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January 2004

Jedi-Con 2004 Exclusive

The Official Site brings us the details on the latest Exclusive offered at the German Jedi-Con 2004 convention. This is a 2-pack of the Red Clonetrooper and a Super Battle Droid, both re-released from the 2002 Saga line. Figure completists are breathing a sigh of relief while carded completists should start phoning their German buddies!

Friday, January 30, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Red Leader Pics

TRU.com has official color pics of the upcoming exclusive Red-1 X-Wing with Red Leader. The prototype images posted a few weeks ago look to be accurate, which is bad news for fans hoping for a head swapped Gold Leader. Not sure if Red Leader's R5 Unit is included or not at this point. What is pictured appears to be a mock up.

Thursday, January 29, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Silver Clonetrooper at TRU

Hasbro has posted the news many have longed to hear... the Silver Clonetrooper will finally be coming to TRU! Starting April 4, 2004 any purchase over $19.99 at TRU or TRU.com will get you a FREE Silver Clonetrooper!

Thursday, January 29, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Original Trilogy Collection

SirSteve's Guide has some of the biggest news of the year via the UK ToyFair. Hasbro will be launching a new line of figures and vehicles this summer dubbed the Original Trilogy Collection. First up are the Dagobah friends: Luke, Yoda, R2 and Spirit of Obi-Wan. Also in the works are a re-released Millenium Falcon and X-Wing. There was also further confirmation of the Vintage-styled figures.

Thursday, January 29, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Where's Elom???

Currently absent from the Jabba's Palace Wave is the Elom, Tanus Spijek. He is being held back until the Yavin wave according to this Case Assortment thread in our forums. This is most likely due to the fact that J'Quille and Elom share tooling and much like the Dignitaries and Faytonni and Beq, the two won't be shipped at the same time. But look for Mr. Elom next month!

Thursday, January 29, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Out Now... Jabba's Palace Wave And Unleashed

Hitting the pegs at stores near you (except KB) is the Jabba's Palace wave of figures (J'Quille, Holo Luke, Lando and Rappertunie), as well as the next Unleashed Wave (Clonetrooper, Chewbacca and Snowspeeder Luke). As reported earlier, the 2nd Wave of Animated Clone Wars figures are also out now. Be on the lookout for the Hall of Fame wave which should be hitting the pegs within a few days as well. Whew!

Thursday, January 29, 2004 | Scott Pearson

KB Toys To Close Almost 400 Stores

In an effort to overhaul a floundering business, KB Toys announced late yesterday that they will be closing 375 underperforming stores nationwide. They cite a difficult 2003 Holiday season as the main reason for this move. Sadly, this for some people is the only spot they can still get the Star Wars toys they need. Some stores will remain, and hopefully KB can turn things around. For a complete list of store closings, check out KB Toys.

Thursday, January 29, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Ultra Rare Rocket Firing Boba Fett For Sale

One of the greatest sources of Urban Legend in Vintage collecting history is the Rocket Firing Boba Fett. The original Vintage Fett was supposed to have a Rocket Firing backpack and was shown as such on the give away offer on the cardbacks. This never came to fruition for safety reasons, but prototypes of the planned figure do exist. Jordan Hembrough of Hollywoodheroes.com is brokering a sale of said figure on the Rebelscum Forums for $14,000. This is an opportunity that doesn't come along very often, so check it out if you're feeling rich!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Insider 74 Reveals Episode III Clonetrooper!


Insider #74 and The Official Site (SPOILER) reveals the look for the Clonetroopers in Episode III. Also highlighted is the New Jedi Order Novels, Who's Who in Echo Base, the Premier of Unleashed Bossk and the return of the Action Figure Archive (ala the Steve Sansweet book from 1999). Look for this issue to ship the first week of February.

Monday, January 26, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Clone Wars Animated Wave 2 Out Now!

We've had three different sitings by JD SoCal'ers today (including myself) of the second wave of the Clone Wars Animated figures, including Yoda, Dooku, Durge and the Clonetrooper. So keep an eye on your local Target stores and hopefully you'll have some luck as well!

Monday, January 26, 2004 | Matt Colman

Ultra Jabba and Friends - Carded! Unleashed Too!

The first carded shots of the upcoming Ultra Jabba the Hutt and his Court Denizens - B'ommar, Bubo, and Mr. Cabasshite, have finally found their way to eBay. Click on the picture above to take a closer look, or drop a bid on 'em if you dare!

UPDATE: This seller has also added carded shots of the upcoming Unleashed Chewbacca and Clonetrooper, which you can scope out right here.

