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Hasbro Comic-Con Q&A

Hasbro was kind enough to squeeze in a brief Q&A with our friend of the site Carlos, who was helping us with some photos and reports from the show. While not many details were revealed, we did get some clarification on issues for collectors. Read on for the details!

    1) Han Solo appears to be getting left behind these days. Are there chances of a new version of the galaxy’s best scoundrel in the 3.75” line?

    The Hasbro Reps were quick to point out that they were looking at the NEW 6" Han Solo right at that moment, and always have love for the rogue. While Han is always a popular character, Hasbro has to look at new ways to bring Han (and other main characters) to life in the line to get them on the pegs

    2) Going to lower articulation on the Legends line has sparked a lot of debate among collectors. Have you considered aiming the collector-line at a lower price point and cutting out some articulation points on some (not all figures) to get costs down?

    Hasbro wants fans to know that lower priced figures does not mean lower quality figures! The company spent a lot of time on sculpts and feel they're still high quality for half the price in the Legends and Mission Series lines. The main goal was "making Star Wars figures collectible again for kids".

    Currently there are no plans to drop prices on TBS/TVC anytime soon to maintain levels they're at.

    3) K-Mart’s exclusives have been great lately. Can we expect more of these 2-packs and “mini-rig” type accessory sets to happen? (“Yes” is the right answer!)

    K-Mart's been fantastic retail partner, and while Hasbro has not had discussions yet on the next series of exclusives, they certainly hope to continue with similar K-Mart exclusives if they can.

    4) The Black Series cards are receiving mixed reviews. Why abandon the popular Vintage, and can we expect them back soon or ever?

    What's happening with vintage,as a line being shelved or "retired", started with a LFL agreement where TVC wouldn't last too long and become "boring" at retail. After 118 figures, Hasbro agreed to start a new collection at LFL's behest.

    TVC subsequently went "into the vault". Though, Vintage could return in the future, but new entertainment will occupy Hasbro's focus for a while, obviously.

    The Vintage Collection won't be back for several years, except for exclusive vehicles and other items (K-Mart sets, etc.) like we're seeing currently.

    5) Endor gets a lot of love for the Empire and Ewoks of late! Can the Rebels expect some updated main characters and troopers from the Forest Moon soon? (This question seemed to be confusing in the interview.)

    Hasbro has produced a number of Rebel Figures in the last several years, and so the focus is not there. Liked the idea of different Commando variations though, and took note of it (No mention on Endor Han, Leia, Luke, etc., which were intended as part of the "Rebels" in the question.)

    6) Realistic Clone Wars figures were just getting a start, and circumstances stalled things somewhat. Are realistic Clone Wars figures going to expand as the line continues, and would a future hypothetical cartoon-based line be done animated or realistic style?

    Realistic Clone Wars going forward are on Hasbro's radar, as the main characters from the series have proven to be a popular part of the overall lore, and at retail. Hasbro is continuing look to add them to the Black Series, but only main characters. Minor characters aren't likely.

    It is too early to reveal or talk about whether the new animated series will be realistic or animated style. It'll be a discussion as the series comes closer to reality.

    7) Have you considered doing a cardboard style Death Star Playset, as a sort of update to the original Vintage Paliatoy one?

    No plans for any playsets in the "Vintage Line", only vehicles. Not ruling out anything, but don't want to offer a lot of hope. No plans for a cardboard style Vintage Death Star.

We'd like to thank Hunter PR and Hasbro first, for taking their time during the show to give a personal Q&A with our site and others. That's always appreciated!

We'd also like to express our thanks to Carlos for taking his personal time during the convention to handle the Q&A for us on fairly short notice. Thank you!

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