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Japanese Star Wars Kubricks:
Series 1 - Bounty Hunters

By Scott Pearson

He's No Good To Me Dead

Completing the Kubrick Early Bird Set is 6 of the most notorious characters in the Star Wars saga, the Empire Strikes Back Bounty Hunters: Dengar, IG-88, Boba Fett, Bossk, 4-LOM and Zuckuss! The detail on these little 2" figures is amazing and are every bit as detailed as their 3 3/4" counterparts. These are Officially Licensed LFL figures made by Medicom and only available at retail in Japan.  Read on for more on the greatest thing to come out of Japan since Godzilla!


First up is the bandaged one, Dengar.  He comes with a long rifle and depicts the ROTJ backpackless version rather than the ESB version. (which is the same as the 3 3/4" Figure) Very nice detailing on the armor and the bandage is removable.


Coming in at the tallest of the 6 Bounty Hunters, IG-88 stands a little
above the rest of his counterparts. The android is equipped with his long rifle and Imperial Style blaster. A nicely sculpted bandolier and his trademark pointy head complete the tall skinny droid.

Boba Fett

Boba is the cream of the new Kubrick Crop. He comes with his trademarkrifle and a cute little blaster. Also included is a removable rocket and working jets on the backpack. His helmet is also removable. This is the chase figure of the group as well. There are three known Boba variations. The most common and the one I received is the Empire decoed version. The second is a ROTJ colored version with brown colored gauntlets and a red belt. And third and most rare is a Prototype colored version with green and yellow gauntlets. The trick is that each figure comes in hidden foil pouches and boxes so you do not know what figure you will be getting when you buy a Boba Fett box.


Bossk is another great little figure and comes with his stylized
rifle. He can't really hold his rifle so I slung it over his shoulder.  The head on Bossk is very cool and well done. His arms and
his toes are both custom builds and so are both removable. He matches up well with the movie version!


Probably my favorite of the 6 Hunters is the very well done 4-LOM.  His coloring and paint details are superb! Take a look at the nice
detailing around his eyes and great rust paint application on his
chest.  He comes packed with a long rifle which is identical to rifles
that come with Dengar and IG-88.


Rounding out the sextet is the Gand Zuckuss. The neat feature on
Zuckuss is the addition of a cloth outer cloak. This is probably my
least favorite of the set since I don't think the cloth works well and
looks sort of out of place with the rest of the figures.  His cool
little rifle though is a nice addition and his head sculpt is great.


The packaging is all very similar. The front shows a picture of what
figure you will be getting (again, you are not sure what Boba Fett you will be getting) and the figures come in a case of 12. The packout is

4x Boba Fett
3x IG-88
2x Bossk
1x Dengar
1x Zuckuss
1x 4-LOM

The back of the box shows the figure again with Boba's famous
line "He's no good to me dead".


I purchased my set off of eBay for around $12 per figure shipped.
Prices seem to have risen slightly since then but eBay remains a great option. There are some Japanese Kubrick Stores that sell these on-line.  JediDefender sponsor Brian's Toys also sells a set of 6 for $100 shipped as well as individual pieces.


No word on what lies next in the world of Kubrick Figures.  A Darth
Vader would be really nice to complete the Bounty Hunter scene.  This line may have just started getting off the ground with the Early Bird and Bounty Hunter sets. Stay tuned to JediDefender for all news concerning Star Wars Kubricks!

Scott Pearson

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