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The Sith

The Evolutions Assortment reviews conclude (at least for now) with a nice array of characters that really all need that super articulated treatment, and Hasbro delivered pretty nicely on these three. Sure, one of them already had a pretty great figure, but Hasbro proves that you can always take it up yet another notch when they decide they want to.

The Evolutions: Sith Lords set really shows no ďprogressionĒ of characters that I can see. Two of the guys were pawns in the story, and one is the supreme evil even beyond our beloved Vader. The set features arguably ďultimateĒ versions of Darth Maul, Count Dooku (Darth Tyrannus), and Darth Sidious. Thatís a pretty nice way to round out ever needing to buy any of these three figures again by packing really nicely done versions of them all in one set. Sure you canít army build it like the Clone set, and some of these characters werenít as in demand as nice ultimate Anakin figures were, but you really canít deny that this turned out to be a great setÖ Maybe the best of the Evolutions Assortment overall actually.

So with that, I take us into the last review for the EvolutionsÖ For now at least. I truly hope Hasbro has heard the very positive opinions around the net on the Evolutions Concept though. Besides the sets being incredibly hard to find for most anyone, the Evolutions Assortment was a major hit in every way. They werenít perfect figures generally, but they were damn close and great for collectors. Iím still hoping this concept is revived at some point with an Imperial Forces set that includes a Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper, and Scout Trooper. How many of those would you buy, honestly? And Iíd run alongside it a Rebel Forces set that includes a Fleet Trooper, Hoth Trooper, and Endor Trooper. Hasbro, you have the army builders by the pair on those, and youíd have figures made that you could re-release down the road on basic cards for on the cheapÖ And thatís not even getting into main character Evolutions sets Iíd love seeing for Luke, Han, Leia, Obi-WanÖ Really this is a great idea, so we as collectors can only hope Hasbro sees the light with these for the future! And with that, on with the show...


-Sculpt: All 3 figures are really nicely done, and theyíre accurate sculpts that stand up with Hasbroís best work. The lines are sharp, all 3 figures feature plenty of detailing like texturing to the fabric of the costumes, lots of wrinkles and folds in the fabric, lots and lots of depth sculpted into the various layers of clothing on each costume. Thereís also fairly liberal use of softgoods/cloth at the skirt pieces and cloaks, so Hasbro was able to hide plenty of ball/socket joints within the sculpts.

First up is everyoneís favorite part of Episode 1, and ironically the guy with the least lines (funny, isnít it?). Darth Maul, known in Sith circles as the "plague of 1999" as well, really is a fantastic sculpt from his head to his toes. The costumeís sculpted to look heavy and baggy on him, and I love the way it hangs over his belt and looks so real like itís made of real ďlayersĒ instead of one solid piece. Thereís a lot of subtle texturing on the pants and tunic making them a lot more realistic to look at than the just smooth sculpts of the past.

Maulís belt, boots, and gloves look great, and have lots of detail for what they are. Maulís boots have buckles on the side that if you blink youíd have missed them. His belt also features a saber clip that has a hole as though for a saber hilt (which unfortunately you donít get). The clipís there though so thatís pretty cool I guess?

Maulís headsculpt is where he shines though to me, but at the same time heís sculpted a little too ďspecificĒ. In that I mean heís got gritting teeth. I prefer a closed-mouth sculpt personally just because Maul probably wasnít grinning and/or growling at everyone all the time, but at the same time, the teeth look really nice and detailed. The sculptís incredibly accurate, and anyone should notice the horns are the best of any Maul figure to-date. They even curve upward like the actual make-up bits did, so thereís a lot of detail to enjoy. Oh, and one last little detail everyone will love is that Hasbro made sure to pay attention to scale accuracy because Maulís noticeably short compared Dooku. Good eye for detail there Hasbro!

Second in line is Count Dooku, another knock-out effort I believe. While the headsculpt may have a little less accuracy than the ROTS basic Dooku figure, Hasbroís efforts are pretty good and heís superior to the AOTC Count Dooku figures. Dookuís sculpted to look fairly thin and gaunt, as well as taller than average. This matches up well to Christopher Leeís build, and Iím a huge fan of accurate scaling of figures within the line so I like that.

