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Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures (Updated 4/2/6)
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:34 PM »
Here is a Keldor Pirate and his pet. The Keldor is a modified and repainted POTJ Plo Koon. His pet is a repainted monster from the Spawn line.

My friend Greymalken at named them for me:

Si'Mor (pirate) and Awdray Tu (pet)

He's a big fan of "The Little Shop Of Horrors" and said that the monster looks like he's saying "Feed me!" :)

I made this figure several years back, shortly after the Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene came out.

I passed on giving him the Liberace-gay silver disco boots of the original and was unable (at the time I made him anyway) to find any reference pics for the belt buckle emblem, so it's not truly a "Vintage Blue Snaggletooth", but I still think he's pretty cool :D

I very rarely, if ever, make customs of characters that have appeared in the films as I have confidence that Hasbro will get around to them eventually, but this figure was an exception as he is predominantly from a "Return Of The Jedi" scene that ended up on the cutting room floor.

I have seen countless cusoms of this character on the net over the years, ALWAYS using a POTF2 AT-ST Driver figure as a base. They always looked off as the AT-ST Driver was such a bulky figure. I decided to use an Ellors Madak body as a base since he's short and thin. I think you'll agree that it looks much better with the slimmer body.

Over the years, everyone keeps saying he's too tall as he's supposed to be an Ugnaught, but the pic I used as a reference (from Red6's old site) showed him being shoulder height (while stooping a bit- Ellorrs stooped/shrugging shoulders fit the bill almost perfectly :) ) to Luke as Luke is entering Jabba's court. I cut off a small section of each leg to lower his height (as well as a short section of his arms to keep them proportional). I don't think Yoxgit is truly an Ugnaught but just another case of Lucas re-using a mask for background filler (much the same as H'rchk Kal Fas' mask was re-used for Bossk).

The gloves are from Darth Maul (Sith Speeder).

Here's a Wookiee Mehanic and his Droids. They run a shop down by the docking bays and hire themselves out to repair ships during their stays at Mos Eisley.

The Wookiee Mechanic is POTF2 Chewbacca head, hands, and feet attatched to a Final Fantasy Dr. Sid body. I like using all of the different versions of Chewie released to add variety to my Wookiees. The Dr. Sid body was further modified by adding a non-removable toolbelt made from part of a Disney's "Atlantis" Milo backpack and pieces of Joe, SW, and Chap Mei straps. There are several removable tools in the pack as well. His diagnostic scanner is made from art of a Toxo-Viper's chemical sprayer and a modified Padme podrace viewcreen.

This Otuga Series Pit Droid was mde from Ody Mandrel's Pit Droid. I made a huge dent on the left side of his belly by cutting out a wedge of the figure's midsection and sanding the edges. I repainted the entire figure royal purple and drybrushed light grey over it for wear and tear. His magnatool is a modified Exo-Squad weapon.

This first Pit Drod is made from Gasgano's Pit Droid. I cut dents in his "chest" and the top of his head using the same techniqes listed above. I then repainted the figure 2 tone green and drybrushed lime green on for weathering. His tool is Anakin's grease gun.

This Pit Droid is made from one of the Pit Droids from the 2pk that came out near the end of the Episode I line. I cut a dent in the top of his head using the same technique as before. I modfied him by adding a welder's tank made from part of a Joe scuba tank and made straps out of a rubberband. The hose is a vintage Joe hose and the welding torch is a modified welding torch from the Torch Drednok. I repainted the entire figure medium grey with military brown trim. Light grey was drybrushed on or weathering.

This Power Droid is from the 2pk that came with the Jawa. I modified it by adding external tanks with hookups to the top of it's body. The extenal apparatus is made from the bottom halves of 2 Techno-Viper backpacks fused together and glued to the Gonk. I further modified the Droid by using the now familiar dent-making techniques. The entire droid was painted true blue with a custom lighter blue drybrushed over it.