Sunday, January 25, 2004 | Matt Colman

FFURG's Monthly Casting Calls!

Word in from FFURG is that their February Casting Call will be that of a Coalition Trooper from a fan-made project called "Virtual Sequels" that will "re"create Episodes 7-9. Then for March, the Casting Call will be the Episode 1 Podracers! Though the submission deadline has already passed for this month, you can stop by soon to see January's featured customs of Original Trilogy hero - Luke Skywalker. Read on for more details, and Happy Customizing!

Sunday, January 25, 2004 | Matt Colman

Celebration 3 Confirmed!

Celebration 3 has just been confirmed for Indianapolis, Indiana once again by the official site. This time around, the event will run for four (4) days, April 21 - 24, 2005! Read the full press release here!

Friday, January 23, 2004 | Chris Berry

Bossk Unleashed!

As we first reported last December, the next wave of Unleashed was rumored to be Bossk, Aayla Secura and a Tusken Raider. Well, Hasbro today confirmed the Bossk part of the rumor! He will premiere in Insider #74.

Friday, January 23, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Ultra Ewok With Glider

Hasbro brings us the first official image of the recently leaked prototype of the Ewok and Glider. Hasbro says this is a completely newly sculpted Ewok, and it will be released in the Ultra line this Spring. Thanks to JD member mosnab for the scoop!

Friday, January 23, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Droids Style R2-D2 Kubrick

Medicom today announces a rather rare new Kubrick which will be exclusive to Japan (at a Festival and via a website on 2/22 and 2/23). R2 will be limited to only 2004 pieces! For more information, check out this link or stop by our lively Kubrick discussion in the JD forums.

Friday, January 23, 2004 | Scott Pearson

More Star Wars TV Rumors

Theforce.net has a very interesting rumor concerning Darth Vader and the time between Episodes III and IV. The Small Screen may be in the Sith Lord's future! Click the full story for details!

Thursday, January 22, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Yub Yub!

Our friends over at Galactic Hunter bring us the first images of a possible upcoming Ultra Ewok. There are a bunch of rumors surrounding the Ewoks and the 2004 Line. This may be something entirely new or it may be a modification of the original Ultra Ewok Rumor. We'll keep you posted as this one develops.

Thursday, January 22, 2004 | Scott Pearson

New Darth Vader Tie Fighter Coming Soon?

JD member SilverZed3 alerts us to this interesting page over at Amazon.com, advertising what appears to be a "new" Toys 'R' Us exclusive Darth Vader's Tie Fighter for $30. At this time, we have no idea if it's the real deal or not, but it does seem to jive with the other strongly rumored upcoming OT vehicles that will supposedly coincide with the Original Trilogy's DVD release later this year. Stay tuned to JD for more details as we get them...

Monday, January 19, 2004 | Matt Colman

Jabba's Palace Carded Figures

Super seller mimidog4428 is at it again, this time bringing us the first pictures of the upcoming Jabba's Palace figures in all their carded glory. So take a gander at Skiff Guard Lando, Rappertunie and Holographic Luke, and head on into our forums and tell us what you think of 'em!

Monday, January 19, 2004 | Matt Colman

Master Replicas Anakin Lightsaber

The Official Site has announced that Anakin's lightsaber is on tap next from Master Replicas. Read on for the full scoop from StarWars.com!

Monday, January 19, 2004 | Matt Colman

K & C Collectibles 10-60% Off Sale

K & C Collectibles has reduced the price on Power of the Force, Episode 1, and Power of the Jedi merchandise from 10% to 60% off. This merchandise includes action figures (orange carded, green carded, green hologram, Freeze Frame, 2-packs, 3-packs), 12" figures, deluxe figures, playsets, vehicles, micro machines, vinyl characters, Epic force, trading cards, and much more.

Monday, January 19, 2004 | Chris Berry

Brian's Toys Newsletter #238

Brian's Toys has posted their latest newsletter #238. Included in this newsletter are the Clone Wars 3 3/4" carded ARC Trooper Red Captain ($24.99) and carded 3 3/4" Assajj Ventress animated ($19.99), along with pre-orders on many other Clone Wars items.

Monday, January 19, 2004 | Chris Berry

Action-HQ In 2004!

Action-HQ.com wishes you a Happy 2004! We are Bringing you the best FIRST in the new year with 2004 Figures and Animated Figures Wave 2 & lots more! A full list of items follows, read on!

Monday, January 19, 2004 | Chris Berry

Collector's Gallery Online News Release

Collector's Gallery Online is now taking pre-orders for the Anakin Skywalker collectors edition lightsaber with free shipping. Many other items included are 13 issues of Bantha Tracks, galaxy of fear books, From Concept to Screen Steven Sanweet book, Illustrated Star Wars universe, and the Magic of Myth book. Make sure you visit CGO and check out all of their latest deals!