Dookuís costume is simplistic overall compared to the other two characters in this set. Thereís subtle texturing throughout it to make the fabric look more realistic, and Dookuís boots and belt have details like sharp lines along the front of the boots, ribbing on the belt, and a saber clip on the side. Not a lot of detail can be made here but what Hasbro did is very accurate and I believe itís better than the basic ROTS figureís sculpt which I liked a lot already.

Dookuís headsculpt and hands are nice. The hands have some ďagingĒ to them in that you can see some veins and things, and not just smooth skin. Dookuís head is arguable as far as it being the best Christopher Lee likeness, but for my money I think itís pretty spot-on. The ROTS basic figure is probably slightly more accurate in capturing Leeís likeness but the Evolutions headsculpt comes very close. The hair has lots of texturing in it, and the expression is one of a concentrating/angry Dooku. The ROTS basic Dookuís face looks more like Dookuís scared face when Anakin was ready to take one more giant leap for Sith Kind. Then again, that figure also featured pop-off forearms, and a head you could remove all for that specific moment, so to me theyíre BOTH worth having on your shelf for certain.

Last in the set is Darth Sidious/Palpatine. Sidious looks really great, but heís the figure that could have really used interchangeable heads. It would have been cool to have a regular Sidious head, then a post-Mace battle head too, but thatís not to knock the headsculpt we got. Sidious also has the most detail to his costume I believe. There are tons of wrinkles and folds sculpted throughout his baggy robes, a small clasp item at his collar, leg and forearm wrappings, and Sidious has a cool sash/knot piece sculpted to hang with his softgoods skirtpiece. Of course, Sidious also has the routine texturing sculpted into his costume as well, but itís tough to see due to the color of the outfit being all black really.

Sidious has a headsculpt that has probably 10 times more ďcharacterĒ and expression sculpted into it than even Darth Maul, so for my money I would have preferred a less visibly ďemotionalĒ face. His gritting teeth are cool for when heís zapping old ShaftÖ err, I mean Mace, out the window of his office though. But for what it is, Palpyís ďbuttĒ head is nice and wrinkly, he has tons of detail, and the gritting teeth do look nice. No chipmunk chompers here.

A couple minor notes too, while Dooku has slight ďageĒ sculpted to his hands, Palpatine has LOTS of age. Definitely some wrinkly digits there and they look great. The left hand in particular is nice. Hasbro also included interchangeable hands, as Sidious comes with a set of hands that have permanent force lightning emitting from the fingertips. They look great with each bolt of lightning coming from each fingertip, but I consider these an accessory so weíll get more into those there. They are nice sculpts though, probably my favorite hands for any of these figures, and yes they DO fit the Count Dooku figure too and I imagine you could get them onto other Star Wars figures if you wanted.

-Paint Aps/Deco: Paint applications on all three figures in the set are fairly simplistic compared to the other Evolutions sets I believe, so thatís good because it makes my job a little easier here in these long boxed set reviews. Thereís not a lot to comment on, but whatís there is worth praise I believe and even small paint aps can be an important pro, and/or con, for any figureís final score with me.

Maulís paint applications are easily the most detailed. Letís face it, anyone with an all-over tattoo like this guy is going to be spending a lot of the paint budget. And Hasbro did a nice job. Theyíve proven they can really step it up with Maul. Now Iím not expert, but the lines on Maulís red/black face decoration look great and sharp to me. Theyíre even on my sample, and I see TONS of little tiny lines all over the place, but all symmetrical and even, so while Iím no Maul expert he looks great to me. The horns also feature a nice dab of paint on each to make them stand out as they should.

Maulís eyes are classic Sith with a white base/eyeball, an orange iris, and a black pupil. The teeth are also nicely painted so they stand out but no bleeding onto the mouth/lips so thatís a good thing. Beyond this, the only paint aps of note are that Maulís costume has some grey kind of wash over it to highlight details and it looks nice to me really. Itís a lot more than just a simple black cast figure. Maulís boots, belt, and gloves are all gloss black as well, standing out nicely against the flat black colors of the costume.

Dookuís paintjob is mostly focused on his head as well, though his boots are a nice gloss black with a brown leather belt. He could have probably used a paint detail on the belt where his saber clip is. It really should be a black color I think but thatís minor. Dookuís head though is nice and detail. The paint on the hair is a white base with a grey wash to give it some variety in its color. Itís even, doesnít bleed onto the skin at all, and it looks great that way. The eyes are very narrow, so the ďlayeredĒ eye paint isnít there but itís also not much of an issue. You see the white clearly and a half-closed eye-lid across the top and a pupil to the eye. Thatís basically it with the Dooku figure, but itís all you should expect with him too, and he looks fine.

