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Japanese Star Wars Kubricks:
Series 6 - Battle at the Death Star!

by Jeff Smentek


Medicom, a Japanese toy company, has produced some of the coolest Star Wars products to hit the collecting market in some time. Kubrick figures are small-scaled block figures that are bigger than LEGO figures, but smaller than the normal 3.75" Hasbro figures. These have been increasing in popularity since JediDefender first reported about them early in 2003.

The Series 6 regular figures include a TIE Fighter Pilot. Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), Death Star Trooper, RA-7, R4-M9, and Rebel Trooper. The Series 6 chase figures are Wedge Antilles, Grand Moff Tarkin, and General Veers (Imperial Officer). Series 6 was released in July 2006, and the following is a look at each respective piece included therein.

The Figures

TIE Fighter Pilot

Series 5 offered up many Kubrick fans “most wanted” good guys (Jedi Luke and Yoda to name a few), but Series 6 is an even split between good and evil. First up, we’ve got the TIE Fighter Pilot. Imperial Army builders are always a welcome addition, no matter which line you’re talking about. The detail on the helmet and chest-box is amazing and with a bit of work, a removable helmet TIE Pilot is an easy custom.

Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)

The second figure in Series 6 is the latest version of everyone’s favorite farm-boy - Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot). X-Wing Luke is a great choice, especially since the pilot body can be re-used for other Rebel Pilots (more on that later). X-Wing Luke comes with both his lightsaber hilt and a blaster pistol.

Death Star Trooper

Next up, another Imperial army builder figure - the Death Star Trooper. I really love the way they captured the helmet and headgear on this one. It’s always amazing to me the amount of detail that Medicom can pack into these little 2” figures! Too bad we don’t have a nice Death Star Playset to show off all our figures (hint, hint Medicom! )

Rebel Trooper

What’s the perfect complement to the bucket-head Death Star Trooper? How about a bucket-head Rebel Trooper! The details on this guy’s helmet really put the Hasbro version to shame. Time to add a Yavin 4 Ceremony Princess Leia figure to the wish list.


Next up is another Kubrick figure inspired by the vintage Kenner line, RA-7 (aka Death Star Droid). For some reason, Hasbro still hasn’t given us the shiny silver version of the Death Star Droid we all know and love, but Medicom comes through right off the bat (no goofy black or gold version here).


The last of the basic figures in Series 6 is a new astromech sculpt - R4-M9. Everyone loves the astromechs and this little guy sure won’t disappoint. The paint aps and decoration on this one are remarkable. Medicom always comes through with a great looking finished product.

Wedge Antilles

Our first chase figure from Series 6 is the one of the true heroes of the Rebellion - Wedge Antilles. Wedge was there for the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hoth, and the Battle at Endor, and now he’s finally realized in Kubrick form. While Wedge shares the same body with Luke, he’s got a new head and helmet. Wedge can be found randomly packed inside the Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) box.

Grand Moff Tarkin

The second chase figure from Series 6 is none other than the main Imperial villain from the original Death Star - Grand Moff Tarkin. The guy who got to boss around Darth Vader and even blew up a whole planet joins the Kubrick ranks. Despite the cost associated with the rare chases, Tarkin is a must-have for many Kubrick fans. Tarkin can be found randomly packed inside the TIE Fighter Pilot box.

General Veers (Imperial Officer)

Our final chase figure from Series 6 is the Imperial Officer. The general consensus is that this Imperial Officer is none other than General Veers - the rank badge and colors match, so it sounds good to us. Set him up with Tarkin on the Death Star or pair him up with a couple of AT-AT Drivers from Series 3 and you’re all set for that AT-AT diorama. General Veers can be found randomly packed inside the Death Star Trooper box.

Case Ratios

Each Series 6 Master Case is composed of 4 boxes of 12 figures (48 figures total per Master Case). Here's a recap of the pack ratios in each box of 12:

4x TIE Fighter Pilot
3x Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
2x Death Star Trooper
1x Rebel Trooper
1x RA-7
1x R4-M9

Each Series 6 Master Case contained 2x Wedge Antilles and either 1x Grand Moff Tarkin or 1x General Veers (Imperial Officer). Grand Moff Tarkin and General Veers were split evenly across the Master Cases produced (50/50).

The overall ratio of each figure is as follows:
4:12 TIE Fighter Pilot
3:12 Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
2:12 Death Star Trooper
1:12 Rebel Trooper
1:12 RA-7
1:12 R4-M9
2:48 Wedge Antilles
1:96 Grand Moff Tarkin
1:96 General Veers (Imperial Officer)


A full set of 9 seem to be going for between $250 and $300 right now on eBay. Kubrick figures are not cheap by any means, especially if you intend to stay complete with the rarer "chase" and carded figures. To make matters more difficult, they are not available at U.S. retail. Sealed boxes of 12 can be obtained at some U.S. e-tail stores, like JediDefender sponsors BigBadToyStore. eBay or the JediDefender trade forums are two other good options for tracking down Kubrick figures. Expect to pay less for regular release figures, up to $30 for Wedge Antilles, and around $75-$125 each for Grand Moff Tarkin and General Veers.

The Future

Star Wars Series 7 is due in the fall of 2006. This Return of the Jedi based series includes 6 basic figures and should have a few chase figures as well. The Series 7 regular figures are Emperor’s Royal Guard, Biker Scout, Boushh, Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard), Gamorrean Guard, and Spirit of Anakin Skywalker. The Series 7 chase figures have yet to be confirmed, but with Medicom anyone from the Original Trilogy is possible!

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