This is my Pacsipthip Prospector and his Dewback pack animal. The Dewback has several saddle bags and removable accessories (mining tools, mineral scanners, flashlight, blaster rifle, electrobinoculars, survival knife, musical instrument, etc.). The Prospector also has removable accessories (blaster pistol in holster, thermal detonator hanging from belt, canteen hanging from vaporator pack).

The Prospector is a Pote Snitkin body with Ketwal head and hands but is further modified with the addition of custom webgear made from bits of Joe webgear as well as Chap Mei and SW Accessory Pack straps. His blaster pistol is a modified SeaQuest DSV pistol. The thermal detonator is mage from part of a Cantina Bandmember's instrument w/ Chap Mei detailing. The staff is a repainted Underwater Accessory Pack Gungan staff. His vaporator is a repainted Mos Espa Accessory Pack backpack. The cateen is a modified and repainted Star Trek TNG accessory.

The Dewback pack animal is a POTF2 Dewback completely repainted and modified through the addition of several Joe, Chap Mei, Starship Troopers, and Star Wars backpacks. All of the removable accessories are custom made from bits and pieces of various Joe, Star Wars and Chap Mei accessories. The shiny stuff on it's left flank are pieces of translucent "ore" in the mesh bag from a POTF2 removable limbs Threepio.

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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2005, 11:35 PM »
The following customs were part of my first attempt to add regular "citizens" to my diorama.

I created this Rodian family as an experiment and they turned out really nicely :) 

Dad is a Sneak Preview Mace Windu body with POTF2 Greedo head and hands attatched. No painting was required on this guy as he looks great as-is (this is my only unpainted Mace body in my dio).

Mom is an Episode I Padme Naberrie (sp?) figure with POTF2 Greeta head, feet, and hands attatched. The Padme figure was almost entirely repainted. It was further modified by adding a trimming from a POTF2 "monkey-faced" Leia's skirt for a broach.

Child is an Episode I Anakin (first one released) body with POTF2 Greedo head and hands attatched. The head was modified with a POTF2 Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet wth custom chinstrap made from a Joe parachute harness. His kneepads were cut from an Episode I Boss Nass' cloak and glued to his knees. The straps for his kneepads are also from the same Joe parachute harness.

The hoverscooter is made out of some little toy scooter (remember when every kid in the neighborhod had a scooter? ;)  ) with front steering vanes made from a Gundam figure's "skirt".

Here are some custom Battledroids I made awhile back.

Pilot Battledroids:

Parts: Sneak Preview STAP versions, custom panted with true blue acrylic.

Jet Pack Battledroid:

Parts: Saga Deluxe C3-PO pack-in, heavily modified missile launcher backpack from the Saga Geonosian Arena Accessory Pack, the pack mounted blasters are made from a pair of modified Joe sub machine guns and the front half of a pair of Episode I Battledroid blasters.

Duro Smuggler:

Tall Alien Visitor:

Visitor With Breathing Apparatus:

Twi'Lek Shopkeeper:

Insectoid Shopkeeper:

Creepy Guy:

Nikto Mechanic:

Greasy Spoon Waitress:

Corellian Smuggler I:

Corellian Smuggler II:

Moisture Farmer's Son:

Drunk Skrilling:

Here are a another handfull of customs I created to flesh out my diorama. This time we're going to focus on some recent arrivals to the spaceport city of Mos Eisley.

Retro 50's Spaceman:

Kaminoan Traveler (with portable air conditioner and moisture pack):

Gungan Traveler:

Ithorian Priest:

Rich Human Teenager:

Rich Twi'Lek Teenager

Aqualish Shopper:

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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2005, 11:37 PM »
I have made several custom Imperials over the years simply to add some variety to my Imperial Forces. I only managed to photograph 4 of them prior to everything being packed up for the move.

Sandtrooper I:

Sandtrooper II:

Imperial Officer I:

Imperial Officer II:

Here's an assortment of custom Rebels I have made over the years.

Sadeet ("Crimson Empire"):

Parts: POTF2 Bossk head/hands/feet/gun, SOTE Dash Rendar body.

While not exactly 100% accurate to his comic appearance (the comic's artist used Sci-Fi v2 as his basis for Sadeet's costume and I was unable to use that figure as the parts were more or less incompatible :( ), it still captures the overall "look" and "feel" of the character.

