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She certainly looks the part.  But then I remember all of the speculation about this one actress who was in Iron Man 3.  People were saying "Oh yeah, she's going to be the Wasp!"

Clearly, Evangeline Lilly is a more established actor.  And Wasp is a significant player in the Pym character arc.  Do I think this is a strong possibility?  Sure.  And I'm interested to see if Wasp would potentially carry forward into the broader MCU and the Avengers.  I think we'll probably know things with a greater level of certainty following SDCC2014.


--- Quote from: Jeff on June 13, 2014, 03:22 PM ---DC's Rumored Movie Line-Up/Plans, which they will apparently reveal at SDCC next month.

- Jul 2016 = Shazam! solo film

--- End quote ---

Dwayne Johnson Comes ThisClose To Saying DC Is About To Announce A Shazam Movie With Him As The Star

HAs anyone found the Avengers or Antman previews from SDCC anywhere online?


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