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Lushros Dofine

The Coruscant Wave had a lot of new figures in it, and some were hits while others were misses. One figure that falls somewhere in between there is the good Captain of the flagship of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Invisible Hand. The shipís commander of course is Captain Lushros Dofine. The Neimoidian who stayed at his post in the heat of combat and actually had a few lines people can remember from Revenge of the Sith.

So what kind of figure does Lushros Dofine get? Well, he is one of those figures that falls into my category I call ďSenatorsĒ. Not that heís a senator in the film, but heís one of these guys that stands around and doesnít do a whole lot, and heís wearing flowing robes as his outfit so as an action figure heís hard to make fun and still have him look good. Figures like this tend to get flexibility from me then when Iím reviewing them. I canít look at this guy and wish for super articulation on him because his legs couldnít move even if they were poseable.

Where this figure has to excel beyond the norm is in its sculpt, paint aps, and other features that arenít focused on how this one is posed. Did Hasbro make the cut this time? Theyíve got a decent track record with figures like this and even surprised us with a few in the past (Mas Ameda from 2005 is a good example), so read on and find out if Lushros Dofine is fit for duty.


-Sculpt: The first key to a ďSenatorĒ type of figure like Lushros here really becoming something special is that he has to at least look great. Youíre basically shelling out $7 for set-dressing for a diorama. These figureís arenít fun to play with for certain and so they have to be at least nice to look at. Hasbro doesnít disappoint us with Captain Dofine here at all.

The figureís outfit is sculpted with a lot of detail. The long flowing robes make up the bulk of the costume really, and Hasbro sculpts a whole lot of folds in them that run the length of the outfit. The cloth is sculpted to look as though itís extra long too, and is bunching up on the floor somewhat. The result is a substantial bit of extra realism.

The robes also bunch up at the elbow, as the figureís sculpted to have bent elbows for his pose, and the way they bunch up there tight but hang down at the wrists is very nice. There is also a lot of depth to the way the folds are sculpted, so it really looks like it has depth to it, and itís pretty nice looking.

The robes do have some light texturing sculpted into them, though itís hard to see. It gives the impression of a smoother fabric really and maybe something silkier/more expensive perhaps for the Neimoidian Captainís outfit. The detail is nice, if not a tad subtle, and is appreciated.

Besides the main grey inner robe, the figure has an outer robe layer as well. The outer piece isnít really a robe; itís a more like a decorative fabric thing. Itís sculpted with wavy texturing vertically on it, and it looks very nice as well.

The figureís headsculpt is nice, and looks very accurate to the character from the film. Neimoidians seemed to have slight facial differences and Dofine was memorable looking to me, and Hasbro seemed to catch all the details. Dofineís got a molded-on captainís hat as well, and itís a comically huge Pope-ish looking cap. I love how it looks, but it couldíve been a nice extra accessory really.

The sculpt is ultimately not the most complex one Hasbroís ever done in the line but itís also nicely done for what it is. The characterís costume didnít give Hasbro much room to be creative though so itís good for what it is. Hopefully the big H makes up for the characterís duller nature with some of the other aspects of the toy.

-Accessories: One of the areas that Lushros Dofine does take a bit of a lead is in the accessory department. Hasbro got a little creative with the Captain, giving the figure a piece of the Invisible Handís bridge control screens, and also a nice little datapad accessory for Dofine to issue commands on. The pieces are different and colorful. They add something to the figure in the packaging, and if I had a complaint itís that I donít have more of these panels.

The control panel itself does add color to the packaged figure overall as itís silver with a little gold, and the neon green colors of the control display decals. The sculpt of the screens is really nice and thereís a lot of little buttons and controls on it. Itís incredibly strange looking, as they were in the film, and Hasbro seemed to nail all the details. The main display is silver and there are a couple gold highlights on either side.

The real color on the piece comes from bright green stickers on the two screens. Each sticker looks pretty detailed and shows a good bit of detail to it really. Itís a little extra effort and looks good. While not an especially complex accessory itís a nice looking one, and new, so itís great to me.

