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Mini-Review - 2013 Movie Heroes MTT Droid Fighter

It’s time for another JediDefender mini-review by yours truly. This time, I’ll be looking at the 2013 Movie Heroes MTT Droid Fighter from the new and improved Class I vehicle line.
With the state of the collector line in totally disarray right now (all signs pointing to the cancellation of the Droid Factory line before it even started), let’s turn our attention to something that is actually happening in 2013 - the new Class I sets. The MTT Droid Fighter is one of the four new sets for 2013. The revamped Class I line now rings in with a $19.99 MSRP, but the sets now include a second figure to help offset the cost. Somehow two figures and a mini-rig for $20 seems like a better value than one figure and ship for $18 we got last year.

The sets have only just begun to hit US retail via Toys R Us and their website. I picked my set up this weekend during TRU’s BOGO50% off sale, so that took a bit of the sting out of TRU’s $23.99 price. ($27.99 in some markets - yikes!) If you missed the sale, you may be better off waiting until Target and Walmart get their stock as all signs point to both charging the $19.99 price.

As for the set itself, it’s a fun little mini-rig that was originally designed as part of the MTT, but dropped due to the cost. Part of me thinks it would have been nice if they could have just kept it in there, but then I remember that the MTT was a hard buy already at $130. I’m sure even more people would have balked if it had been $140 to include the mini-fighter.

So, as a separate, complimentary toy, it works. If you’ve got the MTT, you’ve got a fun place to launch and store your MTT Droid Fighter. If you passed on the MTT, you’ve still got a fun little droid fighter. As for the figures? The included Obi-Wan is a repack from last year’s Naboo battle pack. He’s got the standard 5 points of articulation and that's pretty much it. The battle droid is a repaint of the "non-statue" sculpt that came with the MTT. Again, lacking on articulation, but well designed for kids I guess.

Final Grade
I’ll go with a B+. A really solid mini-rig that fits excellently into the MTT play-pattern, but the articulation on the figures is just skimpy enough to leave you wanting more.

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