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Clone Wars Super Articulated Clone Trooper

It was a cold bleak morning in Western Pennsylvania … Snow and slush still covered some of the roadways from the heavy snow over the previous weekend when Jesse went on a hunt… A hunt for a glorious toy that would inspire play, happiness, and set the standard a bit higher for the modern Star Wars line.

It was… The Super Articulated Clone Trooper ! ***Commence Beethoven's ‘Ode to Joy' Now***

I picked this badboy up a while ago at a local Wal-Mart, and while an oldie he's a goodie to review! This is one hell of a fun action figure, for any scale really, and he's simply great on all fronts. This figure has set the bar for articulation in this scale a bit higher than even 21 st Century Toys and BBI's 1:18 scale lines had done, and that's saying a lot considering those figures sport anywhere from 16 to 20 points of articulation each! The new Clone gives the figures of those lines some improvements to look into, and a definite run for their $ overall.

This Clone figure is the definitive standard of what all figures should be in the modern line, that are involved in any kind of “action” sequence in the film. Jedi, main characters like Han or Luke, army builders like Fleet Troopers or Stormtroopers, etc. - these are all figures that should be sporting this level (and style) of articulation.

But, beyond the articulation is a solid sculpt, great paint applications, and just a nice all around toy. This is the hot figure of the year, and the hottest figure of the modern line so far to me. I can't wait to get dozens more of it, beyond this single one that I own so far.

Read on for the glory that is the "SA" (Super Articulated) Clone Wars Clone Trooper review… And drool with anticipation of someday finding more of these figures for you, yourself! That is, assuming Hasbro ever re-releases them again…

(This go-round we start with the “Cons” so we can get any of the minor stuff out of the way for the much deserved praise on this job well done)


No Peg Holes: An odd omission from this figure of something that almost every figure in the modern Star Wars line has had, is the lack of peg holes in the figure's feet. This isn't the only figure to not have peg holes, but it's an odd and unfortunate exclusion in this case because had they been included, one could pose their clone running, or falling back from being shot, or whatnot.

To me, this is a simple enough fix… I can drill these holes with my rotary tool I use for customizing, and it's not a huge deal really, but I can see where others might see this as a flaw, so I'm willing to list this one as a legitimate gripe. Just not a gripe I really care about myself. At this point, I don't think much of anything can ruin my glee. J Tis a good day to be a Star Wars collector, now that Hasbro's put out a figure that really competes with other toy lines in overall quality.

Better Hip Joints: This is a minor thing that a couple of us around various forums have mentioned that could've improved this figure's articulation count even more. Sure, it's great as it is, but is it perfect?

Some people have stated that ball/socket hip joints instead of the standard swiveling joints would've allowed for a much greater range of poseability in the legs. I'm very much inclined to agree with this, and while I don't think it's necessary on this figure, I hope that if they ever do a new Clonetrooper or Biker Scout on speederbike, that those figures receive the ball/socket hip idea. It would allow the figure to open its legs apart to a wider stance for riding bikes, or for an even greater variety of action poses, such as lunging forward and such.

Imagine Jedi with that kind of articulation, and the cool, wild, and funky Jedi fighting poses they could take on with it? Sounds like a good idea to me personally!

Odd Accessory Choice: Not that I'm unhappy to get the blaster carbine that the figure came with, but I find it a slightly odd choice as this smaller gun is barely noticed in the movie (Some don't even know it's in there even), and most clones were seen carrying the larger rifle in the film.

I personally have only a handful of the larger Clone rifles, and will have to figure some way out to get more of them to outfit my (hopefully) large Super Articulated Clone Army someday… Why it's not included and the small one is, is a real mystery though. (Hey, why not give us both?)

No Removable Helmet: Yeah, this one's really pushing it at this point but I was thinking how neat he'd be if he had a removable helmet and a regular Clone noggin' underneath the white dome. Just an extra that I was thinking might've been pretty neat, considering they're all clones and all. Not a big deal though, just a little something I thought might've made it even better for many collectors perhaps.

Now… Onto the good stuff!


Sculpt: This figure sports a VERY crisp and detailed sculpt. If Hasbro has accurately put down any figure into plastic, it's this one. Every curve of the armor, every indented spot or raised surface, right down to the accurate lining of the footpad on his shoes – it's all perfect. I see nothing to complain about with this figure's rather inspired sculpt.

The main criticism I've seen online to the figure is that his legs are sort of stubby/short and thick looking. I would sternly disagree with this though, and feel that they're just right, compared to the animated clones we saw in Episode II. I have a feeling that if we'd seen a thinner sculpt to the legs that people would then be insisting the legs were too skinny and needed to be thicker.