Rebel Scout:

Parts: POTF2 Speederbike Leia head/modded poncho, POTF2 "Leia Collection" ANH Leia body, Zartan v1 (non Accessory Pack) pistol.

I made this one as there are nowhere near enough female Rebels available :)

Colonel Reiken (regular Duty Uniform):

Parts: Saga Col. Reiken head/hands, Saga/OTC General Lando body

I made this one as I'm not a big fan of Hoth figures and wanted a "regular" Reiken figure :)

Here are some of my custom Space Pirates for my Star Wars diorama.

Pirate Chick:

Parts: Aurra Sing head and arms, Episode I Padme hairpiece, Barris Offee torso and legs, Luminara Unduli belt (cut off of skirt), Resident Evil Jill Valentine shoulderpads w/ sculpy spikes and real chain, modded Mos Espa Accessory Pack pistols, random blast effects.

Cyborg Pirate I:

Parts: Modded McFarlane Monsters Frankenstein, Virus figure's right arm, custom made bandolier / holster / knife sheath, gold Ninja Force (Joe) knife, Wing Commander pistol.

Orange Nikto Pirate:

Parts: POTF2 Nikto head and hands, Orrimarrko body, custom blaster, Toy Vault LOTR knife and sheath.

Green Nikto Pirate:

Parts: POTF2 Greedo torso and arms, POTF2 Han Solo (1st) waist and legs, Vintage Klaatuu head, Xyber-9 Ikira vest, modded Crazylegs (Joe) rifle, Gundam armor for the boot covers.

Nemoidian Pirate Pilot:

Parts: Ep.I Ric Olie body, Ep.I Ruune Haako head, Virus figure's helmet, Grunt V1 (Joe) backpack, modded Zanzibar pistol.

Human Pirate Pilot (Female):

Parts: Wing Commander female body, POTF2 Leia (1st) head, part of a POTF2 Slave Leia ponytail, POTF2 X-Wing Luke (1st) helmet, custom breathing gear made from modded EEL V1 (Joe) and Lifeline V1 (Joe)breathmasks, 300th Edition Fett small blaster.

Human Pirate Pilot (Male):

Parts: POTF2 Bossk body, POTF2 Nien Nunb gloves, modded POTF2 Han Solo (1st)boots, some vehicle driver's head from the final series of Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect, modded Garindan pistol.

Sullustan Pirate Pilot:

Parts: POTF2 Nein Nunb head, POTJ Jek Porkins body, Captain Piett pistol.

Tall Alien Pirate I:

Parts: Burger King "Small Soldiers" Happy Meal toy head, KISS: Psycho Circus Ringmaster body, TMNT Tokka hands, Spawn Chapel sword, Wing Commander pistol.

Tall Alien Pirate II:

Parts: Fantastic Four Terrax head, unknown body that was given to me a few years back, modded Chap Mei gun.
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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2005, 11:38 PM »
I used to write a pair of customizing columns long ago. One of them was called "5 Minute Customs" and gave recipes for easy custom figures for those without alot of time to make figures or wanted completely playable customs as they involved no painting at all.

I made many of them over the years I was doing the column, but only have a few of them left. Most of them were broken back down for parts after the column ran.

Wedge Antilles w/ Flight Jacket:

Parts: Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene Wedge Antilles with Celebration Luke arms and jacket piece, POTF2 corrected Han blaster.

Lando Calrissian (Imperial Guard Disguise):

Parts: Shadows Of The Empire Imperial Disguise Luke with POTF2 Lando head.

Yarkoran Thug:

Parts: POTF2 Saelt Marae and POTF2 Cantina Showdown Ponda Babba jacket piece (the gun he is holding is a custom and was not included in the original recipe).

Weequay Thug:

Parts: POTF2 Skiff Guard Lando with POTF2 Weequay head and hands.

Aqualish Thug:

Parts: POTF2 Garindan with POTF2 Ponda Baba head and POTF2 Bib Fortuna gun.

