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Entertainment Earth

Trash Compactor
Sets 1 & 2

By: Thomas Grey

The Trash Compactor Sets were released in late December/early January as a Walmart Exclusive from Hasbro.

The packaging for the Trash Compactor Sets is unique and well 
presented. They both come in a rectangular blue box, with a 
cellophane window in front that extends to the sides and a 
cellophane window on the top of the box. The box front of both has the classic Star Wars type with two hands holding a lightsaber between the words, Star & Wars. At the bottom front, in a gold bordered title bar it will say; ‘A New Hope: Death Star Trash Compactor’ and either, ‘Luke Skywalker & Han Solo: 1 of 2’ or ‘Princess Leia & Chewbacca: 2 of 2’ inside the title bar. On both sides of the box, a photo of the contents (Luke & Han or Leia & Chewbacca) is placed with the Star Wars type, saber logo and title bar. The back of the box is the same on both sets. It provides a nice image of the 2 sets combined to create the entire scene, a brief biography of the trash compactor scene, an image of the dianoga and description of which part of the dianoga comes with which set (back half w/Han & Luke,the front w/Leia & Chewie) & how to connect the sets to create the whole scene.

The inside of the box is filled with a photo from ‘A New Hope’ of the interior of the trash compactor. There is a white dashed line to guide your scissors as to where to cut the scene out to place it behind the scenes when they have been assembled outside of the package. When cut out, they slide nicely in a groove on the base created specifically for the background scene to be placed. The box is a unique design, the presentation of the images and the actual sets themselves is very well done and the information provided is informative, to the point and allows the buyer enough room to let the imagination take over from where the leave off. I give the packaging of the Trash Compactor sets an - A+!

The actual figures and diorama are all new sculpts or recent 
sculpts with new appendages. Both the Luke & Han Stormtrooper disguise figures (no helmets included) are brand new sculpts and extremely detailed, and provide authentic and believable character likeness. The articulation of each is different and specific to the figure. Han has articulation in the neck, shoulders, waist & hips. Luke is articulated in the neck, shoulders, waist, hips and has ball-jointed knees. The dianoga front and back halves are sculpted rubber and have no articulation. Leia has articulation in the neck, shoulders & waist. Chewbacca has articulation in the neck (very limited) and shoulders only. The base is made from a more dense 
rubber (I was surprised it wasn’t plastic) and the detail is nicely 
sculpted and painted.

I am a little disappointed with the new 
rubber base. It seems too flexible and almost like Hasbro took a 
cheaper short cut to make it. I guess this is more personal opinion than anything, but I personally prefer the sturdy, nicely squared and solid plastic of old. It may allow for more possibilities in the amount of detail that can be executed, but it sacrifices the solid, set foundation that has been used in the past. As I look at my , out-of-the-box base, it warps inward a little and picking it up, it feels alien and strange. To actually arrange everything as it was packaged takes some patience too due to the lighter weight of the base.

The sculpts are scene specific and there is not much you can do 
with these figures outside of what they have been created to do: re-create a scene and pose as they appear in a film frame from that scene. So they make great display pieces, but if you are a take them out and play with them type of person, this is not going to be a set you want to buy. The sculpts are very well done as is the paint application, but the limited articulation is a big flaw in what could be 5 great new figures from ‘A New Hope’ to play out the movie with the other flaw that have been released thus far (or even with your old POTF2 stuff).

Hasbro has done these limited articulated figures way too much with the AOTC/Sage releases and it must be a big disappointment to kids and grown-ups alike who are into using them to re-create Star Wars events. For the carded collector, it’s a must have set, for the opener, it’s a set best left for the carded collector unless you want to open it, take it out, set it up and leave it alone. For as collectibles, I give the figures and base of this set (as they remain unopened), an A+! As a set outside of the box and for playing with, I have to honestly give it a C+ and that is being kind.

The Star Wars: A New Hope - Death Star Trash Compactor sets 
retail for $16.98 per set and are exclusively offered and only 
available at Walmart. For what you get and because it is an 
exclusive item, I feel the price is more than fair.

These sets are not exactly easy to find and even when you do, 
finding both sets without dings and box or cellophane damage is 
close to impossible. These items are quite rare and are  great items to have in your collection.

As a whole this is a set most have been awaiting since the first 
trash compactor & Dianoga were released with the Death Star 
Space Station Playset back in the old days. As a collectible, it can’t be beat and it a must have item!!! For the person that opens, all I can do is warn you of the frustration and disappointment that await you. So keep it in the box, or fight the rubber base, uncooperative Dianoga tentacles and odd articulation to get this set to stay as it should when you try and display it.

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