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Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model Kits
« on: January 8, 2015, 09:08 PM »
No thread I see, so I figured I'd start one...

Bandai is doing more than just figures, but also jumping headfirst into vehicle model kits.  They're molded in-color on the sprue, and with a ton of detail.  I've seen a few comparison videos of the Darth Vader TIE and X-Wing, which were released right before the holidays, and compared to Fine Molds they're really quite nice. 

Fine Molds were considered pretty high up there...  Kind of difficult to trump really, and vastly superior to Revel kits you'd find in the toy aisle.  Their one Millenium Falcon is insanely complex and boasts that it is comprised of the same # of parts as the studio model...  That's pretty impressive.

These Bandai kits are a different egg but hyper detailed.  They're giving a wide variety of display options, even optional different nosecones on the X-Wing (a first).  They also have optional "laser blast" effects, and the ships so far have little bases that are actually pieces of the Death Star's surface and they interlock.  Pretty slick stuff.

Now today, they just listed for pre-order on HLJ kits for the AT-ST and TIE Fighter...  The TIE looks like a must-buy for me, to go with an X-Wing. 

Both are only $16.07 right now too.  You get a good bit for that price it seems.

I'm anxious to see what they do with a Star Destroyer, Y-Wing, and AT-AT...  and of course the Falcon.
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