Basically, this figure's in the running for all-time best figure of the modern Star Wars line not just because of the articulation and sheer fun it is to play with, but because it's a solid and accurate sculpt, as well as for other reasons. He's really near perfect.

Paint Application/Decoration: Once again, like the sculpt, the paint application is a really top-notch job. Hasbro took the time to get the 100% accurate details on this clone that it missed on the original Saga Clone Captain, Bonus Pack Clones, and 3-pack Clones. Not a spot was missed.

One noteworthy detail is the nasal piece just below the visor, that's generally just solid black to most people, but in this case is actually separated with small dots of grey, just as it is on the CGI clone helmets. Very, VERY, small detailing there, which wasn't overlooked by Hasbro. This is some really intricate work for a mass-produced toy folks!

Also, the grey markings on the elbow pads, torso/chest, and footpads are nicely placed. This figure may not be colorful, but Hasbro went the extra mile to make sure that what color it should have on it, it got.

The only paint application I noticed being off slightly was one of the grey markings on my figure's chest being slightly askew, but nothing major for such a small detail. I'm quite happy with it, and really the black detailing between armor plating was so clean I had a tough time telling where paint ended and plastic began sometimes. Great job all around here, Hasbro.

Articulation, Articulation, Articulation: And for the grand finale… The pinnacle of what makes this figure the grand piece of plastic it is… The reason Hasbro should be making these things in solid cases for us... The articulation. It's what really sets this figure apart from all others in the modern line.

Now for the details… This clone sports joints at:
-2 ball/socket shoulders
-2 ball/socket elbows
-2 standard wrists
-2 standard hips
-2 ball/socket knees
-2 ball/socket ankles
-1 ball/socket neck
-1 ball/socket waist

Totaling 14 points of articulation, this Star Wars figure is easily the most articulated ever made in the modern line, and I've personally gotten him into over a dozen cool poses without a stand so far. If I were to drill some holes in his feet for a stand, I'm sure I could get a TON more cool poses out of him even (a good idea for you customizers out there maybe).

This is without a doubt just one of the most fun figures to pose and play with that I've had the pleasure to goof around with. I've got a great hope in my collector's heart of hearts that Hasbro will make many more figures in the future in this same style. Contrary to popular belief sometimes, these ball/socket joints can be well hidden even on figures without armor. Bespin Luke and Bespin Capture Han, among others, are proof that the ball/socket joint is a truly great thing in Star Wars collecting, and can really open up the fun in these action figures for adults and kids (What kid DOESN'T want more articulation? To me that was all the fun in G.I. Joes when I was growing up!).

The articulation is truly great on this figure and only ball/socket joints at the hips, as opposed to the standard joints it has, would've improved this figure's ability to pose. To me, I'm quite content with it as is though.


What can I say? This is a figure we should've been seeing shipped by the case to stores, not 3 to a case with Sae-See and Kit packed in equally. My local stores that had gotten this assortment were jam packed with the aforementioned figures, but the Clones were always LONG gone. I would love to have 100 of these, and yes I'm serious. I'd probably buy even more if they were that readily available over time. They're just that grand of a figure to have, I think.

Darn near perfectly scaled, sculpted, painted, articulated, etc… This is simply as close to perfection as we may ever see in a single figure, so it's well worth picking him up if you ever get the chance, and picking up a 2nd , 3rd , or 4th for a nice little squad, even if you're not an army builder by nature.

Sure, he could've come with the larger/common rifle from the films… Sure he should've had foot holes for posing on a stand… Sure he should've maybe had those ball/socket hip/thigh joints, but really, this is still a great piece of work by Hasbro that I can't praise nearly enough.

Thank you Hasbro for such a terrific figure, and please consider re-shipping this in droves so everyone can build huge armies if they want to. And I'd also like to add that I'd love to see many, many more figures like this in your modern line, especially for the army builders and main characters. If every army builder were this way, I'd be going broke sinking $ into this line, I can guarantee it. I can only dream of the sea of Rebel Fleet Troopers sporting this kind of articulation that I would own… Or Stormtroopers, or Scouttroopers, or Snowtroopers, or Hoth Rebels, or any other figure for that matter.

Thanks again Hasbro, and to you the readers out there, do everything you can to get your hands on some SA Clones, and rejoice in having a figure this well made! It's been a long time coming for the line, and it's hopefully the start of many more figures like this to come in the future.


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