Author Topic: Animatics Footage (Kinda Neat)  (Read 758 times)

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Animatics Footage (Kinda Neat)
« on: August 12, 2005, 04:43 AM »
Anyone with Hyper-Space catch the unfinished animatics footage for ROTS that showed scenes cut from the film?

I particularly started to salivate at the thought of that HUGE head-on pass by the V-Wings with the Separatist Droid Fighters...

Looked like a bit of good stuff I wish they'd finish and put into the DVD.  I've always said the opening space battle was too short and should've been intercut with some new snippits of "outside fighting" with the inside story on Grievous' ship.

I mean, the opening text crawl says the Republic's losing yet somehow after Obi and Ani get aboard the Invisible hand the whole outside battle just suddenly shifted in favor of the Republic?  **** that, I wanna see what happens...  I wanna see Clones show why they're badass pilots and tear up some Separatist Tin Foil...  Make ya love the clones for "winning the day" in the giant battle of Coruscant...  It'd make you feel even worse when they gun the Jedi down.

Anyway, V-Wings in combat looked sweet.  Living up to their "Interceptor" titles, flying headlong into a swarm of Droid Fighters of all types.  Nice.
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Re: Animatics Footage (Kinda Neat)
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2005, 12:46 AM »
Hmmm, might be time to put that 3-month Hyperspace trial to use.  :)
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Re: Animatics Footage (Kinda Neat)
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2005, 02:12 AM »
I just watched it. The space shots were really neat, as was that side scrolling shot of Palpatine throwing the Senate Pods at Yoda. I would have liked to see those inserted into the final film. The rest though, I didn't really notice much difference from shots in the film.

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Re: Animatics Footage (Kinda Neat)
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2005, 07:57 PM »
My favorite shot was the pan of Anikin/Vader walking through the Jedi Temple while troopers were blowing the heck out of everything.  That was the only moment in the movie that I thought was rushed.  That one shot would have been a perfect addition.
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