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Trumped. Punk'd. Annihilated. Violated?

All words that Toys R Us would use to say how the feel about being upstaged in the toy department. TRU's new rival? The big retail bulls eye, Target, Target Greatland, and one of God's greatest creations, Super Target.

The story is all too familiar. Ya walk into your local Toys Were Us and you see the same damn Saga Senator Palpatine, Jango Pilot, and Unleashed Dooku's sitting there, collecting dust. Of course, Digimon, although no longer on the AIR seems to be moving product a lot faster than last years Star Wars stock.

Then, I have one of my single most greatest toy/retail experiences ever at my SuperTarget this afternoon.

I swing by the newly reorganized Clearance aisle to see a few Action Fleet Dooku Solar Sailors for $4.99 (1/4 what TWU charges) as well as a few Deluxe packs, same price. Nice!

After curiously pushing my *not rusted, not old school Toys R Us* cart up about 8 aisles, it jumps out at me.

NEW Toy Story figures, NEW Cat In the Hat figures, NEW Muppets figures, NEW WWE figures, NEW LOTR:ROTK figures, NEW McFarlane Sportspicks figures, NEW Simpsons and Simpsons 2 Packs. That's just one aisle!

So, I step over one aisle to what used to be the Star Wars aisle. BOO YA! NEW Clone Wars Trade Federation Tank and Jedi Starfighter, a few new Saga figures, NEW TMNT, NEW He Man figures, NEW Gundam figures, NEW Marvel Legends, NEW Batman figures, NEW Batman/Superman line.

So, here's my question. With Target literally beating Toys R Us at their own game, does this mean certain death for the one time Donald Trump of the toy industry?

Select Toys R Us' nationwide are converting to what are known
as "Geoffrey" stores. Complete with ball pits, death mazes, and crap like that. Basically, it will be like a McDonalds fun place, and Mickey D's would STILL have more toys than TRU anyway.

Wal Mart, while being too focused on being a mediocre "discount" retail store, seems to pride themselves on Customer Service, which apparently doesn't include STOCKING MERCHANDISE. Wally World is the place if you're looking for hard to find DUST and the Wal Mart exclusive STICKY
FLOOR! The clear floor Wal Mart toy section is a variant, so good hunting.

It seems as if Toys R Us has become less and less collector friendly, with their death bins, lack of merchandise, empty pegs, and high school work force who apparently have better things to do than help their store make money by stocking.

So, is Target the new Toys R Us?

Someone better add giraffes to the endangered species list....

Until next week...

Cory Hyman
Reporter and Column Editor

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