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Hasbro Fan Media Event Info Round-Up

We thought we'd put together a nice round-up of the goodies that Hasbro revealed during the Toy Fair 2013 Fan Media Event today!
The Black Series - 3.75" Figures
(Approximate retail price: $9.99; Available: Fall 2013)

Hasbro's new collector-focused 3.75" action figure line features a nice and simple (boring?) black cardback and offers quite a few of the previously cancelled Droid Factory figures a place to land.

Wave 1 includes: AotC Anakin, AotC Arena Padme, AotC Clone Sergeant, AotC Clone Pilot, Bespin Dinner Darth Vader (packed with two different right hands), Biker Scout, Yavin Ceremony Luke, and X-Wing Pilot Biggs.

Wave 2 reportedly includes: Mara Jade Skywalker, Stormtrooper, R2-D2, Pablo-Jill, Luminara Unduli, and a 41st Clone Trooper.

There are reportedly 19 figures planned for 2013, so look for details on a five figure Wave 3 at SDCC this summer!

The Black Series - 6" Figures
(Approximate retail price: $19.99; Available: Fall 2013)

Hasbro recruited some help from the gang at Gentle Giant in order to get the sculpts on these just right. The figures will focus on the Star Wars movies and look to deliver iconic characters and moments from the films. In other words, don't hold your breath for EU or CW 6" figures anytime soon.

The first wave will include X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker, an orange-pauldroned Sandtrooper, an R2-D2 packed with a bunch of attachments, and a fantastic looking Darth Maul.

In addition to the basic line of 6" figures, there will also be (just like we hinted) a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Boba Fett with Carbonite Block set. Fett fans fear not - it sounds like Fett will make his way into the basic 6" line at some point with only the block being exclusive to the SDCC set (for the time being).

Saga Legends - Basic Figures
(Approximate retail price: $5.99; Available: Fall 2013)

From Saga Legends to Movie Heroes and back to Saga Legends again. Hasbro's kid-focused line will use the "Grabbing Vader" artwork seen at the UK Toy Fair event. As rumored, the figures will indeed have less articulation but a lower price of $6 each.

The first wave includes: a Shocktrooper, Super Battle Droid, RotS Anakin Skywalker, RotS Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, R4-P17, Yoda, and a basic AotC Clone Trooper.

Saga Legends - Mission Series
(Approximate retail price: $9.99; Available: Fall 2013)

Joining the $6 basic figures will be a line of $10 figure 2-packs dubbed the Mission Series. Again, low articulation, but new sculpts.

The first wave looks like it will include a Vader & Seeker Droid pairing, Jango Fett & Battle Droid, 212th Clone Trooper & Battle Droid, and Anakin Skywalker & 501st Clone Trooper.

Class II Vehicles
(Approximate retail price: $19.99; Available: Spring 2013)

Look for a pair of RotS Jedi Starfighters, one for Anakin and one for Obi-Wan, to join this line with updated packaging featuring the "Grabbing Vader" artwork.

Retailer Exclusives
Hasbro had lots of exclusives to show off, and many feature the popular vintage Kenner packaging style. We've got the following to look forward to in 2013:
- Vintage Box Slave I with Carbonite Block (
- Vintage Box TIE Interceptor (
- Ewok Catapult with two Ewoks (Kmart)
- Imperial Scanning Crewman 2-Pack - finally the long lost variant scanner is released! (Kmart)
- Birth of Darth Vader Battle Pack featuring Vader, Palpatine, Chopper Droid, and Shocktrooper (Target)
- Vintage Box Biggs' X-Wing Starfighter (Toys R Us)
- Vintage Box Republic Gunship with the Ball Turrets and pack-in Yoda and two Clones (Toys R Us)

And the Rest
In addition to the goodies above, Hasbro showed off some more stuff that most collectors can ignore - new Jedi Force multi-packs, a few new 12" figures (the Kenner-style ones), and the 13" Anakin to Vader deluxe figure. Poke around the Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro Image Database and I'm sure the pics will explain all you need to know on those.

And, one final sad note - The Clone Wars animated line appears to be dead. Multiple sources are reporting that nothing new is planned for the animated line, though some characters may make it into the Saga Legends line from time to time. Also, as for the fate of the figures we saw at Celebration VI, no one knows - the Yoda-cardback series may or may not hit the US, depending on who you ask. Hopefuly Hasbro will clear that up for us soon!

** This round-up was made possible thanks to info from forum member P-Siddy and the tweets from the fine folks @GalacticHunter. Thanks again fellas!
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