Sidious has even less paint applications as far as I can tell. Something about him almost looks like thereís a paintwash on his costume, but if there is I can barely tell, and this just may be my imagination. His hair is much like Dookuís in that itís a white base with a slightly lighter wash of grey in it. Itís basically just whiter hair than Dooku has I guess showing that Sidious/Palpatine is just an older fart than Dooku more or less.

Sidious then has sunk-in eyes which appear to just be black dots. The eyeball is so small that you really couldnít expect Hasbro to do a lot of layers/colors and have you even notice them, and thus thatís not a huge deal. Thereís some skin-coloration around the eyes thatís pinkish and looks kind of cool and highlights the eyes a bit. Palpatineís teeth are also painted nicely and not pure white. Theyíre more a yellow color, just as they should be, and thatís a nice detail on Hasbroís part.

I will say though that the Sidious head is cast in a pink-ish flesh colored plastic and doesnít match up very well to what I recall Palpatine looking like after Mace Windu turned his lightning back on him. He seemed to be more grey-ish to me at that point, and much more like the Emperor Palpatine from ROTJ. So the skin color may be wrong and that could be a pretty big deal. It does seem too natural a color for what I recall, but perfect if this was a pre-attack Palpatine head.

-Articulation: The Sith Lords set is actually the single most articulated set of figures in the Evolutions Assortment, believe it or not. A lot of people were saying that if one of these sets would shelfwarm, it would be this one since its figures that have been done to death or already had quality versions out at retail. I think Hasbroís efforts with quality really made this set desirable though because you get 3 highly poseable figures with only one corner-cut on one figure. So 2 super articulated figures, and 1 figure that is REALLY close, isnít too shabby at all and really does surpass the other Evolutions sets, at least in this category.

Maul is unfortunately the loser in the set, and the first figure weíll touch on. Darth Maul features articulation at:

- 2 ball/socket shoulder joints
- 2 angle-cut elbow joints (which is why Maul loses the Super Articulation label I might add)
- 2 standard wrist joints
- 2 standard hip joints
- 2 ball/socket knee joints
- 2 ball/socket ankle joints
- 1 ball/socket neck joint
- 1 standard waist joint

With 14 points of articulation total, Darth Maul is no slouch on poseability. Unfortunately Hasbro saw fit to omit ball/socket elbows, something that I think I can speak for everyone when I say that they would have been appreciated on this super acrobatic character. Maul had one of the best duels in the saga, so ball/socket elbows not being there are a disappointment. Iíd have even gladly done without the ankle articulation if it meant better elbows, but when you see that the other two figures are on par with VOTC Han Solo, you canít complaint TOO much. You want to maybe, but you canít so there.

Darth Tyarannus/Count Dooku is one poseable freaky old man, and everyone should be happy with that. He does surpass his ROTS basic figure as that Dookuís knee joints are hinged knees with swiveling boot tops instead of a true ball/socket joint. So with that, Count Dooku features articulation at:

- 2 ball/socket shoulder joints
- 2 ball/socket elbow joints
- 2 standard wrist joints
- 2 standard hip joints
- 2 ball/socket knee joints
- 2 ball/socket ankle joints
- 1 ball/socket neck joint
- 1 standard waist joint

Dooku has a total of 14 points of articulation just as Maul does, but letís face it when I say that ball/socket joints are better than angle-cut joints... I donít know too many that would disagree with that. The ball/socket elbows make all the difference, and I think that the ball/socket is also a better hidden point of articulation in the figureís overall looks when displayed as well. At least most of the time. Anyway, thatís one poseable Dooku and the figure you can have kicking Jedi butt for your AOTC scenes while your ROTS Dooku figure is still good for his own subsequent butt kicking at the hands of Anakin.

