Author Topic: A Song of Ice and Fire (Possible Spoilers, tread carefully)  (Read 14212 times)

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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire (Possible Spoilers, tread carefully)
« Reply #165 on: January 2, 2016, 11:23 PM »
While totally believable it still totally sucks.  If your job was to write this book, wouldn't you lock yourself in your writing space and do only that. 

That's not his process.  That's never been his process.  And writing at his level isn't something you can force yourself to accomplish.

I feel kinda bad for the guy.  He spends his entire life doddering along, writing his books as he wants to write them.  Totally content.  Then all of a sudden HBO decides to adapt a story and now the job he loved causes him nothing but stress.  I'm sure the fortune and glory take away some of that sting, but it's not hard to wonder if, given the choice, he might not go back to obscurity.

My only worry is that he doesn't finish the books before he meets the same fate as the Starks.  He's no spring chicken.  I'm sure he has enough of the last two books written that an apprentice author could complete them as happened with the Wheel of Time series, but those last books weren't near the quality of the rest of them.
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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire (Possible Spoilers, tread carefully)
« Reply #166 on: January 3, 2016, 07:02 AM »
I feel bad for him, too.  The HBO show has been both a blessing and a curse for George R.R. Martin.  His work has been discovered by millions of people thanks to the show.  But no doubt, this has now altered his process. 

I was definitely surprised to see how the HBO show made it's way through the books.  The first season was pretty true to the first book.  But then the way the show stretched things out for some books and compressed others was a little puzzling.

The thing that bothers me the most are the dickish fans who have been putting every single thing GRRM does under the microscope, and railing against him because they can't just wait for him to finish writing the book that he needs to write.  The worst thing I can imagine about the books is GRRM writing it in order to make some deadline, and not to just finish the book in accordance with his grand vision for the series.  I don't want an inferior book just so I can get it that much sooner.
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