Monday, January 19, 2004 | Chris Berry

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 10

Today in the final installment of my examination of the Gentle Giant mini busts, we are taking a look at the Biker Scout and Greedo, the next 2 busts to be released, as well as a look at some rumors for the future. Click on through for the full story.

Friday, January 16, 2004 | Dave Castle

New Kotobukiya Images

The Official Site has images and a blurb on the next 13" vinyl Kotobukiya figures to be released, the Sith Lord Darth Maul and the soon to be Sith Lord Padawan Skywalker. Look for these in May 2004 with a selling point of around $100. They will be distributed by Dark Horse Comics.

Friday, January 16, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 9

Today: part 2 of the "Dreaded Exclusives" - Clone Trooper Seargent and Clone Trooper Pilot. Click on through for the rest of the story.

Thursday, January 15, 2004 | Dave Castle

J'Quille Hi-Res

mimidog again has a nice new hi-res shot of the upcoming Jabba's Goon J'Quille. He is part of the Jabba's Palace Wave that will be hitting stores by the end of next month. Stay Tuned for carded images which should be here soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Busted by Gentle GIant: Part 8

In today's look at the Gentle Giant busts, I start with part 1 of the "Dreaded Exclusive" section - Blue Clone Trooper Lieutenant and MBNA Chrome Darth Vader. Click on through for the full story.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004 | Dave Castle

Wizards of the Coast Announces Plans for Star Wars CMG

A spokesperson for Wizards of the Coast recently announced that WotC will release a Star Wars Collectible Miniature Game in August of 2004. The first set will include 60 prepainted miniatures of characters from the Classic Trilogy Films.

The SWCMG will be packaged and sold as both a starter set (SRP $19.99) and booster packs (SRP $9.99). The first set will include common, uncommon, rare, and unique figures. Plans for expansion sets have not been detailed, but will be created to follow the initial set. The debut starter set will include everything needed to play the game and randomly packaged figures.

The format of the game is not known at this moment, but it may not be a 'clickable' CMG like Heroclix. Images have not yet been released from WotC. JediDefender.com will update as soon as more is known and images become available.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004 | Thomas Grey

LEGO Update

First off, reports of the SW LEGO lines death seem to have been greatly exaggerated. The line will continue at least through 2007. This according to FBTB.net the premier SW LEGO site on the net.

Second, at the French Toy Fair Action-Figure.com brings us the first pics of the 2004 Millenium Falcon set. One of the hardest to find sets of the past, it will be rereleased, this time as a Hoth based set complete with an incorrectly colored Han Hoth mini-fig. Good news for Brick fans everywhere!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Silver Clonetrooper and Cantina Sets Wave 2

Two of the most frequently asked questions these days are where are the Cantina Wave 2 sets and where is the Silver Clonetrooper. Since both Wal Mart (on th Cantina Sets) and TRU (on the Clone) seemingly agreed and then pulled out of exclusive agreements, both of these items were made but then stopped early in production. However, enough were produced, that some samples still show up on eBay from time to time.

Currently there is an auction for the Cantina Sets which are typically going for $400+ for the set of 3. And several auctions for the Silver Clone Trooper which are selling for around $30-$40. My guess is that the Cantina Sets will someday see the light of day in some form. The Silver Clone has been released a little more widespread around the world so he might be a tad bit easier to pick up down the road.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004 | Scott Pearson

K*B Toys Files Chapter 11

Folowing the lead of FAO Schwartz, K*B Toys has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, according to a news story on Yahoo Finance. What will this mean for Star Wars collectors?

Wednesday, January 14, 2004 | Dave Castle

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 7

Today in part 7 of my examination of the Gentle Giant mini busts, we are going to look at the last of the Clone Troopers - Clone Trooper Captain - and the first of the Grand Moffs - Grand Moff Tarkin.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004 | Dave Castle

KEBco Toys News

KEBco Toys has added 15 new Saga 2004 figures for Pre-Order. Choose from Lando Skiff Guard, J'Quille, Hologram Luke, Shawda Ubb (Rappertunie), Elom, Dutch Vander - Gold Leader, TIE Fighter Pilot, General Jan Dodonna, Captain Antilles, Ozzel, Dengar, Bossk, Han Solo (AT-ST), General Madine and General Lando.

