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Japanese Star Wars Kubricks:
Exclusive Kubrick Box Sets

by Scott Pearson and Jeff Smentek   

Speeder Bike Set

Medicomís next Star Wars box set was once again released through their Collectorís Club in the spring of 2004. This set features Endor Luke and Leia and a superbly detailed mini Speeder Bike.

Luke Skywalker:

Big brother (by mere seconds) Luke makes his second appearance in the Kubrick line, this time dressed in his Endor Gear. This includes his helmet and battle poncho. As always, Medicom nails the details and includes his Jedi garb underneath the poncho.

Princess Leia Organa:

The most beautiful General in the galaxy isnít afraid to get right into the action, a spirit that is captured in her Kubrick figure. Like Luke, Leia comes with her battle poncho and helmet. Missing in this set (and from the Kubrick line) is a Biker Scout for Luke and Leia to chase. Hopefully, the Scoutís absence will be short lived.

Speeder Bike:

The speeder bike is something that cannot be fully appreciated through pictures on the internet. It is a truly splendid toy. The controls, weathering, and paint apps are amazingly captured to the smallest detail. Leia and Luke fit on the bike together, allowing you to recreate at least half of the bike chase.


This set features a window box that showcases all three pieces rather well. Keeping with the Vintage nods, the classic black and gold packaging and lettering is well represented.

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