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Finding a Tuesday Morning Naboo Fighter

Recently reports began circulating that the coveted 2012 Naboo Fighter Class II ship was surfacing at Tuesday Morning stores. Read on for a trick to track it down!

The trick is fairly simple.

Tuesday Morning stores have a nifty method of letting consumers call a number (1-800-901-0881), and track down what items are in stock that they are looking for.

Once you call, a prompt will ask you for the item's SKU from the Tuesday Morning price sticker (Not from the item's manufacturer's barcode!), which is 1310658 for all the Star Wars Class II vehicles shipping currently to Tuesday Morning stores. You're then asked for a zipcode so it can search for "nearby" stores that have that SKU in their inventory as of the last day's closing of that particular store.

Obviously the trick isn't foolproof, as the SKU is universal for all 3 ships in the assortment (Anakin's Fighter and the Green Republic Fighter Tank are also in the case), but it's a starting point for sure, as it helped yours truly luck into one of these incredible ships for only $15!

A big thanks to my buddy Zane for the help! Happy hunting to our readers, and good luck!

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