Author Topic: Disney Infinity 2.0 Game and Portal (PS4), Power Disks, PS3 Controller  (Read 58 times)

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Have an extra Disney Infinity 2.0 game and character portal for the PS4 system.  Both are still in their original packaging and have not been used.  Does not include the characters.  $30 (retails for $60 with the characters).

Also have an unused PS3 Motion Controller (still in bulk packaging).  $25.

Lastly, have the following Infinity Power Disks:

1.0 Alice In Wonderland - Terrain ($1)
1.0 Alice In Wonderland - Skydome ($1)
1.0 Wreck It Ralph - Sugar Rush Skydome ($1)
2.0 Iron Patriot Team Up - ($3)

Can send pictures of all items upon request.

Actual Shipping to be paid - PM me with your ZIP and I'll give you a total once I have it. 

Thanks for looking.
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