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Man, that's 2 seconds of my life I'll never get back. Damn you!  ;)

Ya w2 has been out for the past month or so...still can't believe WM is charging $30 for these.  They seem to be moving pretty good at Target at least so hopefully I'll see that "shadow" wave or whatever with the Tie Crawler to see if I need to buy a set.

Jesse James:
Was cleaning my meager collection tonight and realizing I should go back and flesh it out a bit.  I don't intend a complete set and I think I'm skipping a lot of repaints and PT stuff (big ships though are in i think), but yeah I really love these.  They're fantastic models to compare if you're working on a larger version or something.  The Hound's Tooth is gonna be invaulable.

Spirit of MAC:
Anyone know what scale these Disney Store exclusive die-cast ships are in, or if they're actual rehashes of the Titanium or Galoob ships...?  $80 for 9 ships makes me think they're sized somewhere in between the Titanium ships and the old Action Fleet ships.  Just curious, after catching Jayson's news post over at Yak about it.

Jesse James:
Just eyeballing the packaging, they're definitely bigger than Titanium's line was.  I'd say the fighters probably actually aren't terribly far off (smaller) than the Action Fleet Line actually. It might make most of them more in scale with the original die-cast vintage vehicles, possibly. 

The fighters all look to be around the same scale, or close anyway, while the Destroyer and Falcon are scales all their own ultimately.

The detail looks neat.  I'd like a set but not at that price.  The Y-Wing is the ship that has my eye the most (I'm a sucker for the Alliance's workhorse beater ship).


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