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Welcome to Jango's Jargon, Volume 5! Hope everyone had a non dismembering 4th! This week, I am going to preach on the evils of temptation and the Silver Boba Fett.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, fellas. However, only one word comes to mind. PLENTY. As in, there will be PLENTY of the Silver coated buckethead to go around!

There are certain places that would make you believe they are $120.00 rare (in C-9 condition of course, and $105.00 in C-8). I am urging everyone who is reading this column to resist the urge, and throw the scalper tool of "supply and demand" right out of the window!

Guesstimates have been flying left and right on the availability of the Silver Fett. Approx. 8,000 of these have been allotted for the Mexican Star Wars Convention alone. I'm not too clear on the numbers for Origins, Wizard World, or the other cons on Hasbro's tour.

Want even better news? These guys are going to be available through the Fan Club in August for $10!

It seems that this day and age, patience seems to run very thin, thanks to poor shipping practices and restocking droughts in retail. It's a scalpers playground. Impatient collectors with money to burn.

Fight the urge is the message I am trying to convey this week, when it comes to this figure! You've seen the picture, you've heard the numbers, and now realize that it just isn't worth satisfying a scalper and paying $50!

Todays marketing of Star Wars toys already has you ordering online from stores with competitive prices, right? So, why not apply the same patience and tactics when it comes to figures like this? The Toy Fair Vader. $300 on eBay after the 2002 NY Toy Fair, right? Fan Club gets them for how much? $15? Patience pays off.

I'm only trying to be the voice of reason. If you feel like you won't be seeing the Silver Fett by any other means than eBay then go ahead. Pay $50 for it. Don't say I didn't tell ya so when we're all holding ours, along with that $40 in cash, though.

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