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Star Wars Kubricks chases and some other stuff

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Set of 6 Boba Fett collection, still sealed in boxes (picture is from kubrick thread). $75 for all 6 plus retail box that held 12 figures see pic at bottom

Chase fett from series- prototype coloring with "jaguar eyes" slanty symbols on helmet $35

DX 4 set of 3 figures, Captain Antilles, TIE pilot in vintage colors, and Imperial dignitary $20 for all 3

Boba Fett Series vintage style figure still sealed in bag with box $13 3 available

Boba Fett Holiday series figure still sealed in sealed box $8

Jar Jar Binks series 8 chase figure still sealed in bag, no box

Slave Leia series 5 regular figure still sealed in bag $8

Leia Boushh still sealed in bag $7

dengar still sealed in bag $8

Ten Nunb from TRU box set $6

R5-D4 from TRU box set $7

IG-88 loose with both guns $7

RA-7 series 6 droid loose $6

C-3PO from series 3 $9

Darth Sidious from series 10 loose with box $8

Han Hoth series 4 loose and complete $ 7

Chewbacca hoth DX series 2 sealed in bag $ 6 

Complete set of DX series 4 Darth Vader vinyl cape, Leia vinyl cape, TIE pilot, R2-D2, Captain Antilles, and Imperial dignitary $55 (figures and boxes only)

Garandin dx series 3 $8

Darth Maul and battle droid from series 8 both loose $10 for both

Clone trooper officer Series 9 (yellow) plus two loose clone troopers $18 for all 3

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prices lowered!

bump- new kubricks!  ;D

Dang, I want that TIE pilot, but have the others.  :'(

PM sent, and more figures added


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