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Wal-Mart Cantina Exclusives

Walmart Exclusive: A New Hope Cantina Sets # 1 - 3

The first 3 Walmart Exclusive Cantina Sets were released in the fall of this year. The three sets are as follows: #1 Ponda Baba (w/battle damaged arm), #2 Momaw Nadon & #3 Greedo. Each Set comes with a section of the bar from the Mos Eisley cantina, 3 drinking glasses & a computer generated, cut-out scene piece on the back of the card. Each figure comes packaged the same as an AOTC Deluxe Figure. The front card has an example 
of the full cut-out cantina diorama printed in blue. The figure and accessories included overlap most of this diorama example and all are comfortably set in their own unique bubble slots and then blistered to the card. The title is on a sticker that is applied on the outside of the bubble. 

Ponda Baba, Figure #1 of 3.

The first figure of the series is basically a recycled ‘Power of the Force II’ figure with more paint detail and slight color changes in the clothing. Ponda Baba comes with the cantina bar section with 2 bar stools and 3 drinking vessels. He has the classic black eyes and beard, dark gray skin, white tusks with pinkish highlights, orange jacket (with sleeves that are slightly darker), tan shirt, black belt with silver buckle, medium gray pants and black boots. The figure does not include any weapon accessories. He also comes with the ability to lose his right arm at the middle of the bicep. This is a first for a 3 3/4” Ponda Baba figure. The biographical text summary on the back is kept short and sweet and is written well. Overall detail and presentation receives a ‘B+’.

Ponda’s articulation is standard. The neck, shoulder, hip and knee joints are the movable areas and give the figure a decent range of posing possibilities. The other articulated feature is the removable right arm. It detaches at mid-bicep and gives the figure more authenticity for scene reenactment purposes. I think that with the removable arm feature, Ponda’s articulation grade is in the ‘B+’/ ‘A-’ range.

Ponda is not all that impressive compared to past releases, but he is an essential figure in the Mos Eisley Cantina scene. New sculpts of old figures are always a cool thing, but all we get in the new department is a removable right arm. The thing that makes all these figures unique and highly collectible is the Mos Eisley Cantina bar section. The idea that we will have the ability to reconstruct one of the most well-liked scenes from any Star Wars film is a long awaited dream for most Star Wars fans. 
The total package grade for Pondo is at a ‘B+’. They have improved a little on the POTF2 figure, but not enough to make it a higher quality version of Pondo Baba. This figure has 2 confirmed bubble variants; the inner bubble holding Pondo’s arms curves out at mid-bicep or at mid-forearm. A third bubble variant is rumored to exist, but has not been confirmed at the time this review was written.

Momaw Nadon, Figure # 2 of 3.

The second figure of the series is pretty much a recycled, ‘Power of the Force II’ figure as well. The main differences are that this Momaw does not come with an open vest, the paint detailing is much more realistic and he doesn’t come armed to the teeth. Momaw Nadon also comes with the cantina bar section with 2 bar stools and 3 drinking vessels. He has the 
classic ‘hammerhead’, closed eye slits, brown tunic or vest wrap and his skin is now a light tan color under a blotted application of dark, grayish-brown. This really gives the skin a realistic looking quality and adds a new dimension to the overall detail of the figure. The biographical text is quite informational on a character that had very little film time. It is written well and tells us about Momaw’s background which has only been detailed in various novels and resources outside of ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’.The overall detail and presentation are worthy of a straight up ‘B’ grade.

Momaw’s articulation is also standard and hasn’t been given any new movement possibilities. Movable joints at the base of the neck, shoulders, waist and hip areas give Momaw decent posing possibilities. The articulation is not innovative or different from past Momaw figures, so I grade it as a ‘B’.