The datapad that Lushros has is also nice, and seems like a spiffy little bonus really. The item is a tiny little sculpt, but is full of detail. There are lots of buttons and devices sculpted onto it, and two small handle-like items on the sides. Thereís a small screen on it, and for a tiny accessory the datapad actually seems like itís more detailed than the viewscreen accessory.

The paint on the datapad is nice too with a little bronze and greys colors. Its paintjob highlights the little sculpt details in it, and itís this kind of stuff you need to make the figure appealing on the pegs really.

Other pack-ins are then the usual suspects that have come with figures in 2006. There is an embossed stand featuring the film the character appeared in raised on its surface and a silver name of the character painted on the one edge. There is also a randomly packaged holographic miniature figure snuck into the packaging as well. While the stand and miniature are nice, both required molds and effort to be produced and itís my opinion that the money put into these ďgimmickĒ accessory pack-ins would be better put into the figure itself. I prefer quality toys over gimmicks.

-Articulation: Iím giving the articulation column a ďProĒ mark because, honestly, it could be better but Hasbro has really done worse in the past I think too. For it to be better, Hasbro wouldíve had to have ball-jointed the elbows and shoulders really, and while I think thatís possible itís not really a necessity nor does it vastly improve what Hasbro went with like it does on most figures.

Lushros Dofine features articulation at:
- 2 standard shoulder joints
- 2 swivel elbow joints
- 2 standard wrist joints
- 1 ball/socket neck joint

Thatís a whopping total of 7 points of articulation on a figure with a robe that prohibits all articulation below the waist. Thatís not the worst, but itís also not Mas Ameda type articulation there either. Itís acceptable and does let you pose Dofine so heís sort of freaking out and ordering his droids to magnetize or fix something. He also looks good fiddling with the datapad accessory Hasbro included, as both his hands can come across it like heís tapping out an order on it to some part of the ship.

The figureís robes prohibit leg articulation, and while Iím a fan of softgoods/cloth being used on action figures, I know it is costly, and I think it can look overdone at times. Plus a super poseable Lushros Dofine would make even me and my articulation crusader status chuckle a little bit.

For what you get, Lushros Dofine is as good as he needs to be for poseability, more or less. Iím happy with him as he is at this point.

-Packaging: The Saga Collection packaging for each figure is an interesting mix of styles. You can definitely see some elements of the ROTS line mixed with elements of the OTC line, and that makes for a unique package on the shelves. I really enjoy the black cardback with silver lettering, and I hope itís something Hasbro is willing to stick with for a long time to come.

I also highly enjoy the unique backgrounds for each figure. Pulling an element from the OTC line, the new Saga Collection packaging uses a film shot that pertains to each unique character, and really individualizes the figures. This is drool-worthy for the carded collector and it makes even the die-hard openers want a figure here and there to keep carded just because of how special the backgrounds are.

The bubble is a little closer to the ROTS line in its overall size and shape, but should lend itself more to staying mint for the carded guys. Thereís also an insert depicting the specific character and the characterís name, packaged into the bottom of the package just as the Revenge of the Sith figures had. The insert features the bold blocky silver lettering of the Saga, and lets fans know that this is the universal collection of figures encompassing the entire Star Wars universe.

Thereís a lot to like with this packaging so I hope it stays as the standard for a while. I would say that The Saga Collection and Original Trilogy Collection will go down as some of the most liked packaging by collectors for quite some time if Hasbro gives it a while, and this is coming from a guy that rips almost everything off its card at some point or another.


-Paint Aps/Decoration: Figures like Dofine really canít afford to have too many ďConsĒ in their review or theyíll fall from grace. I mean, heís already dull and unposeable - how much more can anyone stand?!?! Well he has a couple little flaws haunting him, but are they the kinds of things that make you turn on this guy? Paint applications may do it.