Pre-Order figures are sold for $6.49 for Club Members and $6.99 for Non-Club Members in 2004. New 2004 Factory Cases will be listed later this week for as low as $61.95 per case. Don't forget to ask about the popular One of Every Figure Club where you can get every figure released shipped right to your doorstep! Head on over and tell them JediDefender sent you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Alamo City Collectors Meeting

The Alamo City Star Wars Collectors will be holding their monthly meeting, for the month of January on Wednesday, January 14 at 6:30 PM at Alien Worlds. The store is located at 3333, Wurzbach Rd. (across from Ingram Park Mall in the same shopping center as the American Craft Mall). ACSWC is a Star Wars collecting club for folks in and around the San Antonio TX area. To learn more about ACSWC please visit their website.

Monday, January 12, 2004 | Chris Berry

Collector's Gallery Online News

Collectors Gallery Online is now taking pre-orders for the Master Replicas Anakin Skywalker Limited Edition Lightsaber with FREE SHIPPING. You can now also pre-order the new Master Replicas mini-lightsabers of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and Luke Skywalker for $34.95 each. Fifty (50) new Star Wars items added to the site as well as Celebration 2 autographs.

Monday, January 12, 2004 | Chris Berry

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 6

In today's segment, we take a look at the first two of the Clone Trooper busts that were released: Clone Trooper and Clone Trooper Commander. Please read on for the full story.

Monday, January 12, 2004 | Dave Castle

Endor Wave!

Hasbro shows off Wave 6 of 2004, the Endor Wave aka the General Wave consisting of General Madine, General Lando and General Han Solo in AT-ST Disguise. They look fantastic!

Monday, January 12, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Star Wars Lego In Trouble

Yahoo had a very interesting article concerning the fate of the Star Wars Lego Line. Having lost big bucks in 2003 and attributing much of that to poor sales in Harry Potter and Star Wars merchandise...it doesn't sound good for Star Wars brick fans.

Monday, January 12, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Hi-Res Unleashed Photos

Seller mimidog4428 has some nice Hi-Res shots of the next Wave of Unleashed up for bid. This wave will consist of a Clone Trooper, Chewbacca and Snowspeeder Luke. Look for a release date of Feb/March 2004!

Monday, January 12, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Hall of Fame and Glasses with Figures Packaged

RoboChris has pictures of the upcoming Target Exclusive Glasses w/ Figures as detailed below in our news. Look for these in a few weeks at Targets everywhere. Also up are the new Hall of Fame figures which are repacked figures from the past brought back for the present.

Sunday, January 11, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 5

Today in part 5 of the Busted by Gentle Giant segment: Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Read on for everything you need to know about these classic characters Busts.

Friday, January 9, 2004 | Dave Castle

Ultra Give Away: Extended

The Ultra Give Away has been extended one more week, you now have until Sunday, January 18th, 2004 to enter. Be sure to read the contest rules before entering. Don't forget to tell your friends!

Friday, January 9, 2004 | Chris Berry

Clone Wars Season 2 Debuts March 26th

According to this article at the New York Post Online edition, Cartoon Network is set to roll out season 2 of the Clone Wars cartoon shorts starting on March 26th. All of the details are ahead, keep reading!

Friday, January 9, 2004 | Dave Castle

Durge Color Variation

The Durge basic Clone Wars action figure has been found with a color variation on it. On the shoulder pads is a single stripe line which has been found in two colors, dark and light grey. It appears that the dark color was the early release and the light color the latter. This variation has also been confirmed by fellow staff member Dale Justus in Canada.

So if you’re a variation collector, start checking your Durge figures and join the discussion in our forum.

Friday, January 9, 2004 | Thomas Grey

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 4

Today in part 4 of my look at the Gentle Giant busts, we examine Yoda and Count Dooku. Read on for the full story.

Thursday, January 8, 2004 | Dave Castle

Target Clearances

Reports are streaming in that the 12" Leia with Speederbike set is being blown out for the low, low price of $12.48. 2003 3-3/4" Figures are also going for $2.38, and look for clearanced vehicles too! Happy Hunting!

Thursday, January 8, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 3

Today in part 3 of my examination of the Gentle Giant Mini Busts, we take a look at the first two bounty hunters released, Zam Wesell and Jango Fett. Please read on for the full story.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 | Dave Castle

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 2

In the second part of my look at the Gentle Giant Mini Busts, I examine the other 2 first releases - Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004 | Dave Castle

DCSWCC January Meeting

The DCSWCC will be holding their monthly meeting Saturday January 10th, 2004 from 1 pm- 5 pm, for more information on the group and the meeting location please check www.dcswcc.com.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004 | Chris Berry

K & C Collectibles: Jedi Warriors & Grand Moff Tarkin

K & C Collectibles has received the following new Star Wars items. Don't miss out on some new Star Wars collectibles for pre-order this month (see list below). New Items: Jedi Warriors - 4 pack, Grand Moff Tarkin Mini Bust. Back In-Stock: Wampa with Hoth Cave, C-3PO with Escape Pod, General Rieekan with Tactical Screen. Clone Trooper (Super Possable), Luke Skywalker (Throne Room Duel), Snowtrooper, Darth Vader (Throne Room Duel). In-Stock 2004 Figures: Hoth Trooper, R-3PO, Luke Skywalker (Hoth) and more! Also preorder Koto Stormtrooper, Code 3 Falcon, X-Wing and lots more now!

