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Japanese Star Wars Kubricks:
Series 2 - A New Hope

By Scott Pearson

Going somewhere Solo?

One of the biggest little things to hit the Star Wars collecting world this past year was the introduction of Star Wars Kubricks.  The Officially Licensed LFL figures made by Medicom and only available at retail in Japan and Hong Kong have been wildly popular around the world. Starting with the Early Bird set in January of 2003, the Mini-Fig phenomenon got things rolling.  Sets of these 4 figures routinely go for over $100 on eBay. Series 1 was released this past Spring and included the Empire Strikes Back Bounty Hunters: Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM, Zuckuss and Dengar. Series 2 was announced this past summer and the anticipation for the figures has been high. Included in this series are Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Greedo, Tusken Raider, Cantina Band Member and Sandtrooper. They were released in late November in Asia and I just received them, so read on for some pictures and details!

Han Solo

The smuggler turned General makes his first appearance in Kubrick land. A perfect representation of Han in ANH is captured in this figure. He is armed with his trusty Greedo frying blaster which fits rather nicely in his holster. 

Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi


The prequel heroic Jedi turned reclusive old hermit is next up.  Styled with his trademark robe and short trimmed beard, Old Ben is a perfect representation of Sir Alec Guinness. His trusty Lightsaber is packaged along with General Kenobi. The color is a bit off as seen in the pictures but the detailing is perfect.



Poor Greedo, hired by Jabba to track down that scruffy scoundrel in the Cantina, he really never stood a chance. Greedo was one of my favorite vintage figures growing up and this Kubrick captures the Green Guy perfectly! His trademark blaster is included (whether it was fired before Han shot him is still open for debate). The sculpting of alien heads is one of Medicom's strong suits and it really shows in Greedo, and the following Band Member and the Tusken Raider.

Cantina Band Member

"Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars, Gimme that Star Wars, Don't let them end!"  I cannot think of the Cantina Band without thinking of Bill Murray's rendition of the Classic Theme.  One of the figures that was never made in the Vintage Line but probably should have been, the Cantina Band (all 6 of them) make a great addition to series 2.  There are two variations of this figure showing up on the net. The one released in Japan includes the instruments shown above, while the version released in Hong Kong comes with a different set of instruments. Both are showing up in equal numbers.

Tusken Raider


As a young lad, one of the scariest parts of A New Hope is when Luke is attacked by the Sandpeople in the Jundland Wastes. As such, I have always had a creepy fascination with the Tuskens and I think this figure does them a great justice. Great detailing and a nice Gaffi Stick, the representation is spot on which makes for a nice figure.


My personal favorite of the six Series 2 figures is the Sandtrooper.  The detailing and likeness on this little guy is astounding. I love the painted on weathering effects and sculpting done on the helmet and armor. The backpack is also very nice.The Sandtrooper is armed with a standard issue Imperial Blaster. There is also a variation with this figure, the rarer of the two is the White Shoulder Pauldron variety.  Pictured above is the Orange Should Pauldron version. 

Indiana Jones

The Chase figure of Series 2, Han Solo as Indiana Jones.  Packed in 1 out of every 4 sealed cases of 12 which means 1 out of every 12 Han Solo figures is that swashbuckling Archeologist Doctor Jones.  He comes with the idol from the opening scene of Raiders and his whip. Really cool of Medicom to get an oft overlooked franchise into action figure form!  This one is very hot on the secondary market with prices for this figure alone usually exceeding $100!


The packaging is all very similar. The front shows a picture of what figure you will be getting (again, you are not sure what Han Solo, Sandtrooper or Cantina Band Member you will be getting) and the figures come in a case of 12. The packout is:

4x Sandtrooper
3x Han Solo
2x Cantina Band Member
1x Obi-Wan Kenobi
1x Greedo
1x Tusken Raider

Chase Ratios are as follows (figures are packed randomly into sealed boxes)

1:12 Han Solo Figures are Indiana Jones
1:4 Sandtrooper Figures are the White Pauldron version

The back of the box shows the figure again with Greedo's famous line "Chespo kutata kreestan krenko, nykoska!"


I purchased my set off of eBay for around $12 per figure shipped. Prices seem to have risen slightly since then but eBay again remains a great option. There are some Japanese Kubrick Stores that sell these on-line as well. JediDefender sponsor Brian's Toys also sells a set of 6 for $100 shipped, as well as individual pieces.


You can also swing on into our forums where the Kubrick Discussion has been hot and heavy for some time:


Stay tuned to JediDefender for all news concerning Star Wars Kubricks, especially when Series 3 is unveiled in the near future!

Scott Pearson

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