Momaw has been a popular character since the first figure of him was released in 1978. He no longer has the blue tunic/vest and the authenticity of the figure compared to the images from the film have greatly improved. Again, due to the recycled nature of the figure sculpt, Momaw Nadon is a basic reissue. Due to his popularity he is a nice figure to include in the series. I give Momaw Nadon a total package grade of a ‘B’. This figure has no known variants or errors at this time.

Greedo, Figure # 3 of 3.

The third figure in the first wave of Mos Eisley Cantina sets is Greedo. Greedo also comes with the cantina bar section with 2 bar stools and 3 drinking vessels. No weapon accessories are included with the set. The figure is a reissue of the ‘Power of the Force II’ COMM-Tech Chip release, with minor differences. His right arm is bent the same as the POTF2 - CTC figure while earlier POTF2 figures had the right arm down at his side. The main differences are the color of his vest and boots are more of an orangish-brown and earlier versions are a yellowish-brown 
color. The other difference is the paint details on the skin. A much darker green is used than in earlier releases for the base flesh color. Highlights of a light green are added to create a much more authentic looking Greedo. 

Greedo has glossy black eyes, a shiny, lime green suit with muted yellow padding going down the outside area of the suit on his arms and legs. His right hand is sculpted so the thumb is fused with the other fingers creating an ‘O’ shape in the center of the closed hand.The  detail is standard, but nicely done. All the head bumps are sculpted as well as the trademark Mohawk, clothing wrinkles and seams. Paint application is applied well and while it’s not as detailed, it is clean an makes a decent statement about the quality. The last detail that may be of interest is the bolt that is in the knee joint. The POTF2: CTC Greedo has a few knee peg color variants; so far, the only color reported is the same yellow as the color of the leg and arm padding. The presentation and detail of this figure are much like the first 2; nice, but not innovative enough to earn above a grade of ‘B’. The biographical text on the back is very detailed and gives us some interesting history highlights and is well written.

Greedo’s articulation is standard and no new movable joints or areas have been added. Movable joints at the neck, shoulders, waist, hips and knees give Greedo decent posing abilities. Because there has been no improvement or addition to the articulation, I give this area a grade of ‘B’.

Greedo is quite possibly the most recognizable cantina alien due to his early release in 1978 and his memorable and key role in the Mos Eisley Cantina scene. He helped establish that Han Solo was a rogue smuggler with a bit of a shady and edgy past. He verbally introduced us to the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, the role of the bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe and that Han Solo was cunning as well as a good shot. Greedo belongs in any cantina set as far as I’m concerned and his presence here is well accepted. As a collectible figure he is vital to complete the 
cantina scene, as a figure in general, he is, well, general. Total 
package grade - ‘B+’. The only known variant or error of Greedo is an error with the title sticker. There have been several reported with a Momaw Nadon title sticker on them. This is also the rarest of the three, with a ratio of about 1 Greedo to every 3 or 4 of the other 2. Greedo is the one to go for first if you have to choose and you are lucky enough to find him among the others.

As far as the total set is concerned, it is a long time coming. Along with the 3-Dimensional cantina bar sections, each figure has a section of the interior of the cantina, behind the bar. This gives all figures the ability to belly up to the bar. The Momaw Nadon background cut-out section has Wuher in it. Beyond that, it is detailed but does not include any other obscure characters lurking in the background smoke.

The Mos Eisley cut-out scene as a whole is pretty impressive and cool. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the entire set as the diorama it is intended to be after the next wave of 3 sets are released. Because these sets are exclusive to Walmart, highly in demand and they are done well enough to satisfy the overall concept, I am giving the first wave of Mos Eisley Cantina sets an ‘A+’. The fans can now put all of their cantina creatures in one place and feel good about it! The cantina aliens are second in popularity only to bounty hunters. I highly recommend acquiring every figure of this set for many reasons. They are exclusive, so if you have the will power to keep them carded, their value is destined to only go up, they are going to look great set up as a diorama and they can interact with cantina figures that go back to the ‘Power of the Force II” release. Good hunting and luck!

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