On Lushros, the figureís paintjob is simple, and I think Hasbro missed a golden opportunity to spice up this otherwise lame plastic lump. The paint on the eyes is ok, as is the green of the head, itís what it should be, however Iím more disappointed with what Hasbro didnít paint up to highlight the work they did on the sculpt. The brown outer robe piece couldíve really used a wash on it to highlight the wavy texturing to the sculpt. For that matter, the inner robes that make up the majority of this figureís looks couldíve also used a slightly darker grey color to highlight all those wrinkles and folds in the robe.

A wash wouldíve really stood to make this figure a bit more colorful and lifelike, but as it stands now itís looking a good bit more toy-ish because Hasbro skimped on the paintjob here. Paintwashes arenít complex, but they can really add to the figureís looks, and thatís all Lushros had going to help him stand out, so thereís definitely disappointment Hasbro dropped the ball there.

-Molded-On Hat: In the modern line, at this point anyway, itís really comical when Hasbro doesnít go to the extra effort of making anyone with a hat have that dome cover be removable. Lushros has such a freaky tall hat though, and it just looks like it should be removable. Seeing as how the folks over in Pawtucket saw to it that past Neimoidians have had removable hats too, itís a little disappointing this figure lacks that feature.

This little detail isnít a deal-breaker for me, just annoying as all get out that this figure falls short of other similarly dull figures. Why arenít hats and helmets always removable? That just doesnít seem like it should be a big deal to me.

-Price Hike: Star Wars figures have taken a jump in price at most all retailers in 2006, and while we paid $5 - $6 for most of our Revenge of the Sith figures throughout most of 2005, figures are up to $7 after tax at most retailers, even the usually stalwart for cheap prices, Wal-Mart. Hopefully Hasbro and Retail will see the light that price increases in this day and age means that people may become more tight with their spending.

I know a price hike will affect my buying habits, and Iíll buy fewer extras of any figure I maybe wanted extras of. Iíll cut back on army building, custom fodder buying, and other areas that I otherwise maybe would have spent more freely. That $1 or $2 starts to add up over 60 or so figures though. With no retailer seemingly wanting to budge on their standard price, things arenít looking good for a decrease anytime soon. So keep your eyes peeled for sales because when they happen Iíve noticed that figures that were sitting suddenly fly off the pegs.

The price hike sucks, and what really is tough to accept is that in 2006 weíve seen many fewer figures with ďgreatĒ articulation like we saw in last yearís line for ROTS. This decrease in overall ďqualityĒ coupled with the price increase just hasnít sat well with me about this yearís line-up. Though those nicely articulated gems like the AT-AT Driver or whatnot do sneak in there.


So thatís Lushros Dofine in a nutshell, and I donít know how happy or sad I am that I bought this figure. The character wasnít one that I was clamoring for after seeing Revenge of the Sith. He is unique, he does have some lines and screentime, but Neimoidians have proven to not be the best sellers too. Lushros is pegwarming here in Pittsburgh right away too so he seems to be no less immune to that curse.

At the same time, Iím usually a fan of the ďSenatorsĒ. I loved Mena Tills and Ask Aak when they came out last year for instance, and really Mena Tills is very similar in physical design/poseability to Lushros, so why do I find that I like the Mena figure so much more than this?

Well, that one had a much MUCH more elaborate paintjob, came with a blaster (Lushros couldíve, why not?), and just seemed like you got more in details on that figure. That said, Lushros comes with the cool screen and datapad, and for what he is, he is very satisfactory for that characterís figure. Itís as good as I feel that I need for it, but at the same time itís a figure Iíd probably pass on if I were not a completist in my collecting habits.

With him being out there in abundance, itís my best suggestion to you to wait and maybe nab this figure on sale if you have the patience. Like some others in 2006, this figure just stings for $7 because you really are not getting a whole lot for the outrageous retail weíre paying for these things these days. Wait if you can, if not, well heís out there en masse for you to pick up so donít worry about missing out.


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