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I'd just fear Depp would be all Depp in the role.

Depp has the look for the role.  And he's well connected with Disney.  But I think my reservations about him are the same as Bill's.  Johnny Depp seems to inject this air of camp into almost any project he's involved in these days.

I know there was a lot of talk about Joaquin Phoenix playing the part.  What I also heard there was that he was interested, but also concerned about the amount of CGI the project would require.  And evidently his concerns are that he feels more of a need for practical effects that he could interact with as an actor.  I know that Ewan McGregor expressed similar concerns about the production of the PT, so I don't think it's an insignificant consideration.

Ethan Hawke seems like an interesting choice.  He can pull off the look.  As for the character?  I honestly don't know enough about Dr. Strange to say one way or the other.

He's Reed Richards + Tony Stark, except with MAGIC!


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