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Hold onto your cloaks! This ones a doozy!

This weeks focus is "the Scalper".

Gotta play Devil's Advocate for a bit here. Lately, a gaggle of
collecting brethren have resorted to chalking up their recent retail shortcomings to Scalperious Toyamous, aka "the portly chap with the holey shirt, plaid shorts, tube socks, worn out Converse All Star's, and Dale Earnhardt cap holding in his greasy locks". Ya know, scalpers?

In case you're not "down", scalping in *our* hobby is where someone, namely basement dwelling manchild(ren), purchase(s) an item, namely a rare one, at regular retail price. Then, putting good ol' supply and demand into action, said person jacks up the price in hopes of making a big profit.

Now that you're familiar with the arch enemy of our trade, here's the other one. "The Phantom Scalper". Nope, he's no super hero, he's the guy that you should probably be blaming for coming up empty at TRU. He in fact, is one of your own.

For way too long have we been blaming scalpers for this and that.  Perhaps you got 1 upped by a fellow collector? It's possible! Not everyone that collects toys belongs to one of the many SW collectible websites.

What I am trying to say here is think and relax! Take into
consideration that you aren't the only collector in your city or town. Remember, retail stores are in a slump when it comes to receiving new product. To most retail stores that don't base their sales on toys, toys such as Star Wars are "seasonal", meaning they are important when the movie is in the theatres and major shopping holidays.

Not that I condone scalping, it's just really bothersome to hear that everyone thinks that "scalpers got this" and "scalpers got there before I did so..". It's annoying, and gives sensible, professional collectors a bad name.

People that blame scalpers for their "non-scores" also like to blame that mysterious guy with the violent finger spasms that goes around bending cards on their figures on purpose. Come on! I worked at TRU for a span of 2 years overnight. We got ALOT of merch that way. Why? Because the school age kids they pay to pack the trucks at the D.C. don't give a Fett about you and your collecting habits. They load the truck, and if it fits, they have filled their obligation.

Lets be a little more sensible when it comes to speaking in public in regards to coming up with a goose egg on toy runs. It's not always scalpers, it's not always card benders. Try calling the stores ahead of time for what you're looking for. Pre-order and purchase things online. Ask a buddy to keep their eyes peeled for new stuff? That way, you'll get what you need, and not have the cloud of scalper saturated doubt when it comes to finding things.

On top of todays stocking practices, dreading going on runs to support your hobby would suggest that maybe it's time to "get out the game".

Until next time..

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