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--- Quote from: GrandMoffNick on April  6, 2012, 11:19 AM ---Sorry to waste your time. Continue on to a thread you care about.  ;)

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Man, that's 2 seconds of my life I'll never get back. Damn you!  ;)

Ya w2 has been out for the past month or so...still can't believe WM is charging $30 for these.  They seem to be moving pretty good at Target at least so hopefully I'll see that "shadow" wave or whatever with the Tie Crawler to see if I need to buy a set.

Jesse James:
Was cleaning my meager collection tonight and realizing I should go back and flesh it out a bit.  I don't intend a complete set and I think I'm skipping a lot of repaints and PT stuff (big ships though are in i think), but yeah I really love these.  They're fantastic models to compare if you're working on a larger version or something.  The Hound's Tooth is gonna be invaulable.

Spirit of MAC:
Anyone know what scale these Disney Store exclusive die-cast ships are in, or if they're actual rehashes of the Titanium or Galoob ships...?  $80 for 9 ships makes me think they're sized somewhere in between the Titanium ships and the old Action Fleet ships.  Just curious, after catching Jayson's news post over at Yak about it.


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