Author Topic: Toys R Us (Or: Die, Dinosaur, Die!)  (Read 5335 times)

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Re: Toys R Us (Or: Die, Dinosaur, Die!)
« Reply #75 on: December 15, 2013, 02:30 PM »
TRU had an online deal on 3DS games on Cyber Monday. Buy Angry Birds Star Wars or TMNT for $29 each, and get another 3DS game free. Most of the really good first-party, $40 first-party Nintendo titles were available in the free game selection. I put in two separate orders, one for TMNT/Mario Kart 7, and the other for ABSW/Super Mario 3D Land. I had no interest in TMNT or ABSW, but figured I could trade them in somewhere, or return them back to TRU for $15 each, as I read about others doing.

I went to the store to pick up my first order for TMNT/MK7. I immediately returned TMNT, expecting to get $15 back. But the CS rep started to give me a cash refund for the whole amount of $32 and change. I told her that I thought she was giving me too much money back, as I was only returning half the order. She said "yes, but this is what the computer is prompting me to give you, so just consider it an early Christmas present from Toys R Us."  :D

Same thing happened when I got my ABSW/Super Mario 3D Land order a few days later. But that time, I used part of the full refund to buy a 3DS case that I didn't need so that I wouldn't feel so guilty afterward.  :-\

All told, I wound up getting two $40 games and a decent case for about $22 out of pocket. So thanks, TRU! I will look back upon this fondly when you eventually go out of business.

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Re: Toys R Us (Or: Die, Dinosaur, Die!)
« Reply #76 on: December 15, 2013, 09:34 PM »
I wonder if Family Dollar or Big Lots will have such bargains?
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Re: Toys R Us (Or: Die, Dinosaur, Die!)
« Reply #77 on: March 4, 2014, 09:21 PM »
It looks like the 2013 Holiday season was not such a good one for TRU.  Ailing Toys ‘R’ Us to lay off nearly 200 employees.
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