Darth Sidious is as articulated as Count Dooku, and really itís almost overkill in some peopleís opinion. To me, itís nice and really makes for that perfect figure to re-release in the line. Iíd take him with a new head, like I said, for a ROTJ Emperor Palpatine figure, wouldnít you? Darth Sidious features articulation at:

- 2 ball/socket shoulder joints
- 2 ball/socket elbow joints
- 2 standard wrist joints
- 2 standard hip joints
- 2 ball/socket knee joints
- 2 ball/socket ankle joints
- 1 ball/socket neck joint
- 1 standard waist joint

And with another total of 14 points of articulation, the Sith Lords set does indeed wipe the floor with the other two Evolutions sets. Not too bad for 3 figures people were questioning if they even wanted them or not. Sidious is one poseable old kook though, and he really looks great dueling Yoda. I just wish I had a Senate Pod to put them on, or Palpatineís podium perhaps. I like having him wielding his saber in one hand, and his other hand dishing out some nasty force lightning to his ďlittle green friendĒ. Palpatine is just a fun figure to play with when you open this set. And really all three figures are a blast to pose and mess around withÖ yes, even Maul and his limited elbows.

-Accessories: While Hasbro has some serious room for improvement with all 3 sets as far as their accessories go, I still think they give you a lot of good stuff at a good price. I just think that some things made sense that were omitted in each set, like 2 Clone rifles instead of just one, or only getting one blue blade in the Anakin set instead of two, and no Darth Vader hilt for his belt at allÖ Just weird decisions seemed to be made over there, and the same holds true for the Sith Lords set that Iíll touch on in the Cons portion, as there really isnít a lot to complain about actually.

Darth Maul is the figure who sort of got the shaft on accessories. He has a Sith Probe Droid, his Double Bladed Saber, a sculpted robe, and macro-binoculars. Thatís a lot of gear, but a lot I could have lived without in favor of other gear, so Iím not going to comment much on Maulís stuff till the Conís portion.

Count Dooku comes packiní his traditional curved-hilt lightsaber, and itís never looked so good, featuring a nice bit of black and silver detail in its paintjob. Itíd be cool if the blade came off and you could clip his hilt to his belt, and thatís my only complaint on this accessory. It really is a nice piece for any Sith Lord, and not Dookuís only gear. As mentioned already Dooku came with a cloth cape thatís multiple layers, sewn nicely, and really does look great. Much better than a plastic cape in my opinion as it allows this super articulated figure to pose any which way you want, cape in tow. Itís also nice that the lightning hands can interchange with Dookuís hands seamlessly and they look good. Dooku was a big fan of the lightning so itís cool giving one hand to Dooku and one to Sidious to dish out some of the blue stuff on some weak-minded Jedi.

Darth Sidious one-ups Dooku in gear. For the first time we get Palpatineís unique new Lightsaber as a single accessory and Hasbro sculpted the hilt nicely and also painted it with lots of color. Silver, black, and bronze-gold highlights really make this elegant looking saber stand out. Sidious also has a gnarly black cane that helps him disguise his true powers and abilities as he fakes crippling about, tricking his enemies into believing heís weaker than he truly is. The cane is nice looking and fairly sturdy so the figure doesnít crumple the accessory if heís partly leaning on it Iíve found. See, accessories CAN be rigid instead of rubbery!

And of course Sidious also has his cloth robe Iíve mentioned already, and while itís not Hasbroís best work it is a great piece. And actually a piece I forgot snuck under my review radar here because I actually forgot that Sidious includes a necklace/clasp that holds his robe down around his neck, and itís a key piece to helping you make sure that cloth robe looks pretty good on the figure. So really Sidious is doing pretty good on gear compared to Dooku. And of course, Sidious includes the interchangeable lightning tipped hands that apply more to his character than Dookuís perhaps, but they look great with either figure. There are a lot of pieces to appreciate in this set, no doubt.

-Softgoods Galore: I like that all 3 figures utilize Softgoods/Cloth accessories or features in one way or another. Personally I think the one Clone should have had a cloth Kama/Skirt too, and then all 3 sets wouldíve had cloth but thatís the past at this point. With the Sith Lords set we get cloth on each figure and itís pretty cool. All three of the Sith Lords get the fabric treatment though, and Hasbro was sure to use a nice thin fabric with fine textures so that it does match up well to the sculpted parts of the figures, so thumbs up to this feature!