Adolescent Trandoshan Thug:

Parts: POTF2 Bossk head,hands,feet,gun on POTF2 Nien Nunb body.

Here's a handful of customs I created to populate my dios.

Tusken Raider Beserker:

Twi'Lek Pirate Pilot:

Sakyian Smuggler:


Captain N'Teneel (Pirate Leader):

Pirate First Mate I'Gor:

Here's a custom Kam Solusar based on his appearances on the "Dark Empire" covers:

I do not usually make customs from the films as I have confidence that we'll get most of them eventually from Hasbro. I also seldom make figures from the other media out of pure optimistic hope that Hasbro will revisit the Expanded Universe at some point, but I had to make this one.

I made this Dark Empire Luke Skywalker a few years back as I was not really happy with the one Hasbro gave us. I did not feel that it resembled the comic book artwork very much, especially not the covers (Dorman painted Luke very Vader-esque on the covers). Sadly, I do not have a comic-accurate blaster for him though :( The only Dark Empire Luke pistol I have went to my Cam Solusar custom (which I'll post later) as they both carried the same type of pistol in the series. If anyone out there has a spare Dark Empire Luke pistol, let me know....

Parts list:

head- Complete Galaxy pack-in Luke
torso- speeder Darth Maul
upper arms- speeder Darth Maul right x2
lower arms- removable helmet Vader right x2 modded with pegs from Maul right lower arms
left hand- removable helmet Vader modded with peg from right hand
waist and legs- removable helmet Vader
cape- removable helmet Vader with a collar cut from an X-Men figure's coat (Rogue?)
saber- Skiff pack-in Luke

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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2005, 11:39 PM »
I like to make little visual injokes to place in my various dioramas just to make people smile.

Heres a selection of them:

Exiled Thanagaran Warrior:

The Most Powerful Man In The Universe (a better sword is in the works):



Lara Croft:

"The Simpsons" Comic Book Guy:

30's Flash Gordon:

60's Star Trek Andorians:

Lobo, The Last Czarnian:

Hitman (DC Comics Character):

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.:

Martian Invader:

Here's a group of random thugs I made to flesh out my Mos Eisley underworld....

Klatoonian Thug

Parts: POTF2 Cinema Scene Barada, sculpy chest pouches, custom pike. This is based on the other Klatoonian skiff guard from ROTJ (the one the Vintage Barada was colored after).

Zabrak Thug

Parts: POTJ Eeth Koth head, Saga Darth Maul upper body and skirt, Episode I Darth Maul (1st) legs, custom pike. This guy rides at the head of a skiff so his "blowing" skirt actually makes sense :) The Saga figure parts had to be repainted to fix Hasbro's shoddy paintjob.

Human Thug II

Parts: modded X-yber 9 figure, custom bandolier, custom boot holster, modded Chap Mei rifle, X-yber 9 pistol, custom knife.

Mugatan Thug

Parts: Repainted Playmates Star Trek figure, custom bandolier, modded Chap Mei rifle.

Nautolan Thug

Parts: Saga Kit Fisto head and hands, POTJ Jedi Training Obi Wan Kenobi body, Lord Of The Rings Gimli axe.

Dressellian Thug

Parts: POTF2 Orrimarrko head and hands, POTF2 Cinema Scene Nikto body, custom removable helmet, custom pike.

Rodian Thug

Parts: POTF2 Greedo head/arms/waist/legs, POTF2 Hoth Luke torso, custom blaster.

Human Thug I

Parts: POTF2 Skiff Guard Lando head/hands/helmet, POTF2 Bib Fortuna body, Lego axe, modded Alley-Viper V1 shield. This is a very old custom that I made back in '96 or '97.

Here's a couple of Mercs I made awhile back.

Iktochi Mercenary

Parts: POTJ Saesee Tiin, POTF2 Ponda Baba vest, custom bandolier, custom blaster.

