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Abbreviations Used:

4# = 4 digit # stamped behind figure on the card
5# = 5 digit # stamped behind figure on the card (mainly on Freeze Frames)
a decimal point followed by 2 numbers = serial # at bottom center of card back
bio = the area on the card back that has a photo and description of the
Col. = Collection
CT = Commtech card from POTF2
CW = Clone Wars line, continuation of the Saga line
FB = Flashback card from POTF2
FC = Fan's Choice poll winner
FF = Freeze Frame card from POTF2
fs = foot stamp located on figure foot bottom
GC = Green card from POTF2
gcc = gold chest circle
gfm = gold face mask
holo = Holofoil Sticker
Holo = Holographic
hfp = hooked firing pin
no holo = photo/without Holofoil Sticker
lpr = limited production run
ls/lt = long saber/long tray
MMC = Millennium Minted Coin card from POTF2
MotDS = Masters of the Dark Side 2-pack from POTJ
nb = new bubble
nph = new peg hook
nw = no warning
ob = old bubble, regular releases
OC = orange card from POTF2 line oph = old peg hook
OTC = Original Trilogy Collection line
pe = production error
POTF2 = Power of the Force 2 line
POTJ = Power of the Jedi line
pw = printed warning
ROTS = Revenge of the Sith line
scc = silver chest circle
SDCC = San Diego Comic Con
sfm = silver face mask
sfp = straight firing pin
ss/lt(tt) = short saber/long tray(transition tray)
ss/st = short saber/short tray
SWFC = Star Wars Fan Club
ws = warning sticker

The JediDefender.com checklists are in copyrighted format. These checklists are not to be used for any other reason than personal collecting reference.

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