Author Topic: Titanium Series - 3" DieCast Vehicle Line!  (Read 68878 times)

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Re: Titanium Series - 3" DieCast Vehicle Line!
« Reply #765 on: November 24, 2014, 11:31 AM »

3. What is the deal with these new Disney Store diecast vehicles? From the pictures I've seen online, they look quite good, particularly Slave I. Do you know what scale these are? For only $10, I can't imagine them being very large, so I'm guessing they are somewhere between Titanium and Action Fleet size? It looks like they at least have a couple moving parts, but likely no stand included. What do you know about them?

They're neat, but not perfect. For example the Landspeeder doesn't have an exposed nacelle like it should - but otherwise, is pretty great. The scale is inconsistent, each one is pretty small and pretty cheap - if you want a series of models that are in scale to one another, this ain't it. The vehicles are nicely sized for the price - they run circles around the Titanium Series Ultra vehicles Hasbro did a few years ago - with some being a little bigger, and some being a little smaller. All I can say is go check them out at the store - the look is there, and the deco is quite good on the few I've seen finalized up close.

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Re: Titanium Series - 3" DieCast Vehicle Line!
« Reply #766 on: November 24, 2014, 03:40 PM »
I grabbed an AT-AT, Snowspeeder and TIE Advanced for my son from Santa.  These are pretty cool.  A bit bigger than the Titanium, IIRC.  They have the three I listed, as well as a Speeder Bike, and the vehicles in this gift set, one of which (Wedge's X-Wing) is exclusive to the set.  The Falcon and Star Destroyer retail for $20 each so this is a decent bargain.