Gungan Mercenary

Parts: Episode I Gungan Ammo Wagon driver upper body, Episode I Kaduu Jar Jar lower body, custom skirt cut from an Episode I Boss Nass cloak, custom belt, custom blaster, Spawn spear, Kiss Psycho Circus shoulder armor, G.I. Joe snowshoes (Sub Zero?) for his footwear.

Ishi Tib Mercenary

Parts: POTF2 Ishi Tib head and hands, modded POTJ Obi Wan Cold Weather Adventure body, Vintage Stormtrooper blaster modded with Chap Mei handle, Playmates Star Trek knife.

Human Mercenary

Parts: POTF2 Dengar body, POTF2 Malikilli head modded with Episode I Anakin goggles, Gundam rifle, Hit + Run knife.

Devaronian Mercenary

Parts: POTF2 Labria head, Episode I Naboo Royal Guard body, custom blaster, Sneak Preview Zam Wessel blast effect.
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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2005, 11:40 PM »
On and off over the course of my customizing years, I have had a small project going involving the creation of background filler droids. My project is to make them out of as many non-Star Wars parts as possible, often out of junk parts and found items.

Here are a few of the oldest ones (1995-1996) as they are the only ones I have had the opportunity to photograph as of yet.

Parts: This droid is made primarily from a G.I. Joe spring-loaded missile launcher (I think it's from Red Star but am not sure). I removed the launch mechanism and permanantly installed the projectile to serve as the droid's head. The five legs on the bottom are from a modded MicroMachins B'Omarr Monk as is the small sensor node underneath the legs (the only SW-related parts I have used in this project are from the MicroMachines boxed Droids set). Many of my oldest customs featured spot applications of glow-in-the-dark paint, such as the "eyes" on the droid's head and the sensors on the bottom node.

Parts: This droid is made primarily out of a MicroMachines futuristic tank and features rolling wheels underneath the body. I'm not really sure what else went into this guy as it is the first or second junkbot I ever made, way back in 1995! I think there are some more MicroMachine parts and the red "light" on top is from a Lego set. This droid is really short, the top of the red light is barely knee-height to a standard figure.

Parts: This droid is made primarily out of 3 things: Sneak Peek's periscop, the skyboard from a Playmates Flash Gordon figure, and the engine from a TMNT Sewer Skateboard. This droid is very similar to the one underneath, I see them as similar models from the same manufacturer. The "head" is a MicroMachines R1 droid and features a rotating dome.

Parts: Same as the droid above but with 2 exceptions: the head is part of a MicroMachines FX-7 and the tower mount is the head of a Jurassic Park grappling hook.

Parts: This droid is made out of a different futuristic MicroMachine tank than the little blue droid above, the shell of one of the motorized Action Packs from the G.I.Joe line (I want to say the Anti-Aircraft Gun, but I'm not really sure), and a bunch of Playmates Star Trek accessories. The head is articulated and rotates 360 degrees.

Here are a few random Cantina patrons (and the Cantina owner) that I have made over the years. Please forgive any spelling erors as my knowedge of the character's names is not as encyclopedic as some of the forum members ;)


Parts: POTF2 Chewbacca with custom tunic made from parts of Xizor's robe and Momaw Nadon's tunic. I made this figure back in 1996!

Bannis Keeg:

Parts: Ellors Madak head and hands, Gunner Station Luke torso and arms, Sneak Preview Mace Windu waist, belt, and legs. Custom holster made from Chap Mei belts. Amidala short bareled blaster.

H'rchk'k Kal Fas:

Parts: POTF2 Bossk head, POTF2 Nein Nunb body, 2 different POTF2 Han Solo boots, POTF2 Rebel Fleet Trooper vest, sculpy collar.

Generic Cantina Alien:

Parts: 1995 Obi Wan Kenobi body, Mortal Kombat Goro hands, MIB bendy alien head. This guy was just a quicky meant to help fill an alcove.

Tall Alien Spacer:

Parts: POTF2 Bossk body, Playmates Ming The Merciless head, Aliens: Hive Wars Acid Alien lower arms and legs.

