Star Wars (A New Hope)
1977 - 1979

A. Mail Away Offers:
Mail-Away offers always arrived in a plain white mailer box. The contents were always packaged in sealed, clear plastic Kenner bags.

Early Bird Mail-In Offer
- offered in late 1977
- sent out to redeemers in early 1978

Early Bird Certificate Package - 1977
- box w/certificate to redeem the Early Bird Mail-In Package.

Early Bird Mail-In Offer - 1978
___ w/Chewbacca (green bowcaster), Luke Skywalker , R2-D2 & Princess Leia Organa figures in individually sealed, clear, plastic bags. Also includes: plastic foot pegs in clear, sealed bag and a certificate to redeem an exclusive, cardboard stage (w/peg holes) and backdrop. All the bags are packed in a white, plastic tray and all contents are packed in a plain white mailer box. 

B. Basic Figures:

___ Ben(Obi-Wan) Kenobi
___ Boba Fett
___ C-3P0 (See-Threepio)
___ Chewbacca
___ Darth Vader
___ Death Squad Commander (changed to Star Destroyer Commander on later cards)
___ Death Star Droid
___ Greedo
___ Hammerhead
___ Han Solo
___ Jawa
___ Luke Skywalker
___ Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
___ Power Droid
___ Princess Leia Organa
___ R2-D2
___ R5-D4
___ Sand People (changed to Tusken Raider on ROTJ card)
___ Snaggletooth
___ Stormtrooper
___ Walrus Man

C. Multi-Packs:

Series 1

___ Android Set - w/C-3PO, Chewbacca & R2-D2
___ Hero Set 1 - Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (white hair), Han Solo (small head) & Princess Leia Organa
___ Villan Set 1 - w/Darth Vader, Death Squad Commander & Stormtrooper

Series 2 - w/Exclusive Star Wars Backdrop

___ Creature Set - w/Greedo, Hammerhead & Walrus Man
___ Droid Set - w/Death Star Droid, Power Droid & R5-D4
___ Hero Set 2 - w/Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (white hair), Han Solo (large head) & Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
___ Villan Set 2 - w/Boba Fett, Sand People (filled cheek tubes) & Snaggletooth

D. Foreign Carded Figures Important to Note:

___ R2-D2 (walking, wind-up) Canadian card

E. Accessories:

___ Action Display Stand
- mail-in redemption from Early Bird Kit or offer on card back (plain white mailing box)
- retail version, printed box Star Wars Action Figure Collector’s Case - vinyl w/printed artwork 

F. Playsets:

___ Cantina Adventure Set - w/Greedo, Hammerhead, Snaggletooth (blue outfit and tall) & Walrus Man (Sears)
___ Creature Cantina Action Playset
___ Death Star Space Station - w/Dionaga Trash Monster
___ Droid Factory
___ Land of the Jawas Action Playset - w/escape pod

G. Vehicles & Beasts:

Original Release - 1978 - 1979

___ Darth Vader TIE Fighter
___ TIE Fighter
___ Imperial Troop Transport
___ Land Speeder
___ Millennium Falcon Spaceship
___ Patrol Dewback
___ X-Wing Fighter

Collector’s Series Vehicles - 1983 Reissue

The Collector’s Series Vehicles were reissues of the original “A New Hope” vehicles. The only difference is they have the “Collector’s Series” text on the box front. The vehicles were made from the ANH vehicle molds and so they are listed in the first line of Star Wars Action Figures and Accessories list.

___ Darth Vader TIE Fighter Vehicle - upper left corner has red starburst with “Collector’s Series” text inside
___ Landspeeder Vehicle - upper left corner has red starburst with “Collector’s Series” text inside
___ Patrol Dewback - upper left corner has red starburst with “Collector’s Series” text inside
___ Radio & Sonic-Controlled Vehicles
___ Jawa Sandcrawler (Radio-Controlled)
___ Land Speeder (Sonic-Controlled) (J C Penney Exclusive)
___ R2-D2 (Radio-Controlled)

G. 12” Figures:

Note: The 12” figures that have the “Empire Strikes Back” logo on them (Boba Fett & IG-88) are listed here because the vintage 12” line was so short lived.

___ Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
___ Boba Fett - 1978
___ Boba Fett (Empire Strikes Back box) - 1979
___ C-3PO (See-Threepio)
___ Chewbacca
___ Darth Vader
___ Han Solo
___ IG-88 (Empire Strikes Back box) - 1979
___ Jawa
___ Luke Skywalker
___ Princess Leia Organa
___ R2-D2
___ Stormtrooper

H. Roleplay:

___ Laser Pistol (Han Solo)
___ Lightsaber
___ Three-Position Laser Rifle

I. Games:

___ Adventures of R2-D2 (Kenner)
___ Destroy Death Star Game (Kenner)
___ Star Wars (Parker Brothers)
___ Star Wars: Escape the Death Star (Kenner)

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