Author Topic: darth_ripley's customs - UPDATE Roron Corobb Version 2 7/8/06!  (Read 17165 times)

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Re: darth_ripley's customs - UPDATE Clone Wars Jedi 8/8/08
« Reply #75 on: August 8, 2008, 09:53 PM »
well, it's been forever since i've posted here, but i felt like coming back since i miss seeing a lot of people & the community here.

between being insanely busy & frankly burned out on star wars in general i hadn't touched anything on my desk, but decided to clean it up somewhat by attempting to finish the dreaded unfinished projects.

i've mainly focused on Clone Wars era Jedi based on the original 2-D animated TV Series & some alien Jedi that weren't in the series but may have just been "off-screen" as Kenner put it back in the day when they made the mini-rigs. :)

my latest works have been Anakin & a Klaatu Jedi.
the camera flash unfortunately washed out a lot of the paint app details. :(

here are all of my Clone Wars Jedi customs (minus Klaatu) in the curio cabinet together:

any & all comments are appreciated - thanks! :)