Hello, I'm french, so, sorry for my bad english.)

I would like to sell my collection.
I do not know if some are interested.
I want to sell it complete. But it is possible ?
And for what price ???
(Estimation : more than 2500$)

Thank you for your opinion.

Serie 1 complete
Serie 2 complete + Cantina Band Memeber & Sandtrooper White Pauldron (chase)
Serie 3 complete + Han carbonite (chase)
Serie 4 complete + Han & Luke Stormtrooper (chase)
Serie 5 complete + Han Endor & Ponda Baba (chase)
Serie 6 complete + Tarkin, Admiral Piet & Wedge (chase)
Serie 7 complete + Senate Guard & Yake Face (chase)
Serie 8 complete + Jar Jar & Aura Sing (chase)
Serie 9 complete + Zam Wesel, Shaak Ti & Clone commander yellow (chase)
Serie 10 complete + commander Gree (chase)
DX serie 1 complete
DX serie 2 complete + Hoth rebel soldier (chase)
DX serie 4 complete
complete Box Early bird
complete Box Max Rebo
complete Box TRUS 1
complete Box TRUS 2
complete Box 3 (Luke Dagobah, B-wing pilot, 2-1b...)
Padmé Geonosis & Clone commander Red from box 4
complete Box 5 (Mace Windu, Vader holo...)
2-box Han & Luke Stormtrooper
2-box R2-D2 & C-3PO
2-box Darth Maul & Sithspeeder
2-box Boba & Jango Fett
Carded Vader Dagobah
Carded C-3PO Removable limbs
Carded Shadow Guard
Carded TC-14
+ some double (Royal guard, stormtrooper...)

All boxes are opened and most of thoses figures have been exposed in a showcase.
This is a part of the collection :

Uploaded with

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Re: All my Kubrick collection
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2013, 11:21 PM »
You have an awesome collection of Kubricks!  I would suggest selling them in smaller chunks, maybe by the set/series along with chases.  You should also post in the classifies - more people will probably see it there than here.  Good luck!
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