Tall Vampire Bat Alien:

Parts: Spawn/Weworks Vampire head and arms, Cyberlink Superman torso, waist, nd legs, Aliens Mantis Alien feet, Street Guardian Superman jacket (cut into a vest), Ninja Turtles kangaroo guy's backpack, real chain. His wrist blaster is custom made from Joe parts.

Here's a couple of very early custom droids I made way back in '95 + '96!

Silver Protocol Droid:

Parts: 1995 POTF2 C3-PO

Red Protocol Droid:

Parts: 1995 POTF2 C3-PO

R5 Series Astromech droid:

Parts: modded POTF2 R5-D4, MicroMachines lunar rover antenna

RX Series Astromech Droid:

Parts: POTF2 R5-D4 body, G.I.Joe "Wolf" wheel (for base of new head), pump hairsparay clear topper, MicroMachines Star Trek K-7 Spacestation top, found items (for interior head mechanics and extended arm), sliver trimmed from LEGO mini-fig hand (for manipulator hand).

I made this Star Wars menorah 2 years ago for a friend of mine who is of the Jewish faith. He almost wet himself when he saw it and uses it every year :lol:

Parts:  Modded POTF2 '95 C3-PO, Saga metal lightsaber handles and blades.

The finished product sat atop a hand-cut wooden base I spraypainted metallic gold to match the figure. The hardest part of this project was drilling all of the tiny little holes in Threepio to insert the lightsaber handles into (took forever :( )!
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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #6 on: November 13, 2005, 04:57 AM »
Everyone get ready, because we're in for one heck of a ride with Spectre's customs.  I'm sure some are already familiar with him from FFURG, but those that aren't, enjoy!  He's one of the most talented customizers around, and one of the nicest as well.  A true asset to the hobby.

Spectre, I'll try and comment on most of these soon, but it's 4:00am where I am, and it's way past time for sleep.  I love how you have a consolidated thread for a lot of these customs, and I might suggest continuing to add on to this thread for future work, including vehicles/playsets/non-Star Wars.  Kind of a trend we have going here.  But, feel free to present these masterpieces however you choose.   :)


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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #7 on: November 13, 2005, 06:57 AM »
Hi Spectre

Where to begin so many custom figures and so little time I have to say that I'm impressed with the diversty of your custom figures it's always good to see different subjects and you sure know how to paint and weather your figures excellent work my friend.


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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #8 on: November 13, 2005, 08:30 AM »
Amazing!!!  I need to take a vacation just to look at all of them! WoW! :o

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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #9 on: November 13, 2005, 01:56 PM »
Man, Chewie ain't kidding! We are in for a treat! I really like the majority of your customs! I really like your Duros female pilot, perfect blending of parts! I know there are others that really stand out, but there are just so many of them!
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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #10 on: November 13, 2005, 05:42 PM »
Whoa! So many customs... so many amazing customs!

Some really great ideas, Spectre! I love the Retro Alien and the child Rhodian is also a great idea!

Very inspriring.

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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #11 on: November 23, 2005, 07:05 PM »
Thanks guys!

It really makes me feel good to know that you all appreciate my work.

Chewie, you gotta stop all of the praise before you give me a swelled head ;)
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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #12 on: November 24, 2005, 04:06 AM »
i like the mechanics and the prospector. They look great

it looks like you've been busy lately
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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #13 on: November 29, 2005, 04:56 PM »
wow just wow, so many i don't even know where to start.  i think the combo of the little accessories, wheather it be an apron or a pouch full of tools, and your paint apps really make these customs stand out.  i'll comment more later on some of the individual pieces later.  i also like how you blend in other toy lines in with your star wars stuff.  while some of your stuff, and don't take this the wrong way, it's still good just that when i see the old POTF2 and any POTF2 custom or original store bought figure it almost makes me shudder.  i can't believe when we look back at '95 how most of us went crazy for that stuff. 
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Re: Spectre's Custom Star Wars Action Figures
« Reply #14 on: November 30, 2005, 02:07 PM »
Most of these I've seen before on other boards. But they keep amaze me. You're relly good at using other lines for parts and integrate them in the SW universe.

I was ondering one thing, could you give me the parts list of this dude?:

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