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Today, we mourn the passing of the Star Wars Action Fleet line. AF, we hardly knew ye.

It seems as if Star Wars Action Fleet toys have officially been given the boot. When everyone else is crazy for bite sized, super deformed, mini figures, AF is seemingly MIA from most collectors wants lists.

The Vintage micro collection was at one time just as popular as the action figures themselves! Galoob expanded their "Micro Machines" franchise into Star Wars, producing vehicles, jointed mini figures, and even transforming play sets! Heads, lightsaber, vehicles, and the like.

Fast forward to the year 2003. Is what's old, new again? You'd want to believe so. But after shabby sales, even poorer distribution, Action Fleet is ghost. Swayze. Audi 5. See ya!

The most recent attempt at micro sized Star Wars collectibles seemed to be gone before we knew it. Mini sets from the original trilogy failed to sell, and were quickly bound to TRU death bins and clearance end caps at Target.

Fortunately, a few waves of Action Fleet vehicles made it to retail. However, while I was at Target this afternoon, all their Action Fleet were marked down to $8.00 or less! These are the same ones that were sitting there back in March or so.

What could have saved the Action Fleet line for now? One word. Figures! All of Galoob's Micro Machine Star Wars toys had figures! What's the point in having detailed hatches and hinged cockpits if you don't have anything to put in them!

Another overlooked selling point would have been better detail over all. The AF Republic Gunship was POORLY designed. Gun pods, paint, etc. It paled in comparison to it's 3 3/4 scale version which was almost equally as movie IN-accurate.

Many a fan were looking forward to the next wave of Action Fleet vehicles, including Zam Wesell's speeder, a Mon Calamari cruise ship, and others. Plans for more Action Fleet have been put on hold, and these MAY see a release in the middle of 2005, while the Episode 3 hype machine gers up, HOPING that the last wave of AF toys will cling to it's coattails and see a renewed interest.

Until then, alls you micro fans can do is sit and wait. If you feel
strongly about Action Fleet, show your support in 2005! That is unless, you lose interest again between now and the oh.. lets say.. 700+ days between it's re-launch!

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