Tuesday, January 6, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Raise Your Glass To These Figures

Hasbro has official images of the Target Exclusive Figures and Glasses as detailed below. The title of the article says Wave 1, so perhaps more of these are planned for next year...stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 6, 2004 | Scott Pearson

The Great 2004 Collector Challenge

Many of us have no idea how much we spend each month on toy collecting and so JD.com forum member Morgbug recently created the Great 2004 Collector Challenge. Check out the details in our forums. Basically, guess how much you'll spend in 2004 and then keep track of said spending. There are no prizes, just acclaim from your fellow collectors, friends and family.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Busted by Gentle Giant: Part 1

With all the news about Gentle Giant and their amazing mini bust line, I thought it would be a good idea to examine what they've done so far, and what's coming up. So, if you're new to collecting these busts and want to see what you missed, or are considering collecting them and want to see what you're in for, join me on a 10 part examination of the past, present, and future of Gentle Giant Star Wars Mini Busts. Today in part 1: Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Monday, January 5, 2004 | Dave Castle

Gamecube Rebel Strike $29.99

Best Buy this week has copies of the Gamecube Game Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike on sale for $29.99. If you have not purchased this yet, now would be a great time to do so. This game is exclusive to the Gamecube!

Monday, January 5, 2004 | Scott Pearson

Burger King Style Glasses w/ Figures

Our friends at TheJawa.com bring us the first look at the remaining (Anakin, Luke and Leia) upcoming Target exclusive Figures with Drink Glasses. There will be 5 total glasses:

  • Episode I: Tatooine Darth Maul from the Epi Line
  • Episode II: Anakin Skywalker from the Saga Line
  • Episode IV: Old Obi-Wan From the POTJ Line
  • Episode V: New Snowspeeder Luke Skywalker w/ Removable Helmet
  • Episode VI: Slave Leia from the POTJ Deluxe Line

    Look for these in the Spring of 2004 at Target Stores near you!

    Monday, January 5, 2004 | Scott Pearson

    Gentle Giant Clone Pilot Bust

    Gentle Giant also releases some information and pictures of this years convention exclusive, the Clone Trooper Pilot.

    Sunday, January 4, 2004 | Dave Castle

    Clone Trooper Seargent from Gentle Giant

    Looks like some kind of internet exclusive according to the site, but the details have yet to be released.

    Sunday, January 4, 2004 | Dave Castle

    Collectors Gallery Online News

    Collector's Gallery Online now has the Darth Maul Master Replicas Lightsaber on sale for $299.95, the Darth Maul Signature Lightsaber at $499.95, Darth Vader New Hope Lightsaber without case $189.95, and the Darth Vader New Hope Lightsaber with case $214.95. There is also a great selection of Lord of the Rings Return of the King toys. Thousands of vintage and classic Star Wars toys & figures are in stock, visit Collector's Gallery Online today!

    Saturday, January 3, 2004 | Chris Berry

    Dark Horse Comics for March 2004

    Looks like there are going to be three titles released in March from the Dark Horse Star Wars line - Empire #19, Republic #63, and Star Wars Tales #19. Read on for all the details!

    Saturday, January 3, 2004 | Dave Castle

    New Attakus Statues Revealed


    The Forums for the French Statue maker Attakus have revealed two new statues - Darth Vader and Chewbacca!! Since the entire site is written in French, and I (sadly) don't speak a word of French, that's all the information I can give you at this time. If you can read French and translate any information about release dates and pricing, please forward it to me and I'll post it here!

    Friday, January 2, 2004 | Dave Castle

    Master Replicas Mini Lightsabers

    According to the newest issue of Previews magazine, Master Replicas is going to be offering a set of 1:2 scales mini lightsabers, starting in April.

    Thursday, January 1, 2004 | Dave Castle

    Happy New Year!!

    From all of us at JediDefender.com to all of you out there in Star Wars fandom land, best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!!

    Thursday, January 1, 2004 | Dave Castle

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