Of course, all 3 figures have cloth skirt extensions on their costumes, and thatís a plus for poseability. Dooku is probably the figure that didnít need it as much and should have had a plastic skirt, as it doesnít match up with his almost ďuniformĒ looking outfit, but itís still cool and you get the sculpted skirt with the ROTS Dooku and others. So Iím ok with that. Dookuís cape is fantastic though, and has a brown outer layer and a tan inner layer just like in the film. The silver string clasp is also very nice, and looks great. Hasbro designers sewed some ďfoldsĒ in the cape too trying to give it a more realistic hanging look on the figure so thatís a nice A for effort on their part at making even non-softgoods fans happy with the way this figure looks out of the package.

Maul has the least softgoods as, for some odd reason, Hasbro decided he should come with a sculpted cloak like he wore on Tatooine. Maul does have some layers of fabric for his skirt extension though, and a sculpted bit that covers the cloth pieces. I think the whole thing could have been cloth and looked great, but still itís better than an all plastic skirt piece for a character that was so acrobatic and deserves any action pose you want to put him in!

Sidious/Palpatine comes with a full softgoods cloak and a partial softgoods skirt piece as well. The skirt piece is covered/held down by his sculpted sash and the two blend really well together. The skirt covers to Palpyís feet, and is sewn together so it doesnít billow out much and thatís helpful for how it looks ultimately if youíre posing his legs in action poses.

Palpatineís robe is a nice gesture however Hasbro sewed the sleeves a little bit at the elbow so that they wouldnít look too poofy. This is a good idea on one hand, but on the other it sort of shortened the sleeves too much. The robe still looks good and itís nice having a Palpatine we can have chill out on his throne if we wanted him to. Thereís a lot to be said just for that really. The robe is a little tough to deal with just so you can get it to look perfect. With some effort though you can get it done and cloth robes for an Emperor figure are just great. Iíd dig seeing this figure re-released with maybe a new head for a ROTJ Palpatine actually, and maybe a little more work put into the robe perhaps, but this oneís not too bad.

-Price: The sets are nice buys when you break it down. Theyíre in the $20 range, and 3 nicely articulated, nicely sculpted, nicely painted figures with a nice pile of accessories for $20 is a bit of a deal. On top of that the packaging is pretty sweet and worth keeping so you have a pretty nice value there when you break it down since the figures come to about what youíd pay for them if you bought them individually. Itís a minor thing to mention overall but I have to say that I love getting figures in sets like this for this low price. I feel like I really got something substantial for the cost, and that makes me only want to buy more.

Hasbro, are you listening? Perceived value is conducive to spending! At least for me it is.

-Packaging: Iím the last guy to praise a package, and as youíve maybe noticed over the time Iíve been doing reviews here at Jedi Defender, I donít really critique it too much at all. To me, packaging is just a means to an end. Itís a cost necessity to prevent people from stealing stuff in stores, and ultimately Iíd buy a good figure if it was sold in a plastic bag on a chunk of uncolored cardboard. I really donít care what something looks like in a box.

That said though, I have to give a nod to good packaging when I see it, and with the Evolutions Assortment I have seen it. The box is very colorful and clearly features the characters you get inside. The windows on the front show the full figures, and really looks like youíre about to buy something ďspecialĒ compared to the basic figures hanging on the pegs. The little flip-up card covering the accessories features great artwork on the cover and underneath describing the figures youíre going to buy, and itís a nice surprise when you flip it up and see all the ďextrasĒ you get when you buy this $20 set.

The artwork is fantastic, and shows clearly the characters you are getting, and on the back the explanation of how the 3 figures represent an Evolution of one character is quite unique and well done. I could easily see this getting a permanent spot on the shelves of retailers, and a long future for these sets utilizing all the different colors for future collections of figures. Itís a great box/package and worth hanging onto for displaying I believe, much like the VOTC cardbacks/clamshells we got last year.


-Articulation Cuts (Darth Maul): Hasbroís omission of ball socket elbows on Maul sticks out unfortunately when you start posing the figure and really messing around at your desk with it. Ok, fine, when you start ďplayingĒ with the Darth Maul figure... Happy?

The angle-cut elbows just donít cut it, and in the end Hasbro has a point of articulation here so doing ball/socket elbows instead of angle-cuts isnít even an issue of cost really. If it is, itís minimal. The parts needed mold tooling, so the articulation point should have been the most versatile for the figure in question. Ball/socket joints for Maul were a must, and I stress again that Iíd have gladly done away with ankle joints on either Maul, Dooku, or Sidious if it meant Maul got his proper elbow articulation.

Hasbroís weird about where they put articulation and where they donít. About one of the only times I ever saw them being ďstandardĒ was with the Cantina Wave in 2004/05. With the Evolutions sets I noticed Hasbro cut points here and there. Two Clones donít have waist articulation, one Anakinís missing ankle joints, etc., but with Maul it made a bit less sense to me really since he already had the articulation point there, and it hurt this figure ultimately. Still the best Darth Maul on the market though folks, hands down.

-Accessory Issues: As with the other Evolutions sets, Hasbro had some questionable choices in what to include as far as accessories. The lightning hands are great, the cloth bits and pieces rocked, but there are little things that were frustrating NOT to get in the set.

For instance, Darth Maul probably did lose out the most, as his figure didnít get a cloth robe, but rather a weak sculpted robe that doesnít look too good on the figure. Itís sculpted nice, it just looks a little awkward because it forces the arms outstretched. A cloth robe would have been better appreciated I believe, but Iím just taking my Sith Speeder Maulís robe for him I guessÖ problem solved.

At the same time, Maul has a clip hole on his belt for a saber hilt, yet no saber hilt. Why is this? Itís as though Hasbro had planned to include a hilt with the peg to snap it to Maulís belt but someone said to just cut it. This really sucks actually, and I think detracts from the figure. I love sabers that have removable blades, or at least a whole separate hilt with no blades ala Pilot Obi-Wan. Dooku and Sidious both suffer this same fate, and it would have been appreciated had Hasbro either included extra hilts you could clip to the belts, or that the blades popped off and you could clip the main hilt to the belt. Either way these cutbacks are always negative for the set if you ask me.

Another thing that makes you wonder why these were left out is that Darth Maul comes with the robe, a Sith Probe Droid, macro-binoculars, and his saber. Thatís great of course, but at the end of the day thatís all stuff I honestly donít care if I get, and Iíd have rather hand that hilt for his belt than any of the other bits and pieces.

I think a 2nd head for Palpatine, a more neutral one, or one thatís really clearly the ďEmperorĒ looking sculpt, would have been a well received extra. This is a minor gripe for me, but one I still wanted to bring up with the accessories issue.

-Availability: While the VOTC line was a pretty easy to pick up overall if you looked hard enough, the Evolutions assortments have been a little bit of a problem to find out there at retail. Iíve personally only bought one set of Clones off a store shelf, and Iíve yet to see anything other than the Clone sets on the pegs. When you make super figures in great sets like this but donít put them out in great quantities, then you have a problem.

The price makes them pretty good sales/buys so people arenít stopping at just one or two here, and the lack of them on the shelves is nothing short of frustrating, especially to army builders, but also to the one-of-everything crowd as well. Anything Clone should be put out in big numbers though so hopefully these ship a long time to come to fix this wrong.


I actually think that, while I love to army build the Clone set, I think that the Evolutions Assortment: Sith Lords set would have to get my nod as the overall best set of the series. Hasbro knocked one out of the park with this set, and had very few flaws to speak of. Itís also turned out to be, I believe, maybe the hardest set to find out of the 3 (or 4 depending how you look at these) sets that Hasbro produced. The articulation count was the highest, the paint applications were the best (albeit probably the simplest), the accessories were nice, and the sculpts are fantastic.

Itís easy for me to recommend you pick up the Sith Lords set if you havenít already. At the same time, the availability of any Evolutions set is questionable for any area. I know I for one never saw the Sith Lords or Anakin on the shelves, and I didnít see the 2nd Clone set either. I did see the firstÖ once. Thatís not a good track record. Hasbro could repackage these and sell a ton more I think. If you can find a set online through one of our sponsors perhaps, theyíre worth having at least one set of if not even extras.

Hasbroís got a solid idea with the Evolutions Assortment. Itís easily one of their brightest moves, and collectors loved them. They have sold out wherever they are seemingly, and fans are clamoring for more. If Hasbro is reading, they have got to know that more of these sets would be great. As I said at the start of this review, I want an Imperial Trooper and Rebel Trooper setÖ Iím also up for Han, Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, Amidala, and other sets too. Hasbro could sell me figures of this quality, and in this format, any day of the week I believe.

And with this novel written, Iím heading to bed. These were fun figures to talk about though so thanks for reading folks!


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