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These rumors have been making the rounds the last couple weeks.  Apparently, WB is looking for more middle aged actors (30s to 40s) to play the next Batman for the Batman/Superman movie.  You can check out the full list here:

Current frontrunner is apparently Josh Brolin.  I've also read rumors that they are looking towards the Dark Knight Returns as a model.  Now, don't get me wrong, love the book - one of the all time greats, but as a fan, I'm kind of ready for a little lighter Batman.  Not goofy or stupid, just "comic booky" in a way.  I feel like the Nolan trilogy (which again, I love), already covered the super dark Batman stuff.  I'd like to have a big screen version where Robin, Batgirl, and maybe a little more comic booky Batcave could exist.  Again, I don't want the ridiculousness of the Batman Forever and Batman and Robin movies, but maybe something a little more fun.  I've said it before, but I love the tone of Batman: TAS.  A serious take without being depressing.  Anyways, the rumored list is at the linky above.

Agreed that the Nolan films, good as they were, ruined the chances of doing DKR properly. (You can rent the animated version though!)

This wounds me deeply, as outside of Watchmen and Swamp Thing, I feel DKR is far and above the best thing to ever come out of the DC universe. It would have been an epic, brutal live action movie.

As far as re-casting the part, I reject that totally. If Bale is dead set against reprising the role, you go straight to JGL. Otherwise what was the point of that whole last movie?

The whole last movie was the "hopeful" end of a contained trilogy.  No connection at all to the new film arc.

Adam West as Dark Knight Returns Batman.  Lady Gaga as Robin. Sir Ian McKellan as Alfred. Nick Nolte as Commissioner Gordon. Michael Keaton as the Joker.

Affleck is Batman in Man of Steel Sequel


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