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They say that artists best work is produced under the influence so to speak. And well, I too, am under the influence.. so to speak.

The influence of boredom in collecting. In the words of the immortal B.B. King, the thrill is gone.

Gone are the days of going on runs to TRU and surrounding stores, and actually finding SOMETHING fun. Gone are the days of scoring figures with SOLID, uncrushed bubbles. GONE are the days when collecting was more of a hobby and less of a chore.

If it weren't for Unleashed and Jango Fett, my collecting days would be over. Those two collecting outlets are my saving grace.

The prospect of buying 3 3/4 has just been ruined by repacks, flopping between overproduction then under-distribution, and stores virtually eliminating Star Wars from their shelves.

I'm fed up, and hopefully some will relate to what I have to say.

Hasbro focuses on humdrum characters from AOTC, keeps the O.T. "stars" in heavy rotation with needless reissues and resculpts, all while ignoring key players and interesting characters from all 5 movies.

How many people asked for a wedding Padme with broccoli stalk, which is supposed to be flowers.

How many people thought that it would be a good idea to reissue the EP. 1 Yoda, but pass it off as an AOTC Yoda? The differences are so glaring, I am literally blinded. Not to mention offended.

Best of all, how many people find it funny that most of the "new" Clone Wars toys are mostly recycled from the past few lines? Case in point, a TAN "Episode 1.. er.. we mean.. Clone Wars" AAT that will go great with those RED Battle Droids!

Hasbro is the Cher of action figure backing cards. 4 card changes within 2 years time. Always "reinventing" themselves, aren't they! Reissuing a obsolete, POTF 2 era Princess Leia on a 2003 Saga card. Why? Packaging a fireball up, then down. Again?

Hasbro's attempt at keeping THIS collector in particular interested and amused have failed miserably.

The Unleashed line is some of Hasbro's finest work, in which I hope never ceases and will live a long production run, given the interest is there.

As far as the 3 3/4 goes, I've just lost the passion. Repacks, poor quality in paint and sculpt, poor distribution.

Hasbro. The only toy company in the world whos entire figure assortment are all chase figures.